Jakks Announces Ray the Flying Squirrel Plush, Egg Robo & Espio Figures

Jakks Pacific’s latest waves of Sonic toys have been revealed, and they include some rarely and never-before-seen faces!

In their upcoming 9th wave of Sonic 4 inch figures, Egg Robo makes its action figure debut. It also includes Espio, who hasn’t had a figure since that one Jazzware figure years ago. The wave also includes Modern Sonic with a star spring, and Modern Tails with an invincibility box.

Perhaps the most notable new addition is the Ray the Flying Squirrel plush, which will be a part of their 7th wave of plushes. In the character’s almost 30 years of existence, this will be his very first official plush. Jade Wisp also makes their plush debut as a part of this wave, which also includes reissues of Mighty (who debuted last year) and Modern Sonic.

An 8th wave of 2.5 inch figures was also revealed, which includes Classic Sonic, Classic Knuckles, Classic Eggman, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Modern Tails.

Finally, a second wave of 4 inch Sonic movie figures has also been revealed, though no details have been confirmed.

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Jakks Pacific to Release Sonic Movie 2 Branded Toys and Costumes in 2022

US toy manufacturer Jakks Pacific has announced a partnership with SEGA and Paramount Pictures to produce official Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Movie merchandise. This is a global toy rights partnership that covers practically everything from “action figures, playsets, vehicles, plush toys, collectibles” to even Halloween costumes.

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Jakks Mecha Sonic, Giant Eggman Robot and Sonic Diorama Set Revealed for May 2021 [U]

A new slate of retailer listings have uncovered the next set of Sonic the Hedgehog action figures from Jakks Pacific. Among the twenty products on display on the ToyWiz website, toys are planned for Mecha Sonic, Giant Eggman Robot and Silver, along with a 2.5inch Sonic Diorama Set.

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Sonic Vs Chopper! The Figure Fight of the Century is Now Available to Pre-Order

European Sonic fans will finally be able to get their mitts on First4Figures’ incredible ‘Sonic vs Chopper’ statue, as pre-orders open at SEGA Shop’s UK store for delivery later this month.
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Sonic The Hedgehog Totaku Figure Revealed

During the London Toy Fair, Think Geek revealed a new line of video-game based figures entitled ‘Totaku’, along with a report that a Sonic figure would also be joining the line at a later date. Which was supported by a silhouette outline of Sonic on the Totaku website.

Well it appears that the figure was indeed at the London Toy Fair as toy blogger Idle Hands managed to snag a few cheeky photos of it.

We can now also reveal some details and clear up some misconceptions about this figure line.

  • The figures are made by Think Geek, they are not made by Sony.
  • They are not a Sony exclusive line, Sony characters are just wave 1, Microsoft and other IP’s are joining later in the series.
  • The bases are connectable, meaning you can create your own diorama’s with multiple figures.

No release date has been confirmed yet, but keep checking TSS and we’ll post more details as and when we get them.

Source: Idle Hands

Sonic to Feature in PlayStation ‘Totaku’ Figure Series

PlayStation recently announced a brand new line of collectible figures called ‘Totaku’, featuring characters from the Sony gaming brand’s illustrious history. But if whispers from the London Toy Fair are to be believed, SEGA’s own Sonic the Hedgehog could feature in a second wave of mini-statues. Continue reading Sonic to Feature in PlayStation ‘Totaku’ Figure Series

Toy Fair 2016: New Sonic 25th Anniversary Toys Revealed!


It’s that time of the year again, Toy Fair season is in full swing and with London Toy Fair just coming to a close this week, we here at TSS decided that we would actually go along and see what there was.

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TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid Figure

It’s been a whirlwind ride of sorts for the Sonic Nendoroid figure here in the UK. Made by the Good Smile Company, this limited edition piece of merch was originally only going to available in Japan – but thanks to the surprise announcement that SonicMerchandise.com would be stocking it, fans on the other side of the world had the chance to their hands on it too (well, if they were quick enough to get a pre-order in before they sold out, anyway). Now, at last, the Nendoroids have arrived… but have they been worth the hype?

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Go Figure… Sonic Nendoroids Now In Stock!

Following the recent announcement that the limited edition Sonic Nendoroid figures will be made available to UK customers, it has been revealed that SonicMerchandise.com has now received its stock and will be dispatching pre-orders over the next week.

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Limited Edition Sonic Nendoroid: UK Pre-Orders Now Open!

This is most definitely the Nendoroid you are looking for.

Merch-hogs, prepare to open your wallets once more – it has been recently revealed that the all-new Sonic Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company will be making its way to UK shores!

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New Jazwares Sonic Figures Out Now, Nendoroid Sonic Figure Coming This Winter

Reports are coming in from the SSMB that the special 20th Anniversary Jazwares Sonic figures we told you about back in February are now appearing in stores across the US. The figures are currently nowhere to be found online on GameStop’s, Toys R Us’ or Target’s websites, but have been spotted in store at Target and GameStop.

SSMB member dirupti reports that Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, Modern Tails and Shadow figures can be found at various GameStop stores. These figures appear to be a ‘series 1’ set, with other characters following at a later date.

All right! I can confirm that about every gamestop in Colorado has a box of these.
Each box that the stores got in stock contains:
2 Modern Sonic
2 Classic Sonic
1 Modern Tails
1 Shadow
So, Classic Tails, Silver, Knux, and Eggman apparently are some sort of series 2.
I picked up one of each and the cashier gave me the box (made to hold 6 figures) they came in for buying the rest of that stores stock.

TheDanimator, also from the SSMB, found the Classic Sonic figure in stock at his local Target store and has recorded and shared the below video showing the figure out of its packaging.

You can find pics of some of the currently available figures, as well as upcoming ones in the below eBay listings:
Sonic & Spinner
Shadow & Mono Beetle
Tails & Sandworm
Classic Sonic
Dr.Eggman With Egg Fighters
Classic Tails & Grabber
Silver & Iblis Biter
Knuckles & Egg Pawn

We’ve also heard from mikeblastdude at the SSMB that buying these figures from GameStop will get you an Avatar Award item for your Xbox 360 Avatar.

In other news, a company known as Good Smile Company has revealed a Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid figure. Like all Nendoroid figures, Sonic is around 4″ tall, poseable and appears to come with a checkpoint gate accessory. This figure will be available to purchase this Winter.

Check out some pics below:

Sources: SSMB, Video from SSMB member TheDanimator, eBay and Sonic Collectibles.com

Thanks to TheDanimator for the Classic Sonic figure video and to STrainer for the Classic Sonic & Motobug figures pic!

Merchandise Update: Free Riders Figures, Silver Plush & More

Many new pieces of Sonic merchandise are now available at retail, so if you have a friend or family member who is a big Sonic fan, you’ll find plenty of items to choose from to buy for them this Christmas, or to just plain treat yourself with. First up are Sonic the Hedgehog and Jet the Hawk figures based on SEGA’s first Kinect title Sonic Free Riders, which was released last month. Each figure comes with the respective character’s eye wear and their hoverboard Extreme Gear. Both figures are available in-store at Toys R Us.

Next up is another Jazwares Sonic the Hedgehog figure based off of another of his recent games Sonic Colours for Wii & DS. The figure is pretty much the same as previous Jazwares Sonic figures, except this one comes with a White Wisp and a Red Wisp. You can grab it now online and in-store at Toys R Us. It’s also available to order at ToyGlobe.com.

For Sonic fans who like something softer, there are two new plush toys available in the forms of Silver the Hedgehog and Miles “Tails” Prower. Both are made by Jazwares and are available exclusively in-store and online at Toys R Us.
Silver the Hedgehog
Miles “Tails” Prower

Finally, two new Sonic themed accessory gift sets have been released by Bioworld Merchandising. One set contains a belt buckle and wrist band, while the other contains a wallet with a different wrist band. Both are available in-store and online at Toys R Us.
Belt buckle and wrist band
Wallet and wrist band

Thanks to Woun, chaoscontrol14, Barry the Nomad and Jix Hedgehog at the SSMB for the heads-up!

New Jazwares Figures Now Available

Jazwares, the company behind a lot of Sonic merchandise in recent years, has released more goodies for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. An update at their Facebook page states that Metal Sonic and Eggman figures should now be in stores, along with The Super Pack and the large Racers Pack(seen in the photo above). Big and Froggy figures are said to be coming later this year and Vector and Espio will be packaged together in the latest Comic Book Pack.

Hey guys, so I know you all have been asking what the deal is with Sonic and I wanted to give you a clear layout of what to expect for the coming months!

Metal Sonic and Eggman should be hitting the stores
…So should the The Super pack and the large Racers Pack.

and Froggy are later this year, no images yet.
Vector and Espio will
be together in the latest Comic Book pack.

Some fans will be interested to know that Jazwares are hearing your calls for Mighty the Armadillo, Rouge the Bat and Omega figures. In a second Sonic update to their Facebook page, they say they have passed these requests on to the design team and will keep everyone posted. If we hear more, we’ll let you know.

As soon as we have images I will post them! Also, I
know a lot of you have requested Mighty the Armadillo, Rouge the Bat,
and Omega. I have put all your requests in with the design team, and
will keep you posted! Thanks!!

Thanks to fellow TSS Staff member Jason the Jackass for the pic of the large Racers Pack and to Jix Hedgehog for the pic of the Dr.Eggman & Metal Sonic pack. Vector and Espio pic courtesy of eBay seller tbhouse(thanks to SSMB member Aquaslash for the link). We’ll keep an eye out for a pic of the Super Pack figures and update when we get it. If you have the figures and could take a picture of them, please send them in to shadzter@sonicstadium.org and we’ll credit you in this post.

New Jazwares Figures At Forbidden Planet

Emerald Coast owner, SSR DJ and all around cool guy Vger reports that UK collectibles retailer Forbidden Planet are now stocking three characters namely Sonic, Tails and S&TBK Sonic from a range of new figures priced at just £4.99. The back of the packaging informs that more are on the way but no information as to who or what they are. We’ll keep an eye out for them and report back here.

Meanwhile if you’d like a closer look at the three figures currently available head over to Emerald Coast.

Pictures of Sonic & Shadow ASR Figures Released


Yep.  Today, we’ve got actual pictures of those figures that we told you about last Thursday (instead of mock-ups).  It’s shame that they are blurry.  Regardless, they are pictures of the actual toys.

Now that I can actually see these figures FO REALZ, I want one.  Look at how cool that Sonic figure looks.  He exudes cool.  Oh, and Shadow’s here, I guess.

[Via Tomopop]

Sonic Joyride Figure Available to Buy Now, Shadow Arriving in September

Looks like the time has finally come for fans to get their hands on those new Sonic Adventure 2-themed action figures from Joyride Studios. In an update on the company’s website, Sonic the Hedgehog is already available to buy as part of the ‘Series 1′ set of toys that include Eddie and Elise from EA Sports’ SSX Tricky.

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First Images of Joyride Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Figures Surface

Well that was quick! Not long after they were formally announced, Joyride’s upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 Battle figures have been spotted in the wild with these initial images. Take a look at what these Sonic and Shadow toys will look like below. Continue reading First Images of Joyride Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Figures Surface

10th Anniversary Merchandise Now Available in North America

Time to take a break from being jealous of Japanese Sonic fans! Remember those special 10th Anniversary products that SEGA released to mark the launch of Sonic Adventure 2 last year? Well, it looks like some of them have made their way across the Pacific and are available to purchase in North America. Click here to grab the Sonic Ring and click here for the Sonic Figurine, which you can buy on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up, Swirlvision!

Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’

It seems that talk of figure maker Resaurus closing down has been exaggerated somewhat. After reports that the company will be shutting down following a huge ‘going out of business’ sale, a new article sheds some light on the situation behind closed doors and states that what’s happening now is nothing but a hiccup. Continue reading Resaurus in ‘Suspended Animation’; New Sonic Figures Placed on ‘Indefinite Hold’

Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store

Sonic Team has just opened up their ‘Sonic Factory’ store online, and revealed the first exclusive set of products to be sold from the outlet; a statue, a silver ring and a crystal cube with a wireframe model of Sonic etched inside. These classy items aren’t your usual Sonic action figures. Read on for more details and pictures! Continue reading Exclusive 10th Anniversary Merchandise Available at Sonic Team Store