Update: Sonic Dash is Free To Play


UPDATE: Despite earlier claims that this was a one day deal. It seems that this might be a permenant price drop as iTunes still have it listed as being free and there is no sign of an end date for the new price.

If you’ve yet to pick up Sonic Dash, today might be your lucky day as it’s free to download on iOS. Those of you who already own it, you might be in for a suprise too, several people have reported that they have recieved 10 revive tokens for free when starting the game today.

A new update has also gone live, see the details after the break.

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Sonic Jump Is Free To Download! (IOS Only, Expires January 1st)

Sonic Jump logo

Update 2: As suspected this is a limited offer, it’s part of Apples 12 days of Christmas promotion. It will expire at some point between New Years Eve and January 1st depending on your time zone.

Update: Some people have pointed out that this might be a one day offer, it’s not uncommon for IOS apps to become free for a day and then return to their normal price.

Greetings Blue Believers. If you’re not too busy finishing off the left over turkey and attempting to force feed yourself whatever tasty treats you have left in your selection box, how would you like to give your thumbs a workout?

We all know about Sonic Jump right? That surprise game which came out back in October which was… surprisingly excellent from what people keep telling me. Well, it’s now free to play!

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