Freak-Out Friday: Sonic HACKED

Let’s kick off the New Year of Freak-Out Fridays with an oldie but a goodie!

One day, UltramasterBDJ discovered the unholy magic of Action Replay.

And then he had a bit too much fun with his Sonic Gamecube titles.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s CutSonic Adventure 2: BattleSonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog are put to the test in this 20+ minute compilation of hacks and laughs! Part 2 is found after the jump!

Sonic HACKED [1/2]

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Sound Test Saturday: Generational Stylings

Sonic Generations was a game that set incredibly high expectations for the fans for one reason, and one reason alone: the stages chosen to represent Sonic’s best moments in two different styles. This stretched not only to the gameplay and level design, but to the music as well.

The final release’s level selection was met with high praise, what with highlighting some of the greatest parts of Sonic’s history… but of course, not everyone is left satisfied. As a result, many people from the music community have decided to take matters into their own hands. Already numerous dubbed “Classic” and “Modern” remixes of Sonic favourites have sprouted around the web.

That is why, for this week’s Sound Test Saturday, we will acknowledge a few of these artists who have payed tribute to Sonic Generations and the history of Sonic in their own special way.

With that, let’s begin with a remix that literally raised the bar much higher than some would favour… a White World mix of Sky Troops from Shadow the Hedgehog!

Sonic Melponterations OST – Sky Troops (White World)

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Freak-Out Friday: Nega-Wisp is Credit to Team!

I spy with my little eye… the Egg Nega-Wisp from Sonic Colours…in Team Fortress 2!? This is delicious!

It truly is an amazing thing what some people can engineer in their computer machines in this day and age. Would you not say the same, gentlemen?

TF2 Nega-Wisp Boss – FINAL RELEASE

Ported by lilrobot959! Special thanks to Sweecrue for the find!

Freak Out Friday: Sanic… Hotdogs?

Wasn’t originally going to post a FOF this week… but I literally saw this 30 seconds ago. It’s 11:59pm – it must be a sign.

Warning: very loud.

I didn’t even know Colours hacking existed…

(Thanks to Professor Jackstraw PhD on the SSMB for linking this video-type thing.)

“Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition” Will Test Your Skill, Patience

What started off a joke hack has become so much more.

Everybody knows that Omochao is annoying, but only one man has the balls to make an entire ROM hack out of it.  Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition is an exercise in obnoxious from Sonic Retro staffer Cinossu that injects Sonic Team’s favorite floating tutorial into the classic Sonic experience.  While many people will be initially turned off by Omochao’s presence, there is much more to this hack than meets the eye, as it fundamentally changes the entire Sonic the Hedgehog experience.

The hack’s premise is to avoid being annoyed.  See that ring?  Don’t touch it.  See that badnik?  Don’t touch it.  If you do, Omochao will pause the game to inform you of your miniscule accomplishment and play the 1-up fanfare.  With every object you touch, the fanfare becomes longer and longer, making you reach for your emulator’s fast-forward key.  There have been many “don’t touch stuff” Sonic hacks in the past, requiring players to have lightning-quick Sonic skills and an intense amount of patience, but this one bests them all.

At this point, you’ll either be so annoyed that you switch off or be compelled to power through Green Hill without touching anything to collect the game’s medals and rewards.  While it sounds impossible in theory, Cinossu and his testers have been thorough, finding the optimal paths that require the least amount of item contact.  There is a way to beat the stages, but you have to stop, think and be smart about it, using the tight controls and level design present in the original Sonic the Hedgehog.  If there is a section where item contact is necessary, the game gives you an “Omochao Protective Shield” that allows you to progress without being disturbed.

Also, check out this “perfect” run of Labyrinth Zone.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition is more than a novelty, as it brings more than a patronizing robot to the table.  You’ll be able to select any stage from the outset (presented in a well-designed hub world) and medals and rewards for perfect play.  If you can get over the initial annoyance of the hack, the additions and improvements reward players for dedicated play and elevates this hack above other “joke” hacks that lose their appeal after a few minutes.  Future updates will give Omochao a voice through Cinossu’s SonMP3 plug-in, additional levels and Retro Channel support, allowing players to share their frustration online.

As noted, this hack is not for everyone, but if you want to give it a shot and avoid Omochao, here’s what triggers his prompts:

  • Collecting Rings
  • Item Monitors (doubly bad, as each individual item inside will also bring up a message)
  • Invincibility Running Out
  • Power Sneakers Running Out
  • Extra Lives
  • Destroying Badniks
  • Bouncing on Springs
  • Stepping on or Pushing Objects on Buttons
  • Getting Hit
  • Getting Killed
  • Drowning
  • Getting Game Over (will also eject you from the level and reset your saved Emerald Count)
  • Getting Time Over (will also eject you from the level)
  • Touching Lamp Posts
  • Getting the Giant Ring (without a protection shield)
  • Finishing the Act (without a protection shield)
  • Finishing the Zone (without a protection shield)
  • Hitting the Boss (without a protection shield)
  • Defeating the Boss (without a protection shield)
  • Getting in that Last Hit (without a protection shield)
  • Collecting a Chaos Emerald
  • Touching a GOAL Sign

Good luck.  Download and learn more about Sonic the Hedgehog: Omochao Edition here.

Sonic 1 and 2 Jammed Into One ROM

You don’t need no stinkin’ Sonic Compilation here!

Sonic Retro Tech Member ColinC10 has consolidated both Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 into the Sonic 2 ROM to create one epic, seventeen-zone adventure.  While adding spindash to Sonic 1 has been done a bajillion times, this hack brings the entire Sonic 2 presentation over, including sprites, HUD and title cards.  What caught my interest the most (and why I’m even blogging about it) is the emerald count.

The 6 emeralds from Sonic 1 and the 7 from Sonic 2 all have to be collected to complete the game and obtain Super Sonic.  The way you access the different emeralds works the same way and you can collect an emerald from each set in a given act.  What this setup creates is an emphasis in exploration and ring collecting to maximize the amount of emeralds that you can collect in a given zone.  I enjoy this challenge.  Of course, you can ignore the emeralds altogether.

It’s great to tackle all of the levels of these two games in succession while carrying over your score and lives, too.  An “Arena Mode” is also available that gradually ups the difficulty of the levels, making their layouts harder and enforcing a stricter time limit.

If you feel like marathoning some Sonic this weekend, download this hack.  Be sure to watch Tails get annihilated three ways to Sunday in Marble Zone.

Sunday Poll: Retro Channel Edition

Broniks, I have been spending the last few days all up in this new hack called the “Retro Channel.”  If you read my SAGE 2010 review, you know that I think it’s the best project to come out of the community in a long time.  I’ve been trying to best other Sonic Retro members for days now on the online leaderboards.  Hey, I’ve even managed to get a few achievements!  Sonic 1 hasn’t felt this fresh since they hacked the spindash into it.  The whole concept of online interactivity is awesome.  So, today’s poll is:

Have you checked out the “Retro Channel?”

  1. Yes.  (Tell us about your experience!)
  2. No.
  3. I just heard about it.
  4. More werehogs, please.

If you want to download the ROM, get it here.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody.  Here’s your weekly, unrelated Sunday video:

Sonic 2: Dimps Edition [UPDATED]

It was only a matter of time before a hack like this one came along.

On the heels of the incredible Sonic 2 XL hack comes a parody of how Dimps has been handling the gameplay in Sonic 4, according to a few members at Sonic Retro.  This hack, by SOTI and MarkeyJester, “dumbs down” the physics in Sonic 2, so that nothing can be accomplished without speed boosters.  You know, just like the real thing.  SOTI gave a run down of the game’s features and future implementations:

Here is what has been implemented in the game so far:
– Speed boosters, freshly programmed and will be in every level (except from SCZ due to obvious reasons).
– Sonic only gameplay (The removal of Tails as a playable character was actually because of using Tails’ VRAM space for the dash pads)
– Boss theme replaced with a port of the Sonic 3D unused track which is being used as a boss theme for Sonic 4.
– A few physics tweaks to dumb down the game, after all – this is Dimps’ take on things.
– Title screen menu removed (no point for 2P mode and the options menu).
– Misplaced sound effects for a few things.

What might be implemented for the release (do note that none of these are promised for the release):
– The Sonic 4 version of the spikeless Bubbles badnik. (Currently being worked on)
– Dust trails.
– “Dimps Style” level design tweaks.
– Jump Dash
– Boost Button

SOTI continued to note that the homing attack and gimmick stages would not be in this hack.  A shame, considering that he could lampoon Dimps’ design choice of using the homing attack to cross large pits instead of actually platforming.  Will quarter-circle embankments with even worse physics make the cut?  We shall find out.  (UPDATE: homing attack is confirmed to be in later builds.)

The game is scheduled to see a demo release at SAGE 2010.   As Ken Balough would say, “This is truly Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as you imagined it.”  Check out some of the later levels and gratuitous speed-boostage in the gallery below (massive “lol” at Death Egg Zone).

Visit the Sonic 2: Dimps Edition thread at Sonic Retro.

UPDATE: New video of an updated build in Casino Night Zone.  What’s new?  Homing attack.  How does this affect the level?  Well, aside from the obvious observation that Casino Night wasn’t built for Sonic to be zipping around at whim, it renders the boss fuck-easy:

Sonic 2 XL: Fat Sonic to the Rescue! [UPDATED: New Gameplay Video]

You don’t need to change the level layouts, the color palettes, or the characters to make a great hack.  Sometimes, all you need to do is make a minor tweak to completely change the gameplay and difficulty of the original game.  Making it hilarious goes a long way, too.  In Sonic 2 XL, that’s exactly what happens.

There have been hacks in the past where the rings are bad for you, but Sonic Retro members Ranger and Captain Bozo took that simple premise and ran with it.  In Sonic 2 XL, the rings are replaced with onion rings.  You need them to live, but if you eat too much of them, Sonic puts on pounds, inhibiting his running and jumping abilities.  If you run around or hit a question-mark monitor, you lose weight.  If you continue to eat more onion rings, you’ll have a heart attack and die.  It makes the game so much harder as you try to collect as little rings as possible.

The edited sprites and animations are what makes this hack truly amazing.  It would have been easy enough to simply alter speed and jumping, but having Sonic grow man-titties and get exhausted from walking short distances is incredible (and so damn funny). 

Download Sonic 2: XL at Sonic Retro.

Sonic Megamix Un-Canceled


Sonic Megamix, the most well known Sonic ROM hack, has returned to the public spotlight with a post by, community oldbie, Stealth at Sonic Retro. Stealth revealed that the drama that resulted in the project’s cancellation months ago was a complete misunderstanding. Therefore, it was only canceled for three days and the once Genesis, now Sega CD project has had work done on it since being resurrected. When Stealth finally revealed that Megamix was not dead a few days ago, he and other team members brought videos with them to show the amount of progress that they have made in private.

Despite publicly announcing Megamix’s return, Stealth did lay some ground rules that I certainly approve of.

With that said, you know how I feel about my projects, and this is no exception. It never has been, less of Tweaker’s over-zealous promotion. I am protective, and I will remain so. We will do what we please with this project, and on a time-table of our own choosing. Requests and questions about release dates are annoying and pointless. There will be no further demos, or even “private” beta-tests. Fact is, Megamix was supposed to end development with “version 4″ (at a later point in time), until this mess happened. There is no way we can possibly make another non-final release and keep it substantially fresh. Trust me – you’ll thank us when you have much more to play with all at once than one level at the end of the game and a couple of menu text changes


Finally, and this is important, we reserve the right to halt completely at any time. We owe a debt to no-one, and we don’t have to publicize any newer builds. All we ask for is some decency and respect. Don’t launch into actual complaints about how we choose to handle our business. Don’t rip us off solely for the sake of riding off Megamix fame. Also, don’t go asking for or looking for things that don’t belong to you. If we hear about the leaked material, or see it being spread/used, that’s it. If you want to do our jobs for us, we just won’t, and when you can’t handle it, you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

The videos below showcases Megamix’s progress since its move to the Sega CD. The game is not only “Sonic CD” smooth, but now has CD audio, composed by DM Ashura of DDR fame. Megamix’s design continues to, in my opinion, bridge the old and new styles of Sonic. In addition to the classic Genesis presentation, new moves, such as the homing attack, and a higher emphasis on speed make their mark.

Now, if only the level design wasn’t so masochistic.

Visit the official Megamix thread at Sonic Retro.

Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

I’m on an 8-bit Sonic binge as of late, aren’t I?  Wait, who am I kidding?  I always am.

A SEGA Master System hack, Sonic 2 LD, a title playing on Retro’s HD Sonic 2 remake, by doc eggfan at Sonic Retro is probably my favorite project at  that forum.  The project’s goal is to take the Sonic 2 levels for the Genesis and put them in the Sonic 2 Master System ROM.  A novel concept, considering that I’ve always wondered why SEGA made different levels for the Master System version (aside from making Aqua Lake Zone, aka “the best zone ever” – ride that shuffle beat).

Doc Eggfan recently released a new screenshot of his work-in-progress, 8-bit Emerald Hill.  Hit the break for the screenshot.  Warning: Contents May Be Awesome. Continue reading Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

Play Sonic 3D Blast Flicky-Free

Sik, over at Sonic Retro, has completed his hack of Sonic 3D Blast that removes the Flickies from the game, leaving you to run around and play the game as if it were a true, isometric version of a Sonic game (where the goal is to simply make it to the end without dying). I must say that I enjoy 3D Blast one-hundred times more than I did (I didn’t really like it, so that’s a huge improvement). Who knew that taking out the entire crux of a game could make it more entertaining?

In this hack, Flickies will still appear, but you will no longer be able to collect them.  The big rings will always let you proceed to the next area and any areas (like the tube in Panic Puppet) that prohibit your advance due to your Flicky count will allow you to go anyway.

With all this fun to be had, however, it must be said that now that the lost, core mechanic of the gameplay makes the game much easier. It was designed around Flicky collection and now you can just blow through every stage without a need to explore every corner of the isometric worlds.  Still, I hate Flicky collection, so it does not bother me that much. I have never been arsed to play this game all the way through, so here’s to Sik for making a mediocre game interesting.

Head on over to Sonic Retro to download the hack!

Fan Spotlight: Robotnik’s Revenge

Welcome to the Fan Spotlight, a segment that shines on creative works in the Sonic community that you should check out.

Over at Sonic Retro, member ColinC10 has made a brand new ROM hack that tests not only your time attacking skills, but your boss killing skills as well.  “Robotnik’s Revenge” is a Genesis ROM hack that pits you against every single boss from both Sonic 1 & 2.  Back to back, you are presented with these familiar challenges inside the Death Egg, a design reminiscent of the version of the Death Egg found in the “Sonic 2 Long Version” hack.  The hack is incredibly addicting, as your previous experience with these bosses leaves you coming back for more if just so happen to die.  I died a few times near the end and kept telling myself, “I know that I can beat this game!  I’ve done it a thousand times!”  Then, I kept playing.

The hack offers a time attack mode (unlimited lives) and a survival mode (with lives).  You can play with Sonic or Tails in both modes.  Please, give it a play, because it is really cool to see the Sonic 1 bosses implemented into the Sonic 2 engine.


Sonic 1 Megamix hack officially discontinued

Sonic 1 Megamix has been at the forefront at the hacking community, considered by most to be somewhat of a gold standard when it came to adding content to Sonic ROMs. However, Wednesday marked the end of the Sonic 1 hack after controversy, unnecessary drama, and just plain bullshit permeated the project’s thread for the entire month of August. I’m too lazy to recall the whole story behind the leak earlier this month and all the stupid crap that ensued (and if you’re involved in the community, you already know about it), so let’s just get the project’s director, Tweaker, to comment on the end of an era:

We have chosen to release the work we have. The game has had many changes, including a port to the Sega CD by Stealth. There is one ISO for each region, and the game should work perfectly on hardware, with a few exceptions; a few Knuckles sections will crash the system, and the pitch adjustment in the sound test doesn’t work on hardware either. However, BRAM is fully functional, among other things. This is nowhere near what an ideal final release would be like, but there’s really nothing more to be said. The game is in a playable state, although it is stressed that this is by no means in an ideal state for a full release. There were many things we had planned but could not achieve, and these things will never be achieved.

To read his entire post, check the link below. Oh, and take some time off, Tweak. You’ve earned it.

SOURCE: Sonic Retro – Sonic 1 Megamix thread