Sonic FCBD Issue Now Available Digitally

Earlier this month, IDW released a new Sonic comic as part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day. That comic is now available to download for free from Comixology!

You can check it out here.

The comic takes place in IDW’s Classic Sonic universe, and largely focuses on Amy Rose as she explores a new hobby. The entire comic is not devoted to this story, however, as the comic also features a recap of the primary IDW Sonic universe, to prepare readers for the road to issue #50.

IDW’s Sonic FCBD Teases Upcoming Mini-Series

If you caught this year’s Free Comic Book Day issue of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog, it featured a panel noting the the upcoming clash between Dr. Eggman and Dr. Starline, and significantly, an upcoming 4-part mini-series titled “Sonic: Imposter Syndrome.”

Comic Sonic is no stranger to impersonators across his many series, but hey, maybe this series will address his conflicts with insecurity and self-worth. Why are you really running Sonic? As fast as you are, you can’t run away from yourself.

Source: @IDWSonicNews on Twitter

Sonic’s Free Comic Book Day Issue Now Available in Comic Stores

Sonic has returned to Free Comic Book Day with a brand new story featuring the classic game cast. The issue features Amy exploring a new hobby: making Sonic comics! To find participating retailers in your area, go here.

Check out the cover, preview pages and story synopsis below:

(W) Gale Galligan (A) Thomas Rothlisberger (CA) Tracy Yardley Celebrating 30 years of the world’s fastest hedgehog! There’s no telling how Sonic will react when he sees the results of Amy Rose’s new hobby-she’s been making tell-all comics about her adventures with Sonic, Miles “Tails” Prower, and their friends! New York Times bestselling author Gale Galligan (The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels) spills the beans! Plus, fun extras to catch readers up on Sonic’s ongoing adventures, on the road to issue 50!
Sonics 30th anniversary celebration will be a huge priority for IDW and Sega this year!

IDW Celebrates Sonic’s 30th Anniversary For This Year’s Free Comic Book Day

Sonic has had a presence at Free Comic Day for well over a decade now, but this year IDW will be using the occasion to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary with a comic featuring Classic Sonic!

Revealed today as part of this year’s complete FCBD line-up, the issue’s cover features classic Sonic characters. Whether this is a wholly original story or just a free version of the upcoming Classic Sonic mini series is currently unknown. Instead of its usual “first Saturday of May” date, this year’s FCBD is scheduled for August 14. For a list of participating comic stores and featured comics, check out the FCBD website here.

Check out the full cover below:

At the moment, the FCBD website gives no further information on the issue, including who is writing it and who drew the cover. Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for all the latest!

Comic Previews: Sonic the Hedgehog #293, Sonic Universe #96, Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1 and More!

March is looking to bring a whole plethora of new Sonic content!

The solicitations for March have been revealed, and there’s a slew of stuff to get through! First up, in Sonic the Hedgehog #293, Sonic is with Honey on the set of a strange parody of Sonic’s antics, ‘Sonic Man Heroes’.

Continue reading Comic Previews: Sonic the Hedgehog #293, Sonic Universe #96, Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive #1 and More!

Remember to Get Your Sonic Sampler on Free Comic Book Day!

The early bird catches the worm…or comic.

This weekend is the return of Free Comic Book Day, and Archie has a sample of their own to offer. Available via the FCBD website, Previews World has a preview for the Sonic Sampler that you’ll be able to pick up without paying a single penny! Continue reading Remember to Get Your Sonic Sampler on Free Comic Book Day!

Free Comic Book Day is May 2nd, Plus a Free Advanced Preview of Worlds Unite

Worlds Unite creeps ever closer with the free prelude AND a sneak peek at part 1.


Remember to set your alarms for early; Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow, and no doubt people will be snapping at the heel for free goodies. In honour of the occasion, IGN have interviewed new editor Vincent Lovallo regarding Worlds Unite. Lovallo speaks at length about the behind the scenes of getting so many familiar faces together, the prelude story included in the FCBD issue, how some thing will be running down in the crossover itself, and even hints at the wake that follows!

If that wasn’t enough to get your appetite going, there’s a preview for the Free Comic Book Day issue for both sides of the book, where we reflect on the path worn for Mega Man to reach this point and begin to learn about the Genesis portals that are so integral to the events of Worlds Unite. Not only that, but there’s a sneak peak at part 1 of the main event with some pages from Sonic Universe #76!

We will have even more on the start of Worlds Unite closer to its release in about three weeks time. In the meantime, plan according to snag your copy of the FCBD issue. Me, I’m already routing my bus times to compete with the comic runner in the Roebuck for my issue.

Source: IGN

Free Comic Book Day: Sonic Issue Revealed

Since 2007, Sonic the Hedgehog has become a regular participant in the annual “Free Comic Book Day” event. Once every year, comic book publishers across America send special free issues to participating comic book stores, to be given away for free to anyone who wants them. This year, FCBD will be on May 2nd, so be sure to mark your calenders. This Sonic FCBD issue is meant to recap the entire series as a whole, in “Sonic: Evolution of a Hero”. Like past FCBD Sonic issues, this year’s Sonic comic is a silver level sponsor, meaning not all participating comic book stores will have it, so you may want to call your comic book store before hand. You can use this website to find a comic book store near you, as well as their phone number or e-mail. The cover is posted in a thumbnail below:


According to Sonic the Hedgehog’s headwriter, Ian Flynn, this issue is meant to introduce the book to newcomers and to clarify plot points to veterans. The comic book itself has no storyline, but is instead more akin to Archie’s data files, a biography of the characters and a description of the world’s backstory. The book will also be offering some insight and spoilers for what happens in and after issue #200. Those of you wondering what this Sonic comic is all about might want to consider going to a comic book store to pick it up.

Hit the jump for the issue’s official solicitation. Continue reading Free Comic Book Day: Sonic Issue Revealed

New Sonic FCBD comic announced

Sonic and his friends are in deep doo doo.

fLast year marked the first year that Sonic’s long running comic “Sonic the Hedgehog” from Archie took part in a comic book industry tradition called “Free Comic Book Day”, or FCBD. On this day, comic book stores across the country loaded their counters and stands with completely free comic books from a variety of different publishers. Last year, the comic sported an all new story written by the comics new head writer Ian “Potto” Flynn, a former Sonic fan comic writer famous for writing a variety of popular fan comics. Continue reading New Sonic FCBD comic announced

Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!

Every year, the American comic book book industry holds a “Free Comic Book Day”, in which over a dozen major and minor publishes send full comics to participating comic book stores across the nation, to be given out for free. The comics tend to be standalone stories.

This year, Sonic the Hedgehog joins many other comics, with his own 22 page entry, written by fan favorite writer Ian Flynn, drawn by artist Tracy Yardley!, with a cover by long time cover artist Patrick Spaziente. Continue reading Sonic comic available during FCBD, today!