Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!

Every year, the American comic book book industry holds a “Free Comic Book Day”, in which over a dozen major and minor publishes send full comics to participating comic book stores across the nation, to be given out for free. The comics tend to be standalone stories.

This year, Sonic the Hedgehog joins many other comics, with his own 22 page entry, written by fan favorite writer Ian Flynn, drawn by artist Tracy Yardley!, with a cover by long time cover artist Patrick Spaziente. Continue reading Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!

Bonus Sweatband with Secret Rings Pre-order

Pre-ordering Sonic’s debut Wii game in the US will bag you a free wristband sporting the blue blur, according to a new promotion by retailer

The website offer can also be made in ‘real life’ stores, so those who aren’t exactly web-friendly can secure one in the comfort of bricks and mortar.

The band itself features a blue line with a generic picture of Sonic on it. Might look like someone from Spain made a knock off official band, but hey, free’s free so who are we to complain? Click the link in ‘More Info’ below to hit the EBGames page.

EBGames pens Sonic and the Secret Rings for a release date of 27th February 2007, but remember that dates on a retail website are not indicative of final or official release.

Cheers to our nameless tipster who popped the news in our inbox the other day. We’d buy you a beer, but well, we won’t.