First details on Sonic Unleashed!

EDIT: Due to many people misinterpreting simple English, here’s a clarification. Sonic Unleashed has not been confirmed to follow directly from Sonic 06’s story. It is simply to be considered the next ‘real’ Sonic game in the series, after Sonic 06 – which was the next canon game after Sonic Heroes. There is clearly a big dark creature that reminds us of Iblis in Sonic Unleashed, much like there was a dark evil Iblis-esque creature in Sonic and the Secret Rings regarding the Ifrit. This suggests – but not confirms – that SEGA are once again being influenced by a similar ‘dark’ storyline to tie up the game. Thank you for misunderstanding. If English is not your native language however we’ll let you off.

Further, The Sonic Stadium has obtained this information via its own sources and the only information that lies under ‘speculation’ is the information that immediately follows the word ‘speculation’. END EDIT.

Sonic Team has a funny way of making games these days. This morning The Sonic Stadium broke news of a forum post leaking images pertaining to be from Sonic Unleashed. We can now confirm that these images are real. This will be the next Sonic game.

And yet, we don’t know quite how to take the news. On the one hand, we’re excited with the promise of gorgeous levels and a Sonic that we actually want to associate ourselves with. On the other hand… well, read on. Continue reading First details on Sonic Unleashed!

New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Some screenshots have been uncovered from a “SEGA FTP” that appear to be the first images of new title ‘Sonic Unleashed’.

Alsha ClanClan Prower of the EspioKaos Message Board discovered the following images whilst browsing one of “SEGA’s FTP” portals. They indicate a CG introduction involving Super Sonic being defeated by Eggman, and various locales based on cities in Greece. Continue reading New Sonic Game Screenshots Discovered

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash announced!

Dave over at Sega’s Sonic City Blognik has put up a new blog entry containing screenshots from a new mobile Sonic game. The game is called Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Dash or simply Sonic Dash and is being created by Glu who made past games Sonic Jump and Sonic the Hedgehog parts 1 and 2.

You can checkout the screenshots in the new Blognik entry.

NiGHTS Into Dreams gets upgraded on PS2

Today a Japanese magazine has printed a 2 page article about NiGHTS into Dreams on the PS2. Being as we aren’t fluent in that language we can’t say if anything’s changed from the Sega Saturn version other than visuals. The only noteable thing from the screenshots is the gallery mode that looks similar to the Christmas Nights extras. IGN report there will be illustrations and a movie viewer.
The game will hit Japan 21-2-08

Sonic News will keep you up to date as more is revealed.

SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

One of the endearing things we liked about Sonic was that he wasn’t as whored about as Mario has been on the whole ‘let’s do as many different sports and genres as possible’ game. We had Sonic Shuffle, lesson learnt for the most part.

SEGA have today announced that SEGA Superstars Tennis will be released on the PS3 and XBOX 360 and feature an entire roster of Sonic Team and SEGA characters such as Samba, Ulala and (yes!) Big the Cat. About time that freakishly slow cat got some more love.

Despite the premise of the game being a bit depressing, what with the year of spinoffs and what this tennis game could mean for the future of Sonic’s pimping days, the two screenshots released for the game appear to be just about the greatest things we’ve seen in years. Also note the Motobug as ball boy in the first image. Sumo Digital, the developers of this new spinoff, are our new heroes. Continue reading SEGA Superstars Tennis announced

Sonic RPG announced!

Sega has been a rather unpredictable company as of late. A new NiGHTS game, a Sonic & Mario Sports game, various company acquisitions, and now this: a Sonic RPG from the makers of the critically acclaimed games Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.

Sega has already teamed up with BioWare for an RPG based on the Alien movie franchise, so their choice of developer comes as no surprise.

The title is coming to Nintendo’s DS handheld, and is expected to arrive sometime in 2008. Continue reading Sonic RPG announced!

Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

According to a french gaming website, as well as Sega-Europe, we’ve received official Sega confirmation of Sonic Rivals 2, slated for release on the PSP in autumn of this year.

According to the press release, Tails and two new characters are confirmed to be in the game, though details have not been revealed on the latter two characters at this time. More tidbits include a “jostling” new control scheme, allegedly meant to bring better customization and style to the existing control scheme, allowing for “tighter” competition. Sounds peachy. Continue reading Sonic Rivals 2 officially confirmed

Sonic the Hedgehog coming to the GBA

This year is truly a year of celebration for Sonic fans. With Summer of Sonic in full swing, many Sonic fan projects taking off, Sonic the Hedgehog coming to MS and Sony’s next gen consoles this November, and Sonic Rivals marking Sonic’s long awaited debut on PSP, things are looking swell for our little blue dude with a tude.

But apparently, Sega has yet ANOTHER present for the blue dude’s devout fan base: a true tribute to his first appearance, a re-release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the GBA.

The game is a little more then a simple re-release, though. The game comes complete with a full blown spin dash, AND a save function for those who could never get through the whole game before.

The game will be titled “Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis”, in remembrance of Sega’s classic 16 bit console that our spiky blue friend debuted on, and will retail for $19.95. An exact release date has yet to be announced, but we can certainly expect sometime during the holiday season.

E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

SEGA have dropped the bomb again with their announcement earlier today of yet another new Sonic title, Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii. SEGA currently have not released any screens or media other than the below image of Sonic holding a Wii-mote, but have been rather generous with story and gameplay details. Continue reading E3 2006: SEGA annouce Sonic Wild Fire for Wii

E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP

The lead up to E3 never fails to disappoint us fans on the Sonic front, and it seems 2006 will be no exception. SEGA today announced what could be the first of more brand new Sonic titles, Sonic Rivals, for the Sony PSP. Much has been revealed in this first Sonic-related E3 2006 press release from SEGA, including game details, the story background and even some early screenshots. Continue reading E3 2006: SEGA announce Sonic Rivals for PSP

Next-Gen Sonic is Running

Next-Gen Sonic is up and running. Early on the 17th, IGN and Gamespot released game play videos of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog game, from the Tokyo Game Show. Three short videos of game play show most of what we need to know to get a good idea, along with a few new details.

Yuji Naka revealed that the new game shall be self-titled “Sonic the Hedgehog” to mark the Blue Blur’s 15th Anniversary. There is also a new engine used in this game. The engine called Havok, used in games like Halo 2 and Half-Life 2, is being used for the making of Sonic the Hedgehog. After showing how boxes at different weights move differently, Naka praised the flexibleness of the new engine for allowing simple details like these to be done. Naka-san also said that his theme while creating the games is “What if Sonic actually existed in real life?”. His theme is certainly living it up to what it stands for. Continue reading Next-Gen Sonic is Running