“TSFs” Follow-Up: A Comment Worth A Read

Yo, we had some good talkin’ goin’ on in the editorial on the “true Sonic fan,” but one comment was so good, that I had to point it out and share it with another post.  No surprise here, as it’s by TSS’ founder, Svend Joscelyne (Dreadknux).

@Umiyuri – “I actually feel like the one person in the fandom who doesn’t deserve to be there because I can never find any reason to say I hate a Sonic game, when all the obviously proper ones such as Svend and you can’t ever seem to find anything you like.”

Cough. Can I ask you to read my reviews on TSS? My review of Sonic Unleashed has been praised as the most balanced review online. And I’m consistently making balanced reviews like this, since the site’s opening in 2000. I don’t like how people seem to think we’re always negative about the series when we have a pedigree of being the most fair and positive.

By the way, a Black Knight review is on the way.  I can’t promise the best, but I can assure that it will be worth a read.  Svendy writes some good shit.  Anyway, as Svend speaks some more, he talks about the misconceptions of people about Sonic Stadium’s direction in this more personal blog system.  If your name is “Edge,” it’s probably relevant to your interests:

You guys honestly think Brad and I keep ‘harping on’ about games’ faults in our posts because we’re being serious? Heck no. We’re just having a laugh. We can write sniping comments about Silver’s stupid head till the cows come home, but that doesn’t mean to say we actually hate the character. You guys have just got to lighten up.

(This isn’t a dig at you, Umiyuri – you’re actually OK, but) I wonder if all the people who take pot shots at TSS actually have any reading comprehension over the age of 12?

The point of the article – and something Brad quite expertly pointed out in his last comment – that there is no such thing as a ‘true Sonic fan’. As others have posted in this comments thread, every Sonic fan out there is going to have a like or dislike that differs to one another. I like Sonic Spinball, but I know people like Brad will likely kick my arse for it. But that’s OK, because that doesn’t make me any more or less a ‘true Sonic fan’ than him or you or Bob up the road. :)

Side comment: the music in “Toxic Caves” is the jam.  I will only play Spinball through that level for the song alone.  Otherwise, yeah, he’s right.  I hate on that game pretty hard, but we’re still friends (despite never meeting in real life).

The people who call themselves ‘True Sonic Fans’ or similar are in fact closer to non-fans than any of us, because they exist to force you or others into thinking that “you must like all new Sonic games irrespective of actual quality” or “you must hate all new Sonic games irrespective of actual quality”. And as I stated before, that claim cannot be levelled at TSS because we’re funny with it, not serious.

I never thought that we’d have to “clear the air” with this format, but I guess we’re in the Sonic community after all.  I got tired of firing back at the reactive members (mostly the TSFs) of the community through stories a while back and it has been much more enjoyable.  Take my advice on that one and let’s start to have some fun here.  Pretend that it is Summer of Sonic and everybody’s nice to each other.

Back to partying, O.K.?  Who likes “Kool & the Gang?”

Oh, and since we’re all about misconceptions here.  “Slingerland’s Corner?”  A character (and not an original one at that).