Sound Test Saturday: Unlimited Colours!

For this week’s Sound Test Saturday, we will be taking a look at a couple of remixes dedicated to Sonic Colours, a Nintendo exclusive entry that breathed new life into the franchise with some of the most zaniest yet colourful stages, gameplay mechanics, and of course, music, in the entire series.

Let’s start with something unique: a House mix of the Green Hover Wisp theme by Stylez-T!

Update: The video has been removed. Thanks to Darksonic20 for the notice.

As if the Hover theme wasn’t relaxing enough. Stylez here somehow managed to make a blissfully happy and sleep-inducing track even more sleep-inducing and happy. Of course, what’s most impressive is how Stylez turned a short, soft, situational loop into a full fledged 4 minute track! Definitely the last sort of thing I expecting! His “Hover House” mix at least deserves that credit.

And now, we dive into a unique remix, combining Aquarium Park with… Mystic Mansion from Sonic Heroes!

…wait, what?

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Sonic Colours’ Green Wisp Art, Screens & New Video


UPDATE 2: SEGA have released new screenshots of the Green Wisp in a new stage.

UPDATE: SEGA have just officially revealed the Green Wisp at the Sonic City Blognik. We also have a new gameplay video from Gamescom above, which gives a better view of the Green Wisp’s Green Hover power and our first look at its Ring Dash ability.

Video source: Revogamer

Thanks to nuckles87 for the heads up and to JasonTheJackass for the find! /UPDATE END

SEGA has issued the above artwork and information about the Green Wisp today, previously revealed at Gamescom. Along with the new artwork, some official information about the Wisp’s powers has been detailed:

Go Green with the Green Wisp in Sonic Colours!

Sonic Colours gets more colourful all the time! The Green Wisp is the next in line to unveil its special Colour Power. By absorbing the Green Wisp Sonic gains the ability to soar in the air with the “Green Hover” Colour Power enabling you to find hidden paths, or explore much higher levels than normal! With help from the Green Wisp’s Colour Power you are able to perform a Ring Dash near a series of rings!

More Colour Power reveals soon…

We expect SEGA will officially reveal the Green Wisp later in a blog update. We’ll let you know if anything new appears.

Sonic Colours Wii’s Green Wisp In Action


Yesterday, we told you, via an eye-witness account from Spark at, that the Wii demo of Sonic Colours at Gamescom contains an updated version of Sweet Mountain Act 2 with the Green Wisp. Spark’s team tried to replay the stage and get footage, but Nintendo booth staff wouldn’t allow people to play the stage publicly. Now, Spark has just informed us via the SSMB that his friends at managed to sneak in the above recording of the stage, with the Green Wisp in action, too.

In the footage we can see Sonic’s ‘mutation’ to a hovercraft form, complete with hovering powers that allow Sonic to reach new heights. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the light speed dash ability of the Green Wisp that Spark mentioned.

Thanks to Spark and for the info and footage!