Phantasy Star Online 2 Finally Coming to North America for Xbox and PC

Today’s Microsoft press conference had a surprise for long-time SEGA fans: Sonic Team’s Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally coming west, exclusively to PC and Xbox One. The game is scheduled for release in the US and Canada Spring 2020. The game has not yet been confirmed for release PAL regions. Check out the reveal trailer below: Continue reading Phantasy Star Online 2 Finally Coming to North America for Xbox and PC

The Sonic Hour: All Episodes Online, Series 6 Next Sunday!

SEGASonic Radio is gearing itself for another Project 24 event (Sunday 5th December 2010), and to celebrate I’ve finally found time to update the podcast feed to The Sonic Hour, the radio station’s flagship live show. Presented by myself (Dreadknux) and Roareye Black, TSH has been going for something like 6 years now – almost as long as The Sonic Stadium itself!

Since our very first episode in Christmas 2003, we’ve recorded a total of 93 episodes and at least 3 specials. We’ve had several presenter line-ups to join the ‘Dread x Roareye’ tag team, from Anarchy Rat in the early days to Jemnezmy most recently, and all kinds of special guests inbetween.

Project 24 will also mark the first episode of Series 6 of The Sonic Hour. As always, we will be live on air between 6pm – 7pm GMT every Sunday (please check your timezones for your area), with #601 broadcasting on the 5th December.

A sixth series, and the 100th episode right around the corner?! How in the hell did we ever get this popular? Is it our randomness? Our lame attempts at humour? Our insistent Sonic music playlist of awesome? Police Lieutenant Smith? Lyle the Bear? Rory’s Monologue? Dodgy Dread’s Emporium of Sonic Chintz? WongWatch? Or was it just Sonic Pants?

Either way, you can now catch up with every single episode of the show! Subscribe to us on iTunes (US LinkUK link, or you can simply crack open iTunes and search for “The Sonic Hour”), hit the raw XML feed here, or just download each individual track on our Media portal. If you’re already subscribed to us on iTunes, right-click the podcast and select “Show all available episodes” and the older ones will appear.

Due to popular demand as well, all Series 4 and Series 5 episodes have been re-encoded into AAC-HE format, cutting down filesize dramatically with just as much sound quality. The m4a files can be read in almost every music program – or at least, every music program worth using that’s for sure. If you’re struggling, use either iTunes or VLC.

If you’re new to the delights of the very first regular radio broadcast in the Sonic community, why not give The Sonic Hour a spin? I warn you right now though: it’s NOT for the faint of heart, and it’s pretty explicit in content. You will most definitely lose several brain cells as well.

Hit the jump for a shortlist of all 23 episodes added to The Sonic Hour’s archive: Continue reading The Sonic Hour: All Episodes Online, Series 6 Next Sunday!