FastFeet Media Returning

Seems like this week is a good one for community returns, as after a year of hiatus the download portal FastFeet Media will be returning this Sunday at 7pm. FFM used to be hosted on our TSS Network before they ended up having loads of ‘studios’ and wanted to do their own thing, so it’s good to see them finally come back. We missed the redness.

There’ll be forums and the return of their FTP Hub along with other cool stuff like a new Public Access section, so give their new site a gander when it relaunches just before Sonic’s 17th Birthday.

FastFeet Media Returns, TSS Online Shop

Yesterday the media arm of The Sonic Stadium, that’s responsible for offering most of the high-quality content we can’t provide on-site (for space fears and purposes), Fastfeet Media, returned. It’s had a whole bunch of cool stuff added to it, and old faves like Sega Sonic: TV, a direct feed to SEGASonic Radio on the site, plus (and I know you’ll like this) an FTP Service that only requires your use of your internet browser!

Yep, due to amount of mail myself and the FFM team got from people not being able to figure out connection using an FTP Client, we have reworked the Service so if you have IE, Firefox (with a small extension) or whatever, you can connect through that and obtain our high quality movies, soundtracks and stuff. How cool is that? 🙂 Head over the Fastfeet Media website.

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Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004 – Today

Yep, the Sonic Site Awards 2004 Ceremony will be kicking off in less than 8 hours!
5:00pm GMT is the ‘GO’ time for when TSS officially begins it’s fourth anniversary!

A quick round-up of what is to come today, tomorrow, and during the rest of next week (TSS’ Birthday + Half Term = Longer Celebration Period :D).

– SSMB Revamps with special TSS Default Skin.

– Sonic Site Awards Ceremony 2004: Hosted by Dreadknux & Roareye
– The SSA Ceremony will also kick-start a brand new series of “The Sonic Hour”
– Straight after the SSA Ceremony, is SpawnofSonic and the Sonic Top 8! [*] – SEGASonic Radio officially merges it’s 24/7 and LiVECAST stations into one.
– =TSS= opens ‘Events’ Page on the main site as a guide to what’s happening.
– =TSS= Launches the Activities…

So, what ARE the activities? Well, you can be the VERY first to know the details!

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New Look FastFeet Media and FFM Forums… coming soon

Evenin’ all. Just popped in to say for those of you who aren’t using FastFeet Media and also for those of you that do but use SSMB too – a little announcement. FastFeet Media is having a new look placed up at the end of October with loadsa new bits including:

  • New look website
  • Brand new Invision forums…
  • ….with Bit Torrent downloads!
  • But FTP will still be with us
  • and last but not least the new channel SS:TV!!

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You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^

Hands up those who thought the old ZX Spectrum was dead? Oh, a lot of hands there. Well, I don’t blame you. But, thanks to some talented guys online, Sonic is set to hit the classic 1980’s UK micro computer! No lie. Of course, it’s not SEGA, but rather some groovy Spectrum enthusiasts giving a go of porting Sonic 1 (the 8-Bit Master System/Game Gear version) onto the Speccy. Click here to check out Sonic ZX, and thanks to Psychobob for finding this webpage. As well as looking to the future of console gaming, it seems Sonic is also speeding backwards through time too.

Aside from that surprising but cool news, this is a pretty boring period for us Sonic fans isn’t it? I mean, at least the Americans got Sonic Advance 3 a few weeks back. PSO III: CARD Revolution is out now in stores, but only in GAME stores (bunch of butchers… gimme a freckin’ job!), so until the 25th June (Sonic Advance 3’s UK release) we’re just sitting on our thumbs here for something Sonic-y. Continue reading You’re All Talk and No Meat ^_^