Sonic Joins Nickelodeon and the NFL in Cowboys-49ers Game

Nickelodeon had a bit of a brand-takeover during yesterday’s NFL wildcard game between the the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers, with Spongebob, Ninja Turtles, and, of course, Paramount’s Sonic and Tails, appearing periodically to liven the game up in a family-friendly way. And slime. A lot of slime.

While Sonic played a small part in the festivities, the entire thing was off-the-wall nonsense, with Nickelodeon color schemes and CG overlays throughout, including these clips of the Cowboys scoring a touchdown as CG cannons drench the the endzone in green goo, a giant slime monster spawning on the field, or replaying a touchdown but with all the players as Ninja Turtles.

I might actually be inclined to watch sports if I knew that the stadium ground would swell into a gelatinous kaiju.

Update: Sonic Spotted in New Nike Shoes Advert & Hidden Game Found!

Update: No Sooner had we clicked the publish button on this, did SSMB member SonikkuForever discover that on Nike’s youtube page, there is a hidden Sonic game which is free to play.

Head over to this link, then at around two thirds of the way through the video, there will be an pitch advert with a shoe in the on it, click on the shoe to start “a rather polished Sonic 1 hack.”

Original Story: So over here in Europe, the Euro 2012 tournament will begin very soon, Euro 2012 is a football tournament involving most of the countries in Europe, typically it’s also a time when various sporting companies start advertising campaigns for various shoes and other football related products.

So you can imagine our surprise when one such advert pops up and Sonic happens to be in it! Video after the break.

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