Sonic Wins Outstanding Contribution Golden Joysticks Award

2011’s Games Master Golden Joysticks awards have been presented in London today and SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise won big with the Outstanding Contribution Award. The award is the first of its kind for the Golden Joysticks, and so it’s a big honour for SEGA and the Sonic series to receive it.

There’s also news from editor Diane’s Twitter feed that a new Sonic Generations trailer was shown at the Golden Joysticks. We’ll be sure pass that on here once SEGA releases it online.

Sources: CBBC Newsround and TSSZ News

Games Master Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Magazine Out Now

UK gaming magazine Games Master is celebrating Sonic’s 20th Birthday with a Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition. This special magazine takes an in-depth look at Sonic’s history over the last 20 years and covers all areas of the franchise from games to merchandise. The Sonic Stadium’s own Dreadknux, T-Bird and Flyboy Fox are even featured. Fans of collectibles will also want to pick up the mag for the variety of free gifts included (pictured below).

SSMB member Hogfather purchased the magazine from WH Smith and explains in more detail about what you can expect from the magazine below:

The magazine contains.

Detailed information about every Sonic game for the last 20 years.

Early concept art including the now infamous madonna, Pyjama Eggman, Mr Needlemouse, Oswald the Unlucky Rabbit, Bart man, American Wolf and Dopey the fucking Bulldog!

There is even a section dedicated to all the power ups you can get in the game!

Sonic 1 beta screens!

Four pages dedicated to rare and obscure sonic merch/toot that was written by TSS’ own Svend Dreadknux Joscelyne and photographs by our very own Uncle Adam T-Bird Tuff and Flyboy Fox!

Scans of Mario & Sonic at London that I’ve not yet seen (mind you I’ve not been following it very much)

A huge feature on Sonic Generations (Just green hill but some epic screens)

Big interview with Iizuka.

A look at ALL the enemies of Sonic including Metal Knuckles, The Tails Doll! Battle Kukku Army and even Wendy Witchcraft!

Theres even a page looking at the urban legend regarding did Michael Jackson do the music for Sonic 3!

A look at a lot of badniks.

A look at the Sonic Hotel room!

This is by far one of the greatest Sonic publications I have ever seen…. But if doesn’t end there!

It comes with several free gifts. 4 pin badges! One of which is the Sonic 20th logo, the other is of Classic/Modern sonic from Generations. And theres a double sided poster.

Games Master’s Sonic 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is in UK stores now and costs £7.99.

Big thanks to Hogfather at the SSMB for the heads up, description and pics!

New Mario & Sonic Playtest In Games Master Magazine


In their new issue out in shops from today Games Master have a new 6 page hands-on playtest of both the Wii and DS versions of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Aswell as their hands-on views Games Master have plenty of new screens, all new info from a recent talk with the games producer and directors and a look at both Mario and Sonic’s games over the years.

You can pick up the mag in UK stores now or online here for just £3.99. People outside the UK can buy the mag on that site too.