You Can Win These Horrifying Sonic 2 Controllers from Xbox

UPDATE: Contest tweet has gone live. We’ve embedded it in the article.

Today, Xbox Wire has announced a contest to win a custom Sonic 2 Movie Sonic vs. Knuckles-styled Xbox Series S along with two truly reprehensible controllers covered entirely in thick blue and red fur.

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Giveaway! Go to Starbucks, Get Sonic 4 Episode 1 For Free!

Who wants a free copy of Sonic 4 Episode 1 for their Apple device? If you do, good news! The UK arm of Starbucks are currently giving away the game for free if you visit their participating branch. Near to where you collect your drink you can find their ‘App: pick of the week’ promotion. For being a customer you can take a free code to a selected product from the iTunes store, and this week it happens to be Sonic 4 Episode 1.

I would imagine that the idea is you actually buy something at Starbucks and not just rush in there and take a code before manically laughing as you run out. But if you can’t get to a Starbucks, I have a few codes to giveaway. Click that read more button if you want one!

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The Sonic Hype Giveaway!

UPDATE: Some extra info.

Excited for Sonic Generations? Sonic CD? Mario and Sonic 2012? How about telling us why and getting rewarded for it?

Introducing the “Sonic Hype” Giveaway! Are you gyrating for Generations? Salivating for Sonic CD? Or are you going for the Olympic gold? Maybe you want it all? Tell us in one paragraph in the comments section on what Sonic game your hyped for this holiday season and why. The best comment will be chosen by yours truly on September 28. The winner will receive the following…

1. A copy of the San Diego Comic-Con Edition of Sonic #226 autographed by Ian Flynn. One of only 1,000 copies made!

2. A pair of Sonic Generations buttons.

3. An official animated cell from “The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog”.


All comments need to be made by Tues, Sept 27.

One paragraph! I have a lot of entries to read, so keep it short but sweet.

Only one comment per entry. One entry per person. That means if you comment more than once, you’re out.

I will ship to any country that allows giveaways. Some countries may be prohibited depending on laws.

I will judge the winning entry based on the quality of the writing.

TSS Staff members are non-eligible.

The winner will be announced on the front page on Wednesday Sept 28. I will then need the winner to PM me (jasonthejackass)

Good luck and believe the hype!

Update: Wanna second shot at winning 2/3rds of this stuff? Would you rather have some posters instead of an animation cell? Then check out the Sega Hype contest at Segabits.

The “Wisp Me Away” Giveaway! [N.A./AUS WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

The American/Canadian winners are here!! Thanks to all who participated. I’ll be sending out the Wisps near the end of the month.

Remember, this does not include the European winners yet!! Dreadknux will be taking care of that.

The winners are:

The Waffle Factory
Indigo Rush
Hello. Look at my sig
SuperCookie (Awesome Nick!!)
Jeffery the NinjaPirate
Doctor Eggman
Chavis the Wolf
F. Lobot
Trainer Rachel
Chan Kaylore
Blue Hedgehog

For those who just missed out, better luck next time!! This won’t be the last time I do something like this for sure!!

Hello, faithful Sonic Stadium fans. Have we got a treat for you! During E3, Sonic Colors was shown to the world for the first time. During that time, Sonic freed tons and tons of Wisps away from the capture of Dr. Eggman.


A few too many. That’s where you come in! As a reward to our readers, you can adopt one of these little guys and give them a home. They don’t need fancy diets. They don’t make messes. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re not even alive.


Look at ’em. Soulless monsters the size of your thumb.

So, how do you pick one of these up? Simple! Just use your SSMB account to PM either JasonTheJackass if you are in the USA, Canada or Australia or Dreadknux if you live in the U.K. and Europe. Give us your mailing address and tell us why you are excited about Sonic Colors. The best entries will be posted in another blog later on.

Reply as soon as possible. The amount of Wisps available are split 50/50. That means there’s 50 for the U.K./Europe and 50 for USA/Canada/Australia. We are not responsible for any Wisps possibly lost in the mail. Only one Wisp and one entry per person.

SEGA blogs take the strain of heavy traffic on Hedgehog Day

The fans have flocked in their hundreds to the SEGA blog giveaway, with the lucky 333rd comment winning themselves a snazzy signed copy of Sonic 3. In fact they were so impressed with the traffic, that the competition was up’ed from every 50th entry winning a prize up to the 500th post to the 2500th!!!¬† RubyEclipse was impressed; “You guys literally broke our blogs for a few minutes from sheer traffic!”

The entries still need to be straightened out, with any spam posts getting deleted, so on Thursday the finalised list of winners will be announced – so if you’ve got a comment close to those limits, you will have to hold your breath until tomorrow to find out if you have nabbed some goodies!

I wonder though…with all this hype about this game possibly being titled Sonic 4…is it a coincidence they’re giving away copies of 3?

Stay tuned tomorrow for what will hopefully be a massive day of info on Needlemaus!