Free Stationery Kit With M&S 2012 3DS Pre-orders at GAME Group Retailers

The GAME Group of retailers are now listing a pre-order bonus for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Pre-order the game in store (£5 deposit required) or online at either GAME, Gamestation or Gameplay (online only) and you will receive a free stationery kit themed on the game.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available in Europe February 10th 2012. You can pre-order at the links below.

GAME: £34.99
Gamestation: £34.99
Gameplay: £27.99

GAME Group “Put Off” By Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition’s RRP

UK Sonic fans interested in the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition may wonder why this set of items hasn’t been made available with retailers in the GAME Group (GAME, GameStation and Gameplay) who usually always stock these kinds of things across a variety of game genres. Well, The Sonic Stadium can reveal that the problem is the Collector’s Edition’s £99.99 RRP.

A GameStation staff member spoke to this reporter in a local store this afternoon and stated that, like myself, he was puzzled as to why they weren’t stocking this edition of the game. He then told me he had previously contacted head office to enquire about this and was informed that the GAME Group isn’t stocking the Collector’s Edition because they were “put off” by its £99.99 RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

We then talked about the rival retailers who have stocked it, such as Amazon and ShopTo. I told the GameStation staff member how even the more obscure of online retailers like and have sold out of pre-orders for it (the latter at an inflated £149.99), to which he disappointedly replied “I guess we missed a trick there.” Indeed.