Even More Footage Of Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Stage


Rawiioli.de has released the above footage of Sonic Colours on Wii from Gamescom 2010. Previous footage recorded only let us see so far into this act of the Planet Wisp stage, but now we get to see the final part. In this last section, we see more use of the Quick Step and the return of a launcher contraption from Sonic Unleashed, which displays a button on your controller.¬† By tapping the button displayed, you will be launched in the best direction for you to continue on. There are also stairways, which you’ll need to collapse by having Sonic hit a nearby switch.

Previous footage can be seen here, here and here with music.

Now you’ve seen the whole of the Planet Wisp Act in the Gamescom demo, what do you think of it? Speak out in the comments.

More Sonic Colours Wii & DS Gamescom Footage


More gameplay footage of Sonic Colours has rolled in from Gamescom for both the Wii and DS versions. The above footage is from YouTube user supersonic83, which gives us a look at the updated Sweet Mountain Act 2 and the Green Wisp. In the video we can see the Green Wisp will be very handy for picking up bonuses, such as the red Special Rings and extra lives.


Next up, we have more of Tropical Resort Act 1 from Nintendo-Online. Nothing really new that we haven’t already seen, but we do learn that you can now gain ‘combo’ bonus points with the Cyan ‘lazer’ Wisp.


Finally, we have some footage of the DS version’s Tropical Resort Act 1. The video was recorded by SSMB member MarcelloF, who brought us footage of the DS version’s Special Stage. Hard to tell if anything has changed since we last saw the Act at E3. If you spot any differences, let us know in the comments. Thanks to MarcelloF for sharing this at the SSMB.

Sonic Colours DS Special Stage Revealed At Gamescom


Thanks to MarcelloF of the SSMB, we can reveal that Special Stages and Chaos Emeralds are in the DS version of Sonic Colours. MarcelloF attended Gamescom and recorded the above footage of the Special Stage. Those who have played the original Sonic Rush on DS will be familiar with the touch screen controlled half-pipe, but this time instead of collecting rings, you are collecting certain coloured spheres.

MarcelloF has explained the Special Stage and more at the SSMB:

First of all: Sorry about the low quality and lack of sound. We we’re using the camera of my friend’s mom and we didn’t know it didn’t record sound.

As you can see I was pretty noobish at the start because I didn’t know what to do. After a bit the Nintendo rep told me I had to collect the spheres of the same colors as the top screen. The rainbow ones can be collected at any time. And then there were checkered ones, that if you collected all of them you would get a 10 sphere bonus.

I didn’t film this, because I didn’t know until we stopped filming, but you get ranked in the Special Stages.

I have some other info that I don’t have on film.

Planet Wisp is Level 4.

Sonic’s model is a bit different from the other two Rushes. He’s much darker and unlike SRA his spindash has the classic form

Thanks again to MarcelloF for this.

Three New Sonic Colours Wii Videos From Gamescom


Three new videos of the Wii version of Sonic Colours have hit the net, straight from Gamescom. The first video is from SSMB Member and Spindash.de staff member Spark. The footage Spark and his friends recorded gives us a look at the fully animated title screen, where Sonic is running between all of the games Wisps. The video also shows the Act title cards have been redesigned a little to fit the current stage.


The second video is from YouTube user ThomasBillstein, who has recorded footage from an updated Tropical Resort level. The video shows a couple of changes since we last saw the stage in the E3 demo. More crystals for use with the Cyan Wisp’s ricocheting power have been added to the end of Act 2, and destroying the Wisp Capsule at the end of an Act now results in a cool slow motion animation.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U62889MZ_hI[/youtube] The third video is from GamezGeneration, which shows more of the updated Tropical Resort stage. Thanks to speedduelist at the SSMB for the heads up on this video!

We’ll look out for more footage of Sonic Colours from Gamescom and post it up as we find them.

Thanks to Spark for sharing the title screen video at the SSMB!

Sonic Free Riders Not Publically Playable At Gamescom?


UPDATE: SSMB Member and Spindash.de staff member Spark has informed us that the booth seen in the above video is the public booth at Gamescom and will inquire with fellow staff still at the event about whether the demo is playable by the public. We’ll update you when we hear more. /UPDATE END

Sonic fans looking to try out Sonic Free Riders for Xbox 360 Kinect at Gamescom over the next few days are out of luck. The above video has been posted at YouTube this morning by theREALshoesy, in which we can see the demo is sealed off in an enclosure, very similar to the one at E3. SEGA staff are on hand again to show how the game is played, while the public can only watch from a distance through glass walls.

Yesterday however, the press got to try out the demo’s single track in full. You can check out a few of their videos below. GameTrailers also has a play test of the demo at their website.