EU PAL Wii Version Of ASR Hacked

Released just 5 days ago in Europe the EU PAL Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing has already been hacked by the Wii game hacking community who are giving themselves benefits to use in online races such as abilities to always hold items and which of those items they would like to use at their will among many other things.

I for one found a hacker online earlier today hosting a room who in races would blast off ahead at incredible speeds, wait at the finish line for everyone on the last lap before oddly allowing everyone to cross the line before him/her then in other races simply win as quick as possible.

If more hackers do the rounds in online play this could become a large problem for Wii players searching for a fair game online. The online feature is part of Nintendo’s free service but game fans may well feel shortchanged from their purchase of the title if these hackers ruin the experience. We’ll keep an eye on this issue and update you if things become better or worse.

Note: We dont condone the hacking of games and so we’re not disclosing our source or info about our source.

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