’s Sonic Colours Video Review


It turns out that the rumour we reported that about Gamepro German division reviewing Sonic Colours (Wii version) in the latest issue of their magazine is true and they have indeed scored the game an 87%. The publication has now released their video review of the game, which features plenty of new gameplay footage of the various stages and even some cutscenes clips with English and Japanese voice acting. If you’re trying to avoid all story spoilers, then we advise against watching the video. The written review has not yet been published on their website.

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GamePro’s Sonic Colours Video Preview


GamePro’s German division has put up the above video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours. The levels shown in the footage are the two usual suspects (Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain) that we’ve gotten so used to seeing in E3 demo coverage, but much of the footage gives us a look at some new areas of those stages, which suggests that this is a newer build being shown to press.

Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB, we have a translation of the preview:

After the disappointing Sonic Unleashed, SEGA once again tires with a high-speed 3D Sonic. But, this time without bothersome Werehog stages. The “Sonic Colors” titles game is being release exclusively for Wii and looks phenomenal, as you can see in these impressions of the first level. Once again it proves that there’s a lot more in the Wii than muddy textures and “casual” simple graphics. Plus “Sonic Colors” runs unbelievably fast on the screen.

Similar to Sonic’s 2D adventures, you speed through set sections that are full of junctions and secret areas. Most of the time, you’ll see Sonic from behind while you’re speeding through the tracks. Time and again the perspective switches to the side perspective and your blue runner becomes tiny. Like this “Sonic Colors” plays almost like the classic 2D adventures. At least shortly, because the perspective usually switches fairly quickly back to the familiar “Hedgehog From Behind”.

As you can see, “Sonic Colors” is very colorful, but what does the reference to colors in the title mean? For that let’s see the World Map first. This is an overview of Dr.Eggman’s Interplanetary amusement park. The villain has converted the planets into attractions and it’s up to Sonic to free these planets. But, that still doesn’t explain the game’s title. Time and again Sonic encounters small, alien beings that are prisoned in capsules. If he frees them, he can use the powers of the blue or yellow creatures for a short time.

All that is done by a small waggle of the Wii Remote. If you have an alien, you just have to shake the controller to, in the case of the yellow alien, dig through the earth. The blue alien, on the other hand gives you a laser. Of course there are more colors in the final game to be found, but in our preview version, only the blue and yellow ones were implemented.

Overall, with “Sonic Colors” there finally seems to be a decent 3D game with the sneakered hedgehog in the making. We, at least, can not wait to play this Wii gem in its finished version.

GamePro has also revealed the below clear image of the games map (click to enlarge):

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New Sonic Chronicles screenshots in web ads

Sega have put out some Sonic Chronicles pop-up and banner advertisements on gaming website Gamepro. Contained in the ads are some new screenshots including a shot from an unknown area that Shade is standing in on the official Sonic Chronicles website. SSMB member Core has kindly taken the screenshots from the ad for everyone to see. Here they are for your viewing please, thanks Core –

You can find the ads over at Gamepro’s DS site.

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Sonic 06 Nominated for GamePro award

In the latest issue of the American game magazine “GamePro”, Sonic the Hedgehog 06 has been nominated for the magazine’s “Reader’s Choice Action/Adventure Game of the Year” award. The game is going against some very strong contenders, including The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Okami.

For those of you whom wish to take part in the awards, you can access them through GamePro’s website via the following link:

Oddly enough, Sonic the Hedgehog scored a 2.75/5 in the very same issue.

Special thanks to Neo Hazard of SSMB for providing the news.

GamePro Gets an Exclusive Look at Sonic Next-Gen!

It’s been a long few months since we’ve heard from SEGA on Sonic 2006, but Gamepro magazine bombarded Sonic Team Japan for some more info, and that’s what they got.

From the article, we are introduced to a few new facts. We knew Sonic 2006’s worlds would be of full detail, but the Blue Hedgehog also boasts a hefty load of detail. He now contains a total of around 1 million polygons, a “sky rocket”- as Gamepro so nicely put it- to his previous model, which only had around 1,500 polygons. This means Sonic will be holding a huge amount of detail. Continue reading GamePro Gets an Exclusive Look at Sonic Next-Gen!

JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures

SEGA has signed a fresh merchandising deal to get new figures made based on a range of their franchises – including Sonic. The collaboration has been made with toy company Racing Champions, via their newly-formed JoyRide Studios group, as well as games magazine GamePro whose association will allow the figures to come included with “codes, strategies and cheats” for certain games. Continue reading JoyRide Studios Set to Produce Sonic and SEGA ‘GamePro’ Figures