Screenshot of Sonic 4’s boss battle? [UPDATE 2]

Sonic games are no stranger to leaks these days, and this latest one could very well provide another glimpse into what to expect from Sonic 4. The following screenshot, originally posted up on the Sega news site SegaBits by their resident troll Kogen, can be seen below.

Special thanks goes to SegaBit’s own Shadi for sending in the tip. Though, it should be noted that even this screen’s source is unsure of the authenticity. For the full size screen, click on the thumbnail below.



Seems the person on SegaBits got the pictures from Sonic Retro. Seems they where not meant to be leaked to the public yet, but where accidentally posted on Retro’s IRC channel. You can get the full story, as well as additional screenshots, at Sonic Retro’s website. It’s also been confirmed via one of these screens that the game will be selling for 400 microsoft points, or $5.

UPDATE 2: It should also be noted that these screens where leaked by Endri, proving that he has indeed confirmed the game.