It’s Official – Sonic Adventure 2 is Heading for Gamecube

We saw it coming, but SEGA has reportedly made the news official about Sonic Adventure 2 being released on Nintendo’s Gamecube console. A report from Nintendo’s Space World show indicates that the game will hit the system, but Sonic Team will formally announce any new changes to the game since its Dreamcast release later this week.

Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube is Secret Spaceworld Game

SEGA has been keeping quiet over their secret fourth game, to be revealed at Nintendo’s Space World show – but it seems like the cat’s already out of the bag, as internet sleuths have deduced that Sonic Adventure 2 is coming to the Gamecube. Continue reading Sonic Adventure 2 Gamecube is Secret Spaceworld Game

PSO Gamecube to Release Next Year With Nintendo Network

Nintendo has revealed that it will be releasing modem adaptors and launching its online network for Gamecube early 2002 – and Phantasy Star Online will release on the purple box at the same time (March 2002) to take full advantage of it. No pricing plans have been revealed yet, but we’re bound to know more soon as Space World is just around the corner.

Peter Moore Talks SEGA/Nintendo Collaboration Possibilities

Peter Moore spoke to IGN Cube about two things: the possibility of a joint Sega/Nintendo RPG and the sightings of Sonic in Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Gamecube. While Moore said that both are just wishful thinking right now, it would not surprise him to see something of either calibre be announced. Sega will be at Spaceworld to show their Dreamcast line up and other future projects, The Sonic Stadium will keep you posted.

PSO Will Not Be A Launch Title for Gamecube

Don’t expect the Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online to be released as a launch title for the console. Yuji Naka has explained that, even though the game is likely to be completed by the time the Gamecube launches, he is considering holding the game back until Nintendo reveals more details about its networking plans. It doesn’t seem like there will be online connectivity straight out of the box, which would make a game like PSO pretty useless.

Yuji Naka Talks PSO Gamecube Four-Player Mode

Yuji Naka has talked some more about Phantasy Star Online for the Nintendo Gamecube. In particular, he’s revealed how the version’s four-player mode came about – and would you believe it, it’s all because the development team had single machines lined up next to each other. Continue reading Yuji Naka Talks PSO Gamecube Four-Player Mode

Stick with Ninty for Sonic Team! Confused?

Probably. But those of us that have a Sega Dreamcast, like me, are likely thinking about what console to get next. Seeings as Sega is currently not making any more consoles, the sensible option would be to grab the machine that has the most Sega support going for it. Well, at this stage it’s hard to tell, but in an interview led by IGN, Yuji Naka, Sonic Team boss (and God in many people’s eyes), has said to stick with the Nintendo GameCube should you be a full on fan of Sonic Team. Continue reading Stick with Ninty for Sonic Team! Confused?

Naka: PSO Gamecube Netcode Ready for Broadband Adaptor Launch

Sonic Team’s own Yuji Naka had a chance to talk with the folks at Famitsu about the upcoming Gamecube port of Phantasy Star Online, and its actual online capacity. “I haven’t done any work concerning the Gamecube PSO network yet. What I want you to know for now is how passionate we are about Gamecube.” Continue reading Naka: PSO Gamecube Netcode Ready for Broadband Adaptor Launch

SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup

Sega has revealed their core line-up of titles that will be showcased at E3 2001. It looks like the company wants their foray into third party development to start with a bang, as a swathe of Gamecube and Game Boy Advance titles have been announced, alongside a rather large number of Dreamcast games. Continue reading SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup

SEGA Reveals Third Party Plan: Sonic Team to Make Home on Nintendo Gamecube

Sega officially announced its commitment to third party development in a huge news conference this morning. The company outlined which of its development studios would align to which console, noting that Sonic Team, AM2 and Amusement Vision will largely focus their efforts on Nintendo’s Gamecube. Continue reading SEGA Reveals Third Party Plan: Sonic Team to Make Home on Nintendo Gamecube