Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to Get Fast Food Toys

sonicboomfireicecarlfastfoodAccording to a ‘now deleted’ tweet by the CDM company, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice toys are on the way to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s. For those who don’t live in the US, that’s a burger/fast food chain.

The exact tweet was as follows.

Meal bags are in! Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is coming to #carlsjr October 7 and #hardees October 5!

— The CDM Company (@TheCDMCompany) September 2, 2015

But this was soon deleted suggesting there was an embargo placed on this announcement for reasons we don’t understand.

Especially since the exact same announcement is still up and has been up for a rather lengthy period of time on the Carls Cool Kids website which CDM Company apparently handles (see pic above).

So anyway, it looks like fast food toys for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice are on the way, this is great news, now if only we could get a side order of a new trailer or a large screenshot of fires to go with that since there has been no news about the game at all since announcement.

What do you guys think? Excited about the toys? Going to go to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s just for the toot? Going to get Boom Fire & Ice despite there being no information about it? See that thing below that’s a comment box, you can say stuff like “I WANT TOYS!” or “TOYS!? YOU MEAN ACTION FIGURES!” Let us and your fellow blue believers know, Toys! Burgers! Fires oh my! TOYS! BURGERS! FRIES! OH MY!

Freak-Out Friday: Eggman Advertises…

…for Sonic!

And we don’t mean that of the hedgehog variety.


I see that look: a look of shock and awe has somehow been plastered onto your face! Is it because you’ve just heard Eggman go into detail about various foods and great deals from the fast food chain ironically sharing the name of a famous blue hedgehog? Or is it possibly because of the unbelievable voice actor behind Eggman here, who goes by the name of Kyle Boyle (also known as BoyleVoices)?

…I dunno, must be the first thing. Just a hunch.

In any case, since that was so good, why don’t we listen to the jolly ol’ doc again? I know, how about we hear Eggman as he chatters with glee upon finally obtaining…

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