Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 Begins on November 7th

Last month, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo hosted a wide variety of fan games developed by talented members of the community. Now, this month celebrates the tireless efforts of hackers for your favourite Sonic games with the 2016 edition of the Sonic Hacking Contest, kicking off this coming Monday, November 7th to Sunday, November 13th.

The annual ROM-hacking contest is brought to you by members of Sonic Stuff Research Group and Sonic Retro, with livestreams from SomecallmeJohnny, MegaGWolf, Redhotsonic, and more going on throughout the contest week. SSRG and Retro members can also download these and vote for their favourite for Community Trophies!

Check out the trailer for SHC2016 below, as well as the list for this year’s entries!

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SPOILERS: Sonic Generations Level List, Items, Badniks, Music and More Leaked

This news post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, then click your back button now.

The Sonic Generations demo released June 23rd on Sonic’s 20th Birthday was hacked on that very day by various community members, including those at Sonic Retro. Found within the unusually very large file was the game’s entire level list, boss list, mission list, characters, badniks, items, some music files (though nothing past Green Hill Zone) and the presence of the Chaos Emeralds and super forms for both Sonic’s.


Green Hill (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Chemical Plant (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Sky Sanctuary (Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles)
Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)
City Escape (Sonic Adventure 2)
Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes)
Crisis City (SONIC The Hedgehog/Sonic 06)
Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed)
Planet Wisp (Sonic Colours)

Casino Night – DLC Only


Metal Sonic
Shadow The Hedgehog
Silver The Hedgehog
Death Egg
Perfect Chaos
Egg Dragoon
“Time Eater” – Said to be the final boss.

Amy Rose

The items revealed include the return of elemental shields from Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles. The lightning shield, fire shield and bubble shield item boxes were both found in the demo assets, along with images of how they look in-game. The Spike Wisp and Rocket Wisp powers from Sonic Colours also make a comeback. As for the Chaos Emeralds, they too appear to be an item, which suggests Classic and Modern Sonic’s Super forms will be playable in the game’s various stages.

Update: Images removed at SEGA’s request.

Sources: Sonic Retro, Sonic Wrecks and various Sonic forums, including our very own SSMB.

What do you think of the level list? Did your favourite stage make it in? Share your thoughts in the comments.

BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

You might remember my handy guide to Sonic-izing your copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk and how it pointed you in the right direction for Sonic patterns and town tunes.  Now, “Secretchaos” has tipped me on something far greater than having Sonic on a shirt or as your town tune.  How about…as your neighbor?

Through hacking AC:CF, you can have Sonic as one of your neighbors that annoy you and give you gifts that you promptly sell.  It’s one of the tiger models with a face lift, but it’s about the closest you can get to interacting with Sonic.

I’m considering of hacking him into my game, but that means I’d lose Rolf, my tiger neighbor.  He’s so badass!  I don’t think that I’ve met someone who hates people more than Rolf (he’s up there with Roscoe the Horse).  So cynical, so funny.

PSO Hacker Inadvertently Breaks Gamecube Trial Version, Blames Sonic Team

Well, that was quick. Seems like criminal punishments aren’t doing much to deter hackers from getting their sticky fingers on Sonic Team’s Phantasy Star Online, as the Gamecube version’s trial has already been compromised in Japan. And the user behind the original vulnerability break has blamed the developer for negligence. Continue reading PSO Hacker Inadvertently Breaks Gamecube Trial Version, Blames Sonic Team

Hackers Spoil PSO Event, Doesn’t Stop Sonic Team Winning Awards

There’s been a little bit of good news and bad news this week in the world of Phantasy Star Online. The officially-organised PSO Fan Cup has been halted in Japan due to hackers exploiting certain elements of the special quests. It’s likely that the event has only been temporarily stopped while the culprits are weeded out. Continue reading Hackers Spoil PSO Event, Doesn’t Stop Sonic Team Winning Awards