Gameplay Footage of Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces has Surfaced

A video showing Classic Sonic playing through Green Hill Zone has been uploaded today. Much longer than the snippet seen in the Nintendo Direct, it follows Classic Sonic as he traverses the entirety of the zone, presumably the first one Classic Sonic will go through in the game. Get the video below and screenshots;

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Sonic Lost World: Silent Forest & Frozen Factory Gameplay



Sega have released a short selection of gameplay videos from Sonic Lost World. The segments show off both Silent Forest and Frozen Factory. Whilst a lot of it has appeared in previous trailers, some of it has not.

However, unlike previous trailer footage, this video does not have a song playing over the top, all the audio comes from in the level. There is one exception in that there isn’t any stage music which is odd, but you do get a much better idea how these stages play, look and sound.

Source: Sega Press.

[UPDATE] New S&ASRT Gameplay Footage Featured in This Week’s PS Access Episode


UPDATE: We now have the footage for you above, courtesy of SSMB member Rawrdom.

Sony has snagged some exclusive gameplay footage of the newly announced title Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for their free UK downloadable show PlayStation Access. In Episode 32 released on the PlayStation Store today, you can check out about 25 seconds of new gameplay footage from the Panzer Dragoon themed track. Sumo Digital’s Joe Neate also speaks briefly on the show.

US Soundtrack Option Confirmed for Sonic CD Port


Three new videos of the Xbox Live Arcade version of the upcoming Sonic CD port have hit the net courtesy of YouTube user The360Preview. In the above gameplay preview video we can see an option for the US soundtrack, which is kind of odd considering SEGA had previously stated that there were copyright issues with those tracks, but Christian Whitehead has confirmed over at Sonic Retro under his online tag ‘The Taxman’ that the US soundtrack is indeed present in this port.

Haha far out, not exactly sure how this was filmed and by who (PartnerNET strikes again)?

But yes, oh ye of little faith. US soundtrack is in, and also loops seamlessly like the JP version in this game.



Sources: The360Preview YouTube channel and Christian Whitehead @ Sonic Retro

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

New Japanese M&S London 2012 Wii Gameplay Video


SEGA and Nintendo have released some gameplay footage of the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games via Japan’s Wii Nintendo Channel, and thanks to Youtube user NintenDaanNC, the rest of the world can get a look at it. The new footage shows a variety of Olympic and Dream Events, including Football, Show Jumping, Dream Discus and more.

Source: GoNintendo

P.S. Bowser performing in Synchronized Swimming might be one of the funniest things you’ll ever see in gaming.

New M&S 2012 Gameplay Trailer


SEGA of America has released a second gameplay trailer for the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In this latest video we see some footage of new events like football (soccer for you guys in the US), volleyball and synchronized swimming, as well as some returning events. The Wii version of the game will be available in the US November 15th and Europe November 18th. The 3DS version is due sometime in February 2012.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to interface for the heads up!

Sonic Generations: Gameplay Footage of Knuckles Race Mission


German website GamesWelt has shared some Sonic Generations gameplay footage which gives us our first look at the Knuckles race mission. The mission (at the 1:30 point) sees Classic Sonic try to beat the red echidna to the finish in a Green Hill Zone level that contains giant badniks that you’ll have to bounce on to get by or reach higher platforms. Knuckles will try to get ahead by using his digging ablity, so you’ll have to be quick.

There’s also a new remix of a song that those who have played Sonic R might recognise. We’ll let you find out what it is for yourselves. The rest of the video features more gameplay footage of Green Hill Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone.

Thanks to Woun for the YouTube conversion and thanks to DbgtSonicX, Nikesh and SSMB member Ryan91 for the heads up!

NintendoWorldReport Previews Sonic Generations 3DS, 9 Mins of Gameplay


NintendoWorldReport has posted their impressions of the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations online after some hands-on time with many of the stages in the game, including the Emerald Coast and Radical Highway levels. The website says both of these Dreamcast era stages translate from the TV screen to the smaller 3DS screen very well, and overall, they seem pretty positive about the game, though they don’t think it will top Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

NWR has also shared nearly 9 minutes of gameplay footage from the New York Comic Con demo, which we have embedded here.

To check out NintendoWorldReport’s preview, head over to their website.

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CNET’s Sonic Generations Video Preview Shows Lots of New Gameplay Footage


SEGA’s Aaron Webber (aka RubyEclipse) stopped by at CNET recently to demonstrate the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC version of Sonic Generations on their preGame show, and to answer questions about the game. The video preview includes new gameplay footage of both Classic and Modern Sky Sanctuary Zone and Seaside Hill stages, as well as another playthrough of the Death Egg Robot boss.

Do you like what you’ve seen of Sky Sanctuary Zone and Seaside Hill? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: CNET

Thanks to Anon7906 for the YouTube upload and thanks to STrainer for the link to said video!

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Sonic Generations Preview Round-up, More Info & Gameplay Footage


It appears SEGA’s embargo that IGN mentioned before has now lifted, as gaming websites SPOnG, CVG, and GamesRadar have all just unleashed new previews of a near-final build of Sonic Generations, which give us some new nuggets of information. CVG has also provided new gameplay footage of Classic Sonic’s Sky Sanctuary Zone stage.

SPOnG’s preview is written by this website’s very own Svend Joscelyne/Dreadknux and tells us more about the game’s missions. Two new Speed Highway screenshots are also included.

Inbetween these stages, you’ll get the opportunity to play optional missions. There are five missions for both Classic and Modern Sonic in each zone, and will mix up the core stage in some form. Other characters will take an active role in helping you out, but for now we only know of Tails’ involvement in these levels. A mission called ‘Way Past Fast’ sees you race against the Tornado plane, piloted by the two-tailed fox

Other missions include Doppelganger races, against another Sonic, and a mission called ‘Look Out Below’ which challenges you to complete a remixed Green Hill Zone stage with breakable platforms. In each of these, the main elements of the core stage remains the same, but enemy placements will change and you may even explore completely different looking areas than you would in the main level

In’s preview, there is an example of what part Sonic’s friends play in gameplay:

You don’t actually play as, say, Knuckles, but in one mission you can take advantage of the red echidna’s fists, where a tap of the button sends him burrowing into the ground for rings. As well as this there are time attacks, high speed challenges and doppelgänger races, which has you racing against the ‘other’ Sonic. Considering modern Sonic has homing attacks and the such, the odds are always stacked against his older, squatter counterpart – which is half the fun.

GamesRadar gives a bit more information about the opening of the game’s story:

The game’s plot is told through deliciously self-referential cut-scenes. Sonic eats chilli dogs while holding Amy at arms length literally with his whole hand over her face as she runs on the spot trying to get to him. But just as it’s getting all cosy, a vortex opens up in the space/time continuum and all of Sonic’s buddies (which include some Chaotix members) get sucked into it. Some cynics would likely be happy to leave the game there, having solved the most irksome problem of the past 19 years, but they’d be missing out on some gorgeous gameplay, so let’s carry on.

GamesRadar also previews the 3DS version and praises the 3D effect:

The 3DS version of Sonic Generations is very different compared to the ‘big’ game, but at the same time very similar in that the more platform-centric Classic Sonic levels are countered by faster, more dazzling Modern Sonic levels. But they all look great in 3D. I played for a long while with the 3D slider up full and it didn’t feel strained on my eyes, which was good. It can look a little simplistic in the over-the-shoulder Modern sections, but that’s to keep the speed and fluidity up, which is obviously vitally important.

All four previews are extremely positive, which is very good to see this close to release when reviews will soon be due. Will Sonic Generations be critically acclaimed? We’ll have to wait and see…

To read the full previews, head over to the links below.

Sources: SPOnG, CVG, and GamesRadar [PS3/Xbox 360 & 3DS]

Thanks to SSMB member ForgeCircuit for the heads up!

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ShopTo & 365Games Now Listing Sonic Generations CE, More Gameplay Clips

UPDATE: has now sold out of the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition on both platforms.

Two more UK retailers are now listing the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition on their websites. is now taking pre-orders for both versions at £97.85 each, while is listing it, but hasn’t opened pre-orders just yet. If you leave your e-mail address with the latter, they’ll let you know when pre-orders open up.
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360): £97.85
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3): £97.85 ships worldwide.
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)
Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition (PS3) ships worldwide, with free delivery offered to the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to jennytablina at the SSMB for the heads up on ShopTo!


In other news, we have some more brief gameplay footage from Sonic Generations‘ UK sponsorship campaign with The Simpsons and Sky, including clips of Modern Sonic’s Seaside Hill stage and Classic Sonic’s Rooftop Run stage.

Thanks to KrazyBean14 at the SSMB for recording the footage!

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GamePro Germany Previews Sonic Generations, More Sky Sanctuary Footage


GamePro Germany has posted up a new preview of the Xbox 360/PS3 version of Sonic Generations. From what we can make out in the Google translation, the website appears to be positive about the game, from the physics to the level design. In this preview, we also finally find out how the ‘hubs’ work. By a simple button press, players can switch between Classic and Modern versions of the stages.

Whether the levels in 2D or 3D, plays depends on what you choose for Sonic: Sonic the chubby little retro (for the 2-D version) or the large, hip Sonic for the three-dimensional interpretation (hence the “Generations” in the title). By pressing a button, we switch to the upper world between the two generations, and thus also between the dimensions back and forth. An exchange in the level itself is not possible because the sections are fundamentally different.

There is also a video version of the preview, which shows us more of Classic Sonic’s Sky Sanctuary stage, where there’s even a nod to the beginning of the original Mega Drive/Genesis level.

You can read the full preview over at GamePro Germany. (Google Translate)

Thanks to ForgeCircuit at the SSMB and Thomas Jones in the TSS comments for the heads up, and thank to Dusk Golem at the SSMB for the YouTube conversion!

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Sonic 4: New Casino Street Zone Act 2 PS3 Footage, Super Sonic Included

[youtube][/youtube] has posted up exclusive gameplay footage they’ve recorded from the final build of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1‘s PS3 version. In the video we see footage of the console exclusive redesign of Casino Street Zone Act 2, which was shown recently on CNET’s preGame, but now we can see and hear it played directly and in high quality. Super Sonic is shown in full force throughout the stage and it sounds like the music for this Act, as well as Super Sonic’s theme music have been completely revamped.

Do you like the new Casino Street Zone Act 2 and the musical changes? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to Shaddix and Indigo Rush at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic 4 Casino Street and Mad Gear Gameplay Footage

SEGA’s Aaron Webber aka RubyEclipse appeared in CNET’s latest episode of preGame yesterday, where he talks about Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, as well as giving a demonstration of Casino Street Zone and Mad Gear Zone. Webber confirms what we all assumed, that the new playing card features in Casino Street Zone are from a refurbished Act 2 and that it will be an exclusive stage to the console versions. We can only guess that the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version will still contain the pinball score attack stage seen in the leaked version of the game. Both zones look to incorporate plenty of careful platforming and not just speed, which should make a lot of fans happy. The recently seen map screen is shown again here, but this time it has a warp-hole above the island, which we assume is the E.G.G. Station Zone, in which the final battle with Dr.Eggman takes place.

To view the video, head over to CNET.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads-up!

Sonic Colours: New Wii & DS Footage


Some new footage of both versions of Sonic Colours was released this morning at Nintendo’s Fall Press Conference as part of two video showcases for upcoming Wii and DS titles. The Wii video gives us our first snippet of footage from the Starlight Carnival stage, while the DS video gives us our first snippet of Aquatic Park footage. In the Starlight carnival footage we see Sonic running across a materializing pathway, reminiscent of Sonic and the Secret Rings‘ Levitated Ruin stage and in Aquatic Park on DS we see Sonic running across water at top speed before springing off a jellyfish. Creative stuff.


Wii footage can be seen in the top video at the 0:53 mark and the DS footage above at the 2:04 mark.

What do you think of this brief footage? Speak out in the comments.

Source: Nintendo’s Press Conference website

Thanks to Woun for the YouTube conversions.

Also, SEGA has released a new Sonic Colours themed wallpaper for download at the EU and U.S. blogs.

Video: RubyEclipse Plays Sonic 4 at J-Pop Summit Festival


SEGA attended this years J-Pop Summit Festival yesterday and brought along playable demos of some of their upcoming games for attendees to get some hands-on time with. Sonic fans were also treated to a presentation of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 on the big screen in the Viz Cinema, where SEGA of America’s Aaron Webber aka RubyEclipse played through Act 1 of Splash Hill Zone in an attempt to beat a time record set at the event. Does he beat it? See for yourself. The demo shown appears to be from a new build, since it has the changes to it RubyEclipse has mentioned up until now at the SEGA Blogs, such as a new running animation, achieving ‘blurry’ feet’ quicker and the ability to run off screen at the end of an Act.

What do you think of this new build? Speak out in the comments.

Thanks to YouTube user JostheLynx for the footage.

New Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video


YouTube user, unikentaro has uploaded some new gameplay footage of Sonic Free Riders from a Press Briefing that Microsoft held in Tokyo yesterday to unveil Kinect’s release date and launch software in Japan, which Sonic Free Riders will be part of.

The track shown in this demo is the same old track we’ve seen since E3, but this appears to be a new build, because you’re now ranked after you (the player) jump and again when your character lands. Why this happens is unclear from the footage, but it is a very odd change. Your ranking now also appears at the top of the screen, instead of the bottom left. The controls look a little more responsive than in the E3 build of the game, but actions still seem to happen on-screen a second or 2 later.

Do you see any other changes? Let us know in the comments.

Even More Footage Of Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Stage

[youtube][/youtube] has released the above footage of Sonic Colours on Wii from Gamescom 2010. Previous footage recorded only let us see so far into this act of the Planet Wisp stage, but now we get to see the final part. In this last section, we see more use of the Quick Step and the return of a launcher contraption from Sonic Unleashed, which displays a button on your controller.  By tapping the button displayed, you will be launched in the best direction for you to continue on. There are also stairways, which you’ll need to collapse by having Sonic hit a nearby switch.

Previous footage can be seen here, here and here with music.

Now you’ve seen the whole of the Planet Wisp Act in the Gamescom demo, what do you think of it? Speak out in the comments.

More Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Footage, With Music


UPDATE: Updated with HD video. Thanks to Woun for sharing this at the SSMB! /UPDATE END

IGN got their hands on the Wii version of Sonic Colours at Gamescom and recorded a short video of their time with the game. What makes this different to other videos we’ve seen is that this time, we get to hear the stage’s music. The track sounds like it’s straight out of a game in SEGA’s NiGHTS series and is a good fit for the alien planet theme of the level. We also get to hear grunts of Roger Craig Smith’s Sonic voice.

What do you think of Planet Wisp’s music? Discuss in the comments.

Source: IGN

Thanks to Torcano at the SSMB for the heads up!

More Footage of Sonic Colours’ Planet Wisp Stage

[youtube][/youtube] (Footage starts at 03:53 and ends at 05:58)

Those left hungry for more from the taste of Planet Wisp that we got from Nextplay’s recording will be happy with gamer365On’s footage from Gamescom. This recording starts a lot earlier in the level, where we see some open turns for drifting, some wall running and some rail grinding sections. Later in the stage, we see more of the alternative routes that you can take if you fall from higher areas. That’s no doubt some good news for those who hate death pits.

Do you like the look of the Planet Wisp stage? Discuss in the comments.

Thanks to Jimmy Kudo at the SSMB for the heads up!

More Sonic Colours Wii & DS Gamescom Footage


More gameplay footage of Sonic Colours has rolled in from Gamescom for both the Wii and DS versions. The above footage is from YouTube user supersonic83, which gives us a look at the updated Sweet Mountain Act 2 and the Green Wisp. In the video we can see the Green Wisp will be very handy for picking up bonuses, such as the red Special Rings and extra lives.


Next up, we have more of Tropical Resort Act 1 from Nintendo-Online. Nothing really new that we haven’t already seen, but we do learn that you can now gain ‘combo’ bonus points with the Cyan ‘lazer’ Wisp.


Finally, we have some footage of the DS version’s Tropical Resort Act 1. The video was recorded by SSMB member MarcelloF, who brought us footage of the DS version’s Special Stage. Hard to tell if anything has changed since we last saw the Act at E3. If you spot any differences, let us know in the comments. Thanks to MarcelloF for sharing this at the SSMB.

Sonic 4 Splash Hill Zone Footage From Gamescom


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 footage from Gamescom has hit the net, courtesy of YouTube user blogociomedia. Those hoping for footage of Lost Labyrinth Zone will be disappointed to see the demo is showcasing Splash Hill Zone Act 3. It is unclear whether this demo is of a build later than the one shown at E3 or not, but it appears to be the same old demo.

Here is a video of Splash Hill Zone Act 3 from an earlier version for comparison:

Do you see any changes? Let us know in the comments.

We’ll keep an eye out for any more footage and try to find out whether this demo is from a later build or not.

Sonic Colours Wii’s Green Wisp In Action


Yesterday, we told you, via an eye-witness account from Spark at, that the Wii demo of Sonic Colours at Gamescom contains an updated version of Sweet Mountain Act 2 with the Green Wisp. Spark’s team tried to replay the stage and get footage, but Nintendo booth staff wouldn’t allow people to play the stage publicly. Now, Spark has just informed us via the SSMB that his friends at managed to sneak in the above recording of the stage, with the Green Wisp in action, too.

In the footage we can see Sonic’s ‘mutation’ to a hovercraft form, complete with hovering powers that allow Sonic to reach new heights. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the light speed dash ability of the Green Wisp that Spark mentioned.

Thanks to Spark and for the info and footage!

GamePro’s Sonic Colours Video Preview


GamePro’s German division has put up the above video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours. The levels shown in the footage are the two usual suspects (Tropical Resort and Sweet Mountain) that we’ve gotten so used to seeing in E3 demo coverage, but much of the footage gives us a look at some new areas of those stages, which suggests that this is a newer build being shown to press.

Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB, we have a translation of the preview:

After the disappointing Sonic Unleashed, SEGA once again tires with a high-speed 3D Sonic. But, this time without bothersome Werehog stages. The “Sonic Colors” titles game is being release exclusively for Wii and looks phenomenal, as you can see in these impressions of the first level. Once again it proves that there’s a lot more in the Wii than muddy textures and “casual” simple graphics. Plus “Sonic Colors” runs unbelievably fast on the screen.

Similar to Sonic’s 2D adventures, you speed through set sections that are full of junctions and secret areas. Most of the time, you’ll see Sonic from behind while you’re speeding through the tracks. Time and again the perspective switches to the side perspective and your blue runner becomes tiny. Like this “Sonic Colors” plays almost like the classic 2D adventures. At least shortly, because the perspective usually switches fairly quickly back to the familiar “Hedgehog From Behind”.

As you can see, “Sonic Colors” is very colorful, but what does the reference to colors in the title mean? For that let’s see the World Map first. This is an overview of Dr.Eggman’s Interplanetary amusement park. The villain has converted the planets into attractions and it’s up to Sonic to free these planets. But, that still doesn’t explain the game’s title. Time and again Sonic encounters small, alien beings that are prisoned in capsules. If he frees them, he can use the powers of the blue or yellow creatures for a short time.

All that is done by a small waggle of the Wii Remote. If you have an alien, you just have to shake the controller to, in the case of the yellow alien, dig through the earth. The blue alien, on the other hand gives you a laser. Of course there are more colors in the final game to be found, but in our preview version, only the blue and yellow ones were implemented.

Overall, with “Sonic Colors” there finally seems to be a decent 3D game with the sneakered hedgehog in the making. We, at least, can not wait to play this Wii gem in its finished version.

GamePro has also revealed the below clear image of the games map (click to enlarge):

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads up!

1UP’s Sonic Free Riders Video Preview

[youtube][/youtube] and recently got some hands-on time with SEGA’s first Kinect for Xbox 360 title Sonic Free Riders,’s preview comes in video form and IGN’s in written form but they say a video version is coming. 1UP seem pretty positive and both testers agree it controls very well, while IGN think it will cater more to the younger crowd than the hardcore gamer.

New weapons are shown in 1UP’s footage including a bowling ball, which we assume replaces the bowling bomb in previous games, and a golf club. Did we say a golf club? Yes, a golf club for whacking your opponents with. Another thing you may notice in the footage is Sonic swimming, without his life jacket from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, we’ll let you debate that and everything else in the previews in the comments section.

Don’t forget to check out five new screenshots from IGN’s preview below –

Sources: IGN(thanks fammicomander at the SSMB) and 1UP via

Sonic Colours Wii Tropical Resort Zone Boss Footage


Courtesy of Game Plus Network we have the above new footage of Sonic Colours Wii from E3. The video is of Tropical Resort Zone which we’ve seen before but if you scroll to the 1:57 mark you’ll see the boss fight in action, which until now we’ve only really seen screenshots of. The boss fight is very short at just 3 hits but we’re told by Dusk the Alan Wake Keeper at the SSMB who attended E3 that a SEGA representative informed him that the hit total was kept short just for the E3 demo as a taster and associated cut scenes were also removed from the demo.

Since this is the first boss video it’s as good as time to say this, I was concerned about the boss only being 3 hits too, but a rep at E3 who I asked said the demo stage was edited for E3 to keep it a taste, including lowering the boss hit count (and the seen cut stages). So the final first boss likely won’t be just 3 hits, just they lowered it for the demo.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the find!

New Sonic Colours DS E3 Gameplay Footage


NintendoDifference have posted up a new gameplay video of Sonic Colours on the Nintendo DS in which we get a look at the whole of Tropical Resort Zone Act 1 in it’s handheld form. Before the Act we also get a look a the DS version’s title screen, menu’s and stage select screens too. The act runs smoothly with plenty of speed and fun little gimmicks mixed into the stage to keep players on their toes. You’ll also notice the red Wisp’s fire and boost powers we’ve seen before are briefly used in this video to help get about in high places. A new sequence we’ve not seen yet in the form of a glider is shown in the video too where Sonic needs to move around the screen to avoid bombs while collecting rings much like the very similar sequence in the first Sonic Rush game.

One odd thing of note is at 1:57, Sonic gets a speed boost downhill coming on to level ground but falls straight into the water rather than running on it like he would in the two Sonic Rush games. Could Sonic not have the ability to run on water in this game?

Thanks to TheNintendoWiiPlayer at the SSMB for the find!

E3: Sonic Colours World Map & 4 Full Stage Sonic 4 Videos


NintendoDifference have managed to get a recording of the Sonic Colours title screen and more importantly the World Map where we can see 9 areas and Eggman’s rocket ship of which 8 have locks on including Eggman’s Rocket suggesting that will be a final 10th level with the inevitable last battle with Eggman. The planet’s all look like they have quite a variety of things going on and the top right one even looks a little like Metal Sonic, speculate away as to what you think each planet might hold in the comments.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for sending me the find and upscaled title screen and World Map pics!

In other news Gametrailers have uploaded 4 videos of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, 2 each covering a full Act from Splash Hill Zone and the final one showcasing the boss battle with Eggman where we also see Sonic’s looking up screen scrolling animation. A tidbit yes but cool nonetheless. You can view them all at the links below –

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3


We’ve also come across another Sonic 4 video interview from The Review Crew with SEGA of America’s Ken Balough where he reveals there won’t be big lengths of time between releasing episodes. Check it out below –

Sonic Colours & Sonic 4 Dev Walkthrough Videos and Sweet Mountain Act 1


Gametrailers have uploaded some new videos showcasing even more gameplay footage Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Sonic Colours Wii but with the added bonus of the games staff members giving out some more details as they play. The staff on hand are David Allen, SEGA of America Brand Manager (Sonic Colours) and Ken Balough, SEGA of America Associate Brand Manager (Sonic 4). David doesn’t reveal much apart from the fact that both versions of Sonic Colours will have online leaderboards where you can post up your best Act clear times. Ken Balough doesn’t really reveal anything we don’t already know either but the footage is nice. Check out the Sonic 4 videos at the below aswell as a Sonic Colours on screen camera recording of Sweet Mountain Act 1.

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Sonic 4 walkthrough video 1 and video 2.

Sonic Colours developer walkthrough

Sweet Mountain Act 1 gameplay video

Many thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Sonic Colours heads up and YouTube video conversions, appreciate it!

Sonic Colours Wii: Full E3 Sweet Mountain Act 2 Demo Video


We posted some Sweet Mountain Wii gameplay footage yesterday that claimed to be Act 1 footage but now we have a video of the full Act 2 E3 demo from WiiNintendo’s YouTube channel including Act 2 title cards that prove yesterdays video from HedgehogZone was in fact Act 2 footage. Despite being the same stage, the footage shown yesterday was barely over a minute long while this video displays the full E3 demo of the stage so it’s still worth a look. In the extra footage we get to see more side-scrolling action including a pool of popcorn(yes popcorn) and some more platforming which should put a smile on some faces before finishing with a grind rail ring collectathon.

We’ll keep an eye out for some Act 1 gameplay footage and report back here but it appears that this level is cut short for the E3 demo which is evident by the Act ending with a Goal Ring instead of a Wisp capsule, plus there is an Egg Pawn aswell as some obstactles on a path seen behind the goal ring so Act 1 might not be on the showfloor which would explain why the first video poster HedgehogZone mistook the stage for Act 1 despite the Act 2 notice at the start.

Screwattack’s Sonic Colours Wii & DS Previews and Gametrailers Gameplay

Screwattack’s Ben has added a short video preview of the DS version revealing Sonic’s Slide technique seen in the Wii version is in the DS version which is activated by sliding your finger on the touch screen.

Check it out here.

Thanks to chaoscontrol14 at the SSMB for the heads up!

Screwattack’s resident Sonic fan Ben has posted up a video preview of the Wii version of Sonic Colours including his very positive impressions of the game, the only problem that he seemed to have was with drifting which is controlled with the Nunchuk. Another of Sonic’s techniques from Sonic Unleashed have been brought over to this game, the Quick Step which allows you to quickly move left or right to avoid obstacles.

Check it out here.

Thanks to Hedgehog Unleashed at the SSMB for the Screwattack find!

Gametrailers have posted up an HD quality on screen recording of the Wii version in play which gives us an extensive look at the alternate paths you can take in the Tropical Resort Zone aswell as some of the treasures you can find digging around with the Yellow Wisp’s drill powers. We also get a better look at how the Cyan Wisp’s powers at work which involve you charging up a spin dash, aiming and then blasting off temporarily in a flash, ricocheting off of walls and taking out any enemies in your path. You can also hear the music of the stage, sound effects, Eggman’s commentary and some announcer guys voice that pops up when Sonic does an action such as when activating the Yellow Drill Wisp it shouts “Spin it!”.

Check the footage out here.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the Gametrailers find!

The game looks to be shaping up quite well, what do you guys think? Speak out in the comments.

More Sonic Colours Wii and DS Footage

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Courtesy of shigamodo and VGPTGS we have some new gameplay footage of both Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colours. The DS video gives us a much clearer look than previous videos since the gameplay is being fed through a specially designed monitor (or monitors should we say?) and in the footage we can exactly how the Red Wisp’s fire abilities benefit Sonic by giving an air dash type of attack similar to that of Sonic 3’s, only now he can boost in any direction.

The Wii footage shows more of Sweet Mountain Zone where we see there are some simple puzzles in place to open sections of the act before you can continue and we also see the double jump we saw in previous footage, but now it’s use is more clearly revealed. Double jump hasn’t been seen in a 3D Sonic game since Sonic R, are you glad to see it’s return? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Dabnikz at the SSMB for the heads up on both videos!

Sonic Free Riders Split-Screen Footage


Thanks to PunchJump we now have the above video of two player split-screen action in Sonic Free Riders. We see more of Jet the Hawk and get our first look at Tails being played in the game by the second player. Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360 device doesn’t appear to have any problems detecting both players movement even with all of the waving going on so controls aren’t a big issue thus far and no doubt improvements will be made in the run up to release Late 2010.

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic 4 XBLA and iPhone Gameplay Footage

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After bringing us some video helpings of Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders, Destructoid give us some footage of the Xbox Live Arcade version Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Shown in the footage is the Splash Hill Zone which SEGA informed before the event kicked off is the only level available in the E3 demo and in it we can see some of the few tweaks that have been added already such as momentum, speed and jump fixes. SEGA stated before the event kicked off that many more changes are to be made during development before release Late 2010.

On top of that, another media outlet Touch Arcade give us a look at the iPhone version which judging by the footage is looking as good and playing as well as the console version so portable gamers can’t go wrong with this version.

We’ll keep a look out for Sonic 4 media and post back here, for now debate away in the comments. Thanks to mickbyte for the heads up!

4 Minutes of Sonic Colours Wii Footage


Destructoid have uploaded a new video of their experience with Sonic Colours on Wii and it’s much longer than the extremely short gameplay video that hit the net earlier. In the video we see an whole act in action which contains plenty of things for Sonic to interact with including balloons, rails, trick rings and tight spaces for Sonic to slide under. Sonic’s techniques are taken straight from Sonic Unleashed such as homing attack, stomp and slide, movement control looks to also be similar to Unleashed.

Cyan and Yellow Wisp’s special abilities are also shown in this video though as cool as they look their powers are over within the blink of an eye so it appears they aren’t very interactive apart from aiming which may disappoint some fans. White Wisps appear to not aid Sonic with any powers and are instead collected then freed at the end of a stage.

We’ll keep an eye out for more media regarding Sonic Colours and post anything we find right here, meanwhile you can discuss this video in our comments section.

Thanks to EXshad at the SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic Free Riders Gameplay Video


Destructoid have posted up the first gameplay video of Sonic Free Riders on their YouTube channel. As we informed earlier, the demo is limited to demonstrations by SEGA staff only within a clear glass box for press to view the game through. The demo contains a selectable character roster of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave and Storm (though Amy can also be seen as an AI character) and a few laps of just one track.

The game looks to be going back to its air system seen in the first game where you gain air depending on a ranking you obtain from pulling off tricks on jumps then spending your air on boosting, only now players don’t leave air streams behind to drag others off course. As explained in the games press release you can use Kinect’s motion controls to launch items at your opponents but it seems you can also use Kinect controls when attacked such as clearing sludge off your screen when it is thrown at you. Kinect is also used in the track demoed to swim in a short water area, the faster you swim the quicker you move which fits in well with a racing game such as this.

Check out the video yourself and let us know your oppinions in the comments!

Thanks to riaz976 at the SEGA Forums for the find!