Australian McDonald’s Are Too Slow

With Sonic Unleashed just round the corner, it’s more than enough time to start promoting the blue blur with just about anything and everything you can create, right? Well, McDonald restaurants in Australia are being a bit more… economical with their promotion of Sonic the Hedgehog, by offering Sonic X Happy Meal toys. The same ones we saw in Britain about a year or so ago. Still, a collectible is a collectible, and according to our Antipodean tipster this is the first time the Launcher toy series has been seen in the land of Oz.

So if you’re Australian and want to get fat, roll yourselves down to your nearest Maccy’s and catch ’em all! Or, if you’d rather not indulge in their food, see if you can buy the toys separately. I know some places will let you have the toys for a dollar or something.

Thanks for the tip, BlitzChris!

UPDATE: We’re being told by Aussie members of the SSMB that these toys have been around before, something like six months ago. So maybe McDonald’s aren’t as slow as we thought, but it was strange to hear that they had brought them back again in that case. As of today (18th November) it doesn’t look like Sonic is part of the Happy Meal parade anymore, according to our Australian fast-food goers. Still, there’s always eBay or something.

UK McDonalds Sonic X Happy Meal Promotion Begins

It wasn’t all that long ago McDonalds rolled out their last Sonic Happy Meal promotion, but they are at it once again in the UK and with a completely different line of toys for the young/young at heart. The Sonic X themed toys now available are disc launchers, available in four different characters – Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

It currently has not been revealed as to whether more different character themed toys will be launched during the campaign, however given that this promotion is running alongside of Hello Kitty themed toys, it may be a little much to wonder why there are no Amy or Cream toys.

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Sonic Toys Hit McDonalds UK

Last year, just after the release of Sonic Heroes in the UK, McDonalds and SEGA Europe held a promotion involving various miniature Sonic the Hedgehog electronic toys inside Happy Meals.

During Christmas and earlier this year, a new wave of Sonic McDonalds Happy Meal toys have been released for mass consumption within the USA and Australia respectively. This week, McDonalds chains in the UK will be promoting the new ‘Sonic Electronic’s over the course of the next few weeks.

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