Get Four Sonic Posters In Nintendo Power Poster Book

nintentopowerNintendo Power has recently released a Poster Book in the US and Canada containing 4 posters featuring Sonic the Hedgehog. The posters which can be seen below come from a number of previously released Sonic games for Nintendo consoles such as Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic & The Black Knight and the yet to be released Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter games. The book can be found in all good news stands costing $9.99 in the US and $12.99 in Canada.

Thanks go to KIRBY of the SSMB for the story, scans and pricing info for Canada as well as mikeblastdude for the pricing info for the US.



Sonic Magazine to Launch

SEGA of France has recently announced plans to publish a Sonic the Hedgehog magazine. Announced on SEGA France’s Weblog, The Blue Room, and titled ‘SONIC Magazine’, the contents will cover the latest SEGA mascot’s game releases. It will also feature articles about other aspects of Sonic, including a History of Sonic piece featuring on the front cover of issue 1.

The magazine will be published by Future Publishing, which interestingly is based in the United Kingdom. This increases the chances of a translated edition being sold in Britain. The scope and timing of the magazine also shows that perhaps SEGA are ready to start pushing Sonic the Hedgehog out much more than we’ve seen in recent years.

There has been no word from Future Publishing as to whether the magazine could hit British shores, but fingers crossed (and editors irritated) that we get one ourselves.