Screwattack’s Sonic Colours Wii & DS Previews and Gametrailers Gameplay

Screwattack’s Ben has added a short video preview of the DS version revealing Sonic’s Slide technique seen in the Wii version is in the DS version which is activated by sliding your finger on the touch screen.

Check it out here.

Thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the heads up!

Screwattack’s resident Sonic fan Ben has posted up a video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours including his very positive impressions of the game, the only problem that he seemed to have was with drifting which is controlled with the Nunchuk. Another of Sonic’s techniques from Sonic Unleashed have been brought over to this game, the Quick Step which allows you to quickly move left or right to avoid obstacles.

Check it out here.

Thanks to Hedgehog Unleashed at the SSMB for the Screwattack find!

Gametrailers have posted up an HD quality on screen recording of the Wii version in play which gives us an extensive look at the alternate paths you can take in the Tropical Resort Zone aswell as some of the treasures you can find digging around with the Yellow Wisp’s drill powers. We also get a better look at how the Cyan Wisp’s powers at work which involve you charging up a spin dash, aiming and then blasting off temporarily in a flash, ricocheting off of walls and taking out any enemies in your path. You can also hear the music of the stage, sound effects, Eggman’s commentary and some announcer guys voice that pops up when Sonic does an action such as when activating the Yellow Drill Wisp it shouts “Spin it!”.

Check the footage out here.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Gametrailers find!

The game looks to be shaping up quite well, what do you guys think? Speak out in the comments.

GameTrailers Uploads HD Videos of ASR Demo Gameplay

A “GT Original,” GameTrailers is the first to get up some HD footage (or any footage that matter) of the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing X360 demo released yesterday.  There are two videos, both featuring single-player and multiplayer.  Each video highlights the playable characters in the demo, Sonic and Banjo-Kazooie, and show of their all-star moves.  Handy for those who do not have Xbox 360s!

Also… an announcer.  A link to each video is below:

Sonic ASR Demo Gameplay

Banjo-Kazooie Gameplay

GameTrailers Explain ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’

I’ve just got a quick update for you guys because I saw this and it made me laugh. Gametrailers as part of their ‘GT Anthology’ series has uploaded a video detailing what made the original Sonic game for the Mega Drive / Genesis tick. For instance, did you know that collecting 100 rings gave Sonic an extra life and finishing an act with 50 rings let you enter a special zone? Ok, so I’m not being fair as the video would probably serve as more use to someone who wasn’t a fan and was curious about what this whole Sonic thing was about. Plus the video gives a brief rundown about the people involved with the game and some of the things they did after which is kinda interesting.

Mostly though it’s a dose of nostalgia to fans who remember the game from the first time round and newer fans curious about the speedy blue one’s first console outing. Have a look for yourself below.

GameTrailers Takes On Black Knight

Once again, the embedding here at TSS is being an ass, so click here to go directly to GameTrailers.

Like we’ve stated many times, we don’t like to talk about reviews.  However, I have the utmost respect for GameTrailers and their reviews.  I, personally, find them interesting, in-depth and having visual aid for any complaints that they air during the review is always nice.  It’s hard to argue with GTs gripes with Sonic & the Black Knight, so here it is at TSS for your viewing pleasure.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to my L.A. spring break adventure.

New GT Trailer: Sonic & Shadow Duel Once More

Maaaaan, back when Sonic Adventure 2 was the shiznit, Sonic and Shadow were all like “faker” and “NO U” in some jungle.  The dialogue was so bad, that it was awesome.  Then, Sonic and Shadow went at it as the island that they were on exploded.

If you have ever thought to yourself that the fight would have been better with swords, your wet dream has come true.  GameTrailers’ new SatBK trailer has some footage of the duel between Sonic and Shadow, amongst other things.  The trailer showcases more environments, gameplay, action sequences, and the storybook cutscenes (which are less low-budget than Secret Rings, by the way).  You also get to see more of these graphics that all of these news folk are raving about.

NYCC: Two SatBK Gameplay Videos! is on the New York Comic Con show floor and have uploaded gameplay videos of Sonic & the Black Knight.  It’s cam footage, but at least it is footage!  The first video shows off the intro/tutorial level of the game and the second has a giant dragon boss!  There are HD versions of each video over at GameTrailers.

You might still be skeptical about Sonic with a sword, but one thing that you have to be sold on now is the graphics.  Even from this cam footage, it is clear that the graphics illustrate what the Wii is capable of, even at high speeds.  I have yet to play the game, but I know that I am impressed with the game’s visuals.

I will have an old friend of mine, Keith, at the convention today.  He’s going to play SatBK and let us know how it stacks up.  From what he hears from other show-goers, he says that it is a mixed bag due to the amount of waggle and jumping.  However, he is still reserving his judgment for his run today.  I will pass his word onto you guys as soon as possible.

GameTrailers nominates “Chronicles” for biggest disappointment

Considering that I (yes, me) was excited for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and was absolutely surprised at its mediocrity, it came as no shock to see it nominated for GameTrailers’ “Most Disappointing Game of 2008.”  GT nominated it for Bioware’s inclusion, as they have a reputation as THE studio for RPGs, along with a tedious combat system, unimportant story, and irrelevant dialog sequences to name a few reasons.

Although GT gave the nod to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the most disappointing game, which was definitely earned, Chronicles nomination should be a clear enough indication that things need to change.

Nobody knows what to really do. If Bioware, a company with a quality reputation, could not pull off a Sonic game worthy of the franchise, I cannot imagine who can.

GT awards Chonicles “Best DS Game of E3” has named Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood the best DS game at E3. The Bioware-developed Sonic RPG beat out the Chrono Trigger remake, Rhythm Heaven, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, and Puzzle Quest Galactrix. GT stated that the stage demo was a deep, rich experience that really caught their attention at the show floor.

Watch Chronicles win the award.