Fandemonium: Boss Battles

Dr.Eggman, the evil scientist extroardinaire has built many a contraption to defeat our hero Sonic the Hedgehog. In this edition of Fandemonium we take a look at some of the easiest, the trickiest and most irritating challenges the plump villain has sent the blue speedster’s way.

Most Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sneezy Febrezey On Your Kneezy (O_o) Boss

This is a compilation of all bosses from Sonic Pocket Adventure but the easy one is obviously the first one. Eggman is threatening Sonic with a slow hammer no bigger than Amy’s Piko Piko hammer, but how does Sonic defeat it? Simply jump over the hammer and hit him, shouldn’t take long as Eggman moves slow enough and the hammers low enough to give you plenty of air space to jump over the hammer. This is the easiest boss in Sonic history in my opinion – even Emerald Hill Zone’s boss could at least catch you by surprise and shoot that spiky hood ornament.

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Fandemonium: Stages

In response to Slingerland’s opening message of his first re-named Fanatics article, I agree that there has been gaps lately in articles published on this here front page. I’m normally known for posting loads of news here but news has been slow. So, I’m going to take a page out of Slingerland’s book and make a new on-going front page read called Fandemonium. Fandemonium will focus on all thing’s that make Sonic games and what makes them work, be it stages, characters, items, gameplay and design.

The topic can only be about Sonic games and can be anything from past, present and future Sonic games. I’ll be posting articles on all details and information regarding the topic at hand together with my own oppinion and experience. A topic will be made at the SSMB where you the fans can post your own oppinions on the topic at hand and suggest a topic for the next article, best posts will be mentioned on the front page in the Fandemonium Round-Up that will be featured with the next article where, as the title suggests I’ll give a round-up of fan oppinions on the last Fandemonium topic.

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