Sonic Lost World OST to be released in November

Sonic Lost World July screenshots 29

A listing on the videogames music website VGMdb has revealed that the soundtrack to the upcoming Sonic Lost World is set to be released on 27th November in Japan. The OST will have a physical release spanning 3 CD discs, similar to that of Planetary Pieces (Sonic Unleashed) and Vivid Colors x Hybrid Sounds (Sonic Colours) before it. The soundtrack will be published by Wave Master Entertainment and will cost 4200 Japanese yen, and can be pre-ordered right now through HMV JP.

As the time of writing, the soundtrack currently has no official title beyond “Sonic Lost World Original Soundtrack” and no track listing has yet been unveiled, though you can of course expect to find all of the game’s level music as well as the main orchestral theme on there.

Credit goes to SSMB member Blue Wisp for the find.

What do you think of the music in Sonic Lost World so far? Do you have a favourite track from the few we’ve heard? Let us know in the comments!

Source: VGMdb

Sonic Lost World: Silent Forest & Frozen Factory Gameplay



Sega have released a short selection of gameplay videos from Sonic Lost World. The segments show off both Silent Forest and Frozen Factory. Whilst a lot of it has appeared in previous trailers, some of it has not.

However, unlike previous trailer footage, this video does not have a song playing over the top, all the audio comes from in the level. There is one exception in that there isn’t any stage music which is odd, but you do get a much better idea how these stages play, look and sound.

Source: Sega Press.