Sonic Comics Coming To Nintendo Switch Via InkyPen

Fresh off the press from Gamescom 2018, Gamespot are reporting the announcement of InkyPen, a Nintendo Switch app that provide users the ability to read comics and graphic novels on their console, including Sonic comics!

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Sonic Forces: Tag Team Gameplay Released

Well, we told you that there would be Forces news today! Sega have released 30 seconds of gameplay footage from the newly announced tag team gameplay mode.


The footage doesn’t show too much, just Sonic and an Avatar running through Green Hill Zone and using a new Wisp Power.

Fortunately someone at Gamescom managed to record a longer gameplay clip.


Starts at around 9:15. I won’t spoil it for you so check it out for yourself.

Sonic Forces Set To Feature Tag Team Stages

With Gamescom having only just commenced, new information on Sonic Forces is already coming to light. Alongside the solo stages for modern Sonic, classic Sonic and the Avatar, there will also be a tag team option available.

From early information, it appears that this tag team mode involves the Avatar character teaming up with either Sonic, allowing their skills to be used in conjunction with each other for interesting gameplay combinations. In addition, there’s a unique feature to tag team mode called the double boost, which allows you to go even faster than the regular boost will allow.

As always, The Sonic Stadium will keep you up-to-date on all of the Sonic news coming out of Gamescom this week.

Source: Revue Multimedia (site is in French)

Image Sources: kitkatfox1 [Instagram]

“Mario & Sonic Have a Bobsleigh Team”


*stands on the street corner and starts to sing*

Some people say ya know they can’t believe…

Mario & Sonic they have a bobsleigh team!

We got the one Sonic!

And the one Mario!




….anyone know any olympic snowboarding songs?

New Sonic Lost World Gamescom Trailer


Germany’s Gamescom convention opened today and before you could say ‘Golly!’ Sega released a new trailer for Sonic Lost World. The trailer mainly focuses on the co-op and multiplayer features of the game. 2 player vs is confirmed and players will see themselves racing a green and red hedgehog. Anyone who played Sonic Colours will recognise this idea. During the time Sonic Colours was coming out, a few of us decided to nickname the red hedgehog Barry, Barry the Redhog, who gets his super speed from boozing it up.

Anyone want to offer nickanme suggestions for the green Sonic go right ahead. I vote Shrek Sonic, or Shreknic the Ogrehog.

In addition to the multiplayer we also see several new zones and sections of gameplay as well as one of the pieces of dialogue that has caused some slight controversy in recent weeks.

And no, it’s not a big deal at all when you see it in game.

Due to how big Gamescom is, odds are there will be more news regarding Sonic Lost World this week, so keep checking TSS as we’ll be updating with more news as and when we get it.

Details of Plot to Sonic Generations Emerge

We’ve seen a lot of footage coming out of Gamescom last week with regards to gameplay in Sonic Generations, but the storyline of the game has been kept realtively vague. However details have emerged from on some elements of the story early in the game – the exerpt is taken from the preview by Andy Daniel:

At the start of the game, everyone is attending a picnic in honour of Sonic’s 20th, when all of a sudden a mysterious dark force intrudes and sends everyone, including our spiky blue protagonist, back in time. Sonic is finding a way to get himself and everyone else back to the present time and along the way he bumps into many familiar faces including his younger (albeit chubbier) self! The two Sonics team up and work together to save their friends once again.

While confirming nothing, this may illude to the other characters that may appear in the game including the introduction of a possible new antagonist.

Funny, I thought Sonic spent his birthday down the pub with Dreadknux…


Sonic Generations City Escape with Modern Sonic – All the Way Through!


If you just can’t wait to see the Modern City Escape from Sonic Generations all of the way through, then checkout this video from the GamingClerks filmed at this week’s Gamescom event, where the demonstrator plays through the modern Sonic level in its entirity, complete with the Uber-Truck chase.

For those of you disappointed this was not available for play at SoS and Sonic Boom, don’t be – according to TSSZ News this stage is still only available for demonstration and was not playable at the Cologne based game show.

Source: TSSZ News

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics: New Gamescom Trailer


From the Gamescom event in Germany comes the latest Mario and Sonic London 2012 trailer. The trailer hosts some new footage showing events not yet shown such as synchronized swimming, cycling, dream hurdles and dream gymnastics. Now, I have to wonder if Blaze’s “fear of heights” thing from Sonic Rush Adventure was a huge lie as she seems to have no problem spinning around on poles thousands of feet in the air. Then again, she has no problem running up walls hundreds of feet in the air in that same game. 😉

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics will be available on Wii in November and 3DS February 2012.

UPDATE: Seems I was wrong. If you frame by frame the video, you can see the terror on Blaze’s face. XD

Blaze's fear

Sonic 4 Splash Hill Zone Footage From Gamescom


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 footage from Gamescom has hit the net, courtesy of YouTube user blogociomedia. Those hoping for footage of Lost Labyrinth Zone will be disappointed to see the demo is showcasing Splash Hill Zone Act 3. It is unclear whether this demo is of a build later than the one shown at E3 or not, but it appears to be the same old demo.

Here is a video of Splash Hill Zone Act 3 from an earlier version for comparison:

Do you see any changes? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more footage and try to find out whether this demo is from a later build or not.

Sonic Free Riders Interview & More Gameplay Videos


GamerLive.TV grabbed the above interview with Sonic Free Riders’ Brand Manager, James Gray. In the interview, James confirms that the game will support 2 players offline and will also contain a 2 player co-op mode. This information matches what is on the product page. Online multiplayer is also confirmed, but James couldn’t reveal how many players will be supported at this time. Characters will play exactly the same, with the abilities focused instead on what customization of gear you choose to play with.

James says that all of your favourite Sonic characters will be there, but couldn’t reveal any that aren’t in the demo. Tracks outside of the demo also couldn’t be revealed, but emphasis is put on there being “a very good amount, with different landscapes and different routes.”

Some more gameplay videos have also come out of Gamescom, including one from Spark at You can check out the videos below.

Spark at
[youtube][/youtube] via xsuperstargamesx YouTube channel



*UPDATE* Green Wisp Revealed at Gamescom?

UPDATE: Apparently, no video of the new wisp was taken, and since it was not meant to be used on a public demo, the people over at Spindash likely won’t be able to get another chance. However, the description of the wisp does match it’s appearance on the Sonic Colors box art, and Spark’s description of the new title screen has been confirmed with video. All in all, I believe this to be credible./UPDATE

Seems something more than a new level is on display for Sonic Colours at this year’s Gamescom. Sonic Stadium forum member and writer, Spark, says a  new wisp was also on display: the green hovercraft wisp. Here is what he had to say:

– the new Sweet Mountain Act introduces the green wisp, the hovercraft wisp. (We also got some videos, we’ll upload them soon)
– the green wisp changes Sonic’s form to a green Kirby with spikes, sonic heroes-shiny effect included!
– when Sonic is in hovercraft mode, he can use the light dash to grab some ring-chains
– bottemless pits are still there, but only a few. An exclamation mark will appear if you get to close to one.
– the “new” title screen is old school! After the Sega and Sonic Team logos appeared, you get to see the space (Metroid Other M-like) and Sonic is running from one side to the other just like in the old Sega Mega Drive title screens (but no iconic “Seeeeeegaaaa!” shout out). Seems like this will be the new standard for all future games, which is pretty cool

Of course, until he sends in the video, we’ll have to consider this a rumor. We’ll have the video for you as soon as SpinDash puts it up!

Off-Screen Video of New Sonic Colors Level

Though SEGA is not present at this year’s Gamescom, its games sure are! Sonic Colors is among them, featured on’s Youtube channel. The featured video shows off gameplay from the newest level, Wisp World:


If you look closely, you can see the ring counter pass 99 rings at one point in the video, dispelling the rumor that you can only collect up to 99 rings in this game.