Gamekult Reveals Sonic Colours’ ‘Sonic Simulator’ and Tails’ New Voice


French gaming website, has uploaded three new gameplay videos of Sonic Colours on Wii. The first one gives us another look at the recently revealed co-op mode, but there’s something very different about this video, since the second player is a glowing orb that follows player one’s every move, which is very similar to what we’ve seen in the latest batch of DS screenshots You’ll also notice that the second players HUD is darkened out too. For now, it’s unclear what this could be, apart from its name: Doctor Eggman’s Sonic Simulator. We’ll have to wait until we get official word from SEGA.

Doctor Eggman’s eagle eyes at the SSMB, have spotted that the first co-op area shown in the video is built to look like Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone. A very nice tribute there, Sonic Team.


The other 2 videos give us a further look at what appears to be new Act’s of the Sweet Mountain and Tropical Resort stages. The former in which you’ll hear a small sample of Tails’ new voice, which sounds a lot more boyish than his last voice.


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Thanks to SSMB Member Woun for the YouTube uploads.