Wii me and PS3

There’s been a mixing pot of Sonic news lately, none of which has been deserving of a full-blown article, which is why Sonic News has rounded them up into handy little news reports.

SEGA’s FPS a phantom of it’s former self?

In Japan there have been rumours suggesting that, due impart to an absences from E3, Fifth Phantom Saga (developed by Sonic Team) for the PS3 had been canned. HarihariSonic of Japanese Sonic fan site Act Select quelled these rumours by revealing SEGA were still listing the game down on its products page of their Japanese site.

For anybody interested in Fifth Phantom Saga you can visit the official Japanese site here: Fifth Phantom Saga

Sonic Wild Fire E3 demonstration

Gamespot has a video of the Sonic Wild Fire demonstration members of the press were show during E3 available to download for registered members here. Continue reading Wii me and PS3

E3 Kicks Off!

Woo, this is the calm before the storm. The E3 event’s yet to start (Wednesday), but the major companies are spewing forth their latest consoles and it’s exciting to see! SEGA have been on form though for next gen, and SONICTEAM’s creativity certainly lives on! We’ve just seen a trailer for a new Yuji Project, called Fifth Phantom Saga. Check SONIC NEWS for the first info, and check out the new TSS Game Page for the title. AND, Sonic Gems Collection IS A REALITY. We’ve only seen a Gamecube stand for it though, which fires up the rumours that Gems will be a Nintendo exclusive. SONIC THE FIGHTERS and SONIC CD are the only titles known to be on the Gems Collection at this point. Yuji does love us.

It’s only been a day and all this has spewed forth – remember, only at The Sonic Stadium and SONIC NEWS can you catch the SONICTEAM E3 information and media first. We’re not the #1 Sonic Resource for nowt you know. 😉 Nintendo’s conference is later on, and more SEGA surprises are apparently in store, so we’ll let you know on any breaking details.

E3: Fifth Phantom Saga

As Sony and Microsoft unveiled their latest consoles during their Pre-E3 Press Conferences on Monday, it was a good time for SEGA to start shouting about their advancement, now they’ve firmly gotten their feet dug into the third party game.

During the PlayStation3 unveiling on Sony’s side, there was a clip of a new SONICTEAM project called Fifth Phantom Saga. It’s marks the house of Sonic’s first attempt at a First Person Shooter – but as you’d expect, it’s not your bog standard fare.

While you do have a gun and can blast the crap out of baddies, the main protagonist appears to be a hellish, other-worldly creature that floats about and lays the smack on enemies. This somewhat evil-looking beast is controlled by the player, using the free hand not holding the gun. The unnamed creature can pick up objects and lob them at enemies, and can also appear to be used to solve puzzles: with one section of the trailer featuring the monster matching an effigy on a wall.

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