Fan Spotlight: Double Edition

Usually Slingerland’s the main man for these community spotlights, but I came across a few cool pieces of fan art myself and thought I’d share them with you, gentle TSS reader. The two pictures we have also represent the best of both worlds – pen and colour pencil work, and computer enhanced colouring. Firstly, HAT-S-I-RO‘s ‘Bubble Shield’ picture, which is rather cute and shows the main trio making alternative uses of the item. Ah, semantics. Knuckles is enjoying his newfound Bubble Gum power-up, while Sonic looks less impressed in a roll of Bubble Wrap. Not sure what Tails is doing with the Bubble Bath. Great work there HAT-S-I-RO!

The second art piece we have today is from SpindashStudios, and is called ‘Race to the Eclipse Cannon’. It’s a great, dynamic shot of Sonic and Shadow rushing towards the superweapon based on the ARK, just before they face off for the final time in Sonic Adventure 2. It captures that sense of speed and atmosphere really well, and I love the attention to detail in the Final Rush/Chase surroundings.

Two awesome pieces of work there from the community! If you have a friend who’s artwork is rather outstanding, give me or Slingerland a buzz and we’ll take a peek at it. Your friend’s work may very well feature on our front page!