Fanatics: Sonic Playing Sonic

This picture has been buried in my DA favorites for a while now (since 2006!), but I still wanted to show it off to you.  It’s by dark-kelsk and is a 3D scene of Sonic playing his Mega Drive and is picture perfect.  The detail on the furniture and the Mega Drive is great and the lighting throughout is spot-on.  The Sonic model is pretty badass, too.

Fanatics: Sonic On XBOX Doesn’t ALWAYS Suck

Let’s cut to the chase here.  I don’t own an XBOX360, but I’d sure as hell love to have one if it was skinned like the one below.  Check out the skin job DA user, ricepuppet, gave to his 360 console:

AWESOME. Check out his DA profile for more awesome 360 paint jobs!

But wait, there’s more!  EGGMAN-X has some modded XBOX360’s of his own!  The one in the foreground is absolutely classy.  The second one is cool…if you like Shadow the Hedgehog.  I can still appreciate the work that went into it, though.

Dag, yo.  On his DA profile, you can also check out his WIP Master System Controller Coffee Table!  That’s dedication, kids/

Fanatics: Continuin’ the Sonic CD Tangent

More awesome Sonic CD art.  This piece is by liquidshade and it’s a beauty.  He actually talks at length on his process, so I’m going to be lazy and copy-paste:

The characters took ages to get right, then I had to outline them, then I had to re-outlight them because I wanted the lines alot thicker, but in the end I’m satisfied with that thick black outline and cel-shaded look. I was gonna try soft shading, which probably would have gone better with the un-cel-shaded background, but that just looked a bit tacky. When I used to buy the British Sonic the Comic as a kid, they always did Amy with her spikes up, like I’ve drawn them here, but on more recent investigation into official pics, old-school Amy’s spikes are actually more like Sonic’s, and are only up in one particular pic, where she’s with Sonic. The poses in that pic are similar to how Metal Sonic is holding her though, so I figured they’d be better like that anyway. Speaking of Metal Sonic, that’s probably the best pic of him I’ve ever done, and all his awkward shapes and limbs ain’t easy to draw. I’m not 100% happy with Sonic’s pose, but I suppose it’ll do. The background only took the last 2 days to do, and even though that rough look and technique isn’t normally me, I think in the end it came out rather well. I used screenshots to get those Palmtree Panic cliffs just right.

The only critique that I have for it is that the color of Sonic’s mouth and belly region look sickly.  Otherwise, it’s bitchin’.

Fanatics: A New Take on the Special Stage

Today’s featured fan-work is the winner of the mini-game contest over at Sonic Fan Games HQ.  LarkSS made this special stage without even thinking that he would win, but he ended up running away with the entire thing.  The stage’s premise is to get from point A to point B without falling into the bottomless pit below.  There’s a strict time limit, so collect the blue spheres scattered across the stage to gain boost energy.  Here’s Lark’s record setting run through his stage:

The minigame has a sweet, 80s vector look that I absolutely love.  It’s like colorful version of Metal Gear Solid’s VR Missions.

Download the special stage in normal resolution. (7z file)

Download with high resolution (recommended). (ZIP file)

Z is jump and X is boost.

Fanatics: Ride Them Badniks ‘Round and ‘Round

It’s kind of hard getting a daily article in when the site that you write for goes down for entire days at a time.  :s

Anyway, now that I’m actually into TSS, check out some damn art by gsilverfish.  It was made for the GHZ art contest, but was an hour late and not entered.  I hope a TSS front page feature is enough of a consolation, Mr. g.

Sonic CD is my favorite Sonic game.  Shock.  I know that people in the SSMB are discussing how overrated it is, but fuck ’em.  Not only is this picture set within Sonic CD, but it just has an undeniable charm to it.  The colors really pop with some excellent shading techniques and seeing Sonic ride on the back of a badnik is awesome.  Also, +10 points for the use of that wacky flying jet-ski that Robotnik is riding.

Nice work, g.  I hope people in the comments section will talk about your art and not about Sonic CD.  *wink wink everybody*

Fanatics: Sleep Well With Metal Plushie

Dude, where did I go?

I’ve been battling bronchitis and I really, really, didn’t feel like writing anything for the front page.  Nothing.  Sonic news has been pretty dull anyhow, since SEGA has turned all of its attention to the success of House of the Dead: Overkill.  Well played, SEGA.  Anyway, on to fan-made things that make you go 😮 …

DeviantArt user, Zero20-2, made a plush Metal Sonic doll.  Yep, it’s awesome.  Cuddle with it as you hum the tune(s) to Stardust Speedway and drift off to Dream Land.

You want to know what’s more awesome?  Zero20-2 made an entire set of Sonic plushies!

E-123 Omega PlushieEggman Plushie

Blaze the Cat PlushieAmy Rose Plushie


There’s more art at Zeros 20-2’s DA page, including more plushies, awesome NiGHTS and Sonic drawings, and a whoooooole lot of fancharacters.  Oh, fancharacters, how ridiculous you are.

Fanatics: Incredible Darkspine Sonic Art

We’re on a Super Sonic tangent in honor of Sonic’s latest lulzfest of a super form.  The previous, and first, entry in the “Sonic Storybook Series,” Sonic and the Secret Rings, brought us a form that we’ve given the name “Darkspine Sonic.”  ShadoHejjihoggu has created an amazing blotch rendition of this super form and it’s incredible!  Check out the laundry list of  materials that ShadoHejjihoggu used to make this piece:

Watercolor Paint
Prisma Color Pencil
Prisma Lightfast Pencil
Rubbing alcohol
Que Tip
Paint brush
Colorless Blender, with brush tip
Watercolor Prisma Pencils
Cheap Ballpoint pen
Sketch book paper

Nice work, Shado.  Send some more in, will ya?

Fanatics: What I’m Made Of

With Sonic’s new super-form revealed, let’s take some time to reflect on some “super” moments from the past.  Metal Sonic’s return in “Sonic Heroes,” a game that I really enjoy for some reason, was nothing short of awesome.  BlazeTBW captures the moment Metal goes berserk and becomes an “overlord” in his piece “Fight with the Overlord.”

BlazeTBW drew this work for the Black Knight contest and didn’t win.  Like I said with a previous rejected entry, the ones that were picked must be amazing if they didn’t accept this one.  BlazeTBW sketched the work in pencil and uses her Wacom tablet, Photoshop, and Corel Painter X to color and detail the whole thing.  She thinks that it is her best Sonic work to date and I certainly agree.

My own take on this work relates the expressions on Knuckles and Tails’ faces.  I like to think that they aren’t grimacing over Metal Overlord and his ability to “ownz jOO,” but rather, why they don’t get a super form, something that we all questioned within the community when Heroes’ ending was revealed.  Look at Knuckles, he’s so mad about not getting his super form!  Haha…oh, I’m getting sidetracked.  Nice work, BlazeTBW.

Fanatics: Punch That Werehog Dead

I have a question for you all.  Did you play Sonic Unleashed and wished that you played as Knuckles during the nighttime stages?  Well, according to DeviantArt user, gilau, so did Knuckles.  In a blur, Knuckles is seen here beating the shit out of  the most awful character in the series.  Yes, Big the Cat is better than Sonic the Werehog.  Allow me to pause as you pick up the pieces of your blown mind.

Anyway, thumbs up on the image concept, gilau. Super-thumbs up on the coloring and the whole “dirty draw” look.  I’m not quite sure how you made this one, but whatever, it’s cool.

Fanatics: Noble Sonic is Noble

Sorry about the lack of “Fanatics” yesterday.  I’m not going to lie to you…I was pretty hungover and I, how would you say, “couldn’t be arsed” to do it.

Anyway, as a not-fan of SatBK, you might be questioning why I posted this piece up today.  One word: lighting.  Ihearrrtme‘s work here on the lighting and shading is incredible and deserves recognition.  It has even got that next-gen “bloom effect” to it, which is cool in moderation.  Ihearrrtme says:

The Tokyo Game Show trailer of Sonic and the Black Knight was so awesome, it inspired me to make this picture! : )

Rarely do I ever add actual scenery/backgrounds to any of my works, because, well… I’m horrible at drawing them. X[ I tried to make it look like the logo image on Sega of Japan’s SATBK website. Blending a few patterns together and adding some lighting/shading effects, I managed to pull it off for once!! : )

Do it again, Ihm.

Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

I’m on an 8-bit Sonic binge as of late, aren’t I?  Wait, who am I kidding?  I always am.

A SEGA Master System hack, Sonic 2 LD, a title playing on Retro’s HD Sonic 2 remake, by doc eggfan at Sonic Retro is probably my favorite project at  that forum.  The project’s goal is to take the Sonic 2 levels for the Genesis and put them in the Sonic 2 Master System ROM.  A novel concept, considering that I’ve always wondered why SEGA made different levels for the Master System version (aside from making Aqua Lake Zone, aka “the best zone ever” – ride that shuffle beat).

Doc Eggfan recently released a new screenshot of his work-in-progress, 8-bit Emerald Hill.  Hit the break for the screenshot.  Warning: Contents May Be Awesome. Continue reading Fanatics: Sonic 2 LD

Fanatics: Sonic & Knuckles Finale

The final boss battles of Super Sonic & Knuckles meet in this work by Mit-Man.  Dr. Robotnik’s final mech at the Doomsday, the Death Egg, and Hyper Metal Knuckles are being destroyed by our powered-up heroes…in space!  The Mit-Miester comments:

[T]he pictures depicts Super/Hyper Sonic and Super/Hyper Knuckles defeating Robotnik’s final robot form and Hyper Mecha Sonic. They didn’t do it at the exact same time like this in the game, nor was Knuckles in space, but hey, it’s a cool effect I think that I incorporated into the picture, that sums up the ending quite well.

This piece was submitted for the Black Knight art contest, but was rejected.  If this piece was rejected, then the art that was selected better be the fuckin’ bomb, because I’m really happy with Mit’s work.

Fanatics: Sonic Is In!

A few weeks ago, SSMB member, Inferno, created a thread to reminise on the joyous feeling we all had when we learned that Sonic was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  The topic came at a time when people wanted to kill each other, because critics were slamming Unleashed. A perfect time for good vibes.

DeviantArt user, musetrigger, had posted this over 14 months ago, but I had just found it yesterday.  Notable features of this work that I fancy include Sonic’s overt sense of attitude, the detail on Mario’s beaten face, and the phrase “nothing fan-fiction about it.”  Rather appropriate, considering that I said that to my friends upon Sonic’s announcement.

“Now, nobody has to write Mario vs. Sonic fan fiction.  People can just play Brawl now, which is 1,000% more entertaining.”

“What about the Olympic Games?”

“That’s only 300% more fun.  Still a good margin, though.  Wait, who the fuck would make a fan fiction about that?”

Fanatics: Are You Brave?

Do you love Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship)?  If not, HOW DARE YOU.   There was a hotel on a hockey trip that had a Championship machine and I would waste so many quarters on smacking Amy’s head as flat as a pancake.  I’ve since gotten to relive that novelty over and over, thanks to Sonic Gems Collection.  The game still holds a special place in my all-time favorites, despite being a shallow fighter, as it has an art style and charm that most fighters lack.   I absolutely melted when I went over to DeviantArt and found this picture  at left by darkburraki.  She comments:

I now await for this deviation to get a bajillion favorites just because it has Sonic on it.

Hell, darkburraki, I think you should get a bajillion favorites for including Honey, a character not even included in the game.  As usual, click the thumbnail for a larger image.

EDIT: Whoops! We accidentally called DarkBurraki a guy. She is, obviously, a She. Which, given that she’s not a guy, would narrow down her gender a bit. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting us know about that blip, best-buddy “Leedz”.

Fanatics: Sand In My Shoe

We are leaving DeviantArt territory for January 7th and are now hitting up OCRemix for some Sonic tunage! Jose the Bronx Rican, a key remixer on the Stree Fighter II: HD Remix soundtrack by the OCRemix community, tackles Sandopolis and succeeds in creating a smooth, jazzy, Middle-Eastern piece. Jose comments:

“After varying degrees of success working on HD Remix and “Freshly Baked,” I learned enough about my soft studio to gain confidence in creating decent tunes in far less time than usual (though still looking for better sounds on the cheap). This is the result. The bare-bones WIP Dave heard way back at Baltimore Meet ’07 was finally worked on again, and, a month later, it’s finished.

I’ve been dying to do another Sonic tune. “Sand in My Shoe” is unapologetically 80’s: an R&B sound inspired by England trio Loose Ends, specifically their 1986 hit “Stay a Little While, Child.” I emulated that song’s style of production. Its middle-Eastern influences, “Lawrence of Arabia” vibe and irresistably incessant 808 drum loop I thought were perfect for an arrangement of Sonic & Knuckles’ “Sandopolis” BGM. Every little thing programmed and mixed in FL Studio.”

That’s some cool stuff, my man. Everybody, go and listen to “Sand in My Shoe”. It will not disappoint.

Fanatics: Death Egg & Sunset Park Memories

January 6th belongs to Hazard the Porgoyle (What in the blue hell is a “porgoyle?” Fan characters just get weirder and weirder.), because he absolutely dominates at Sonic art. The two pieces that I’d like to display here are absolute gems, giving moments in Sonic history a new perspective, literally. The top one at right here is a rendition of a boss in Death Egg, act 2. You all recall this encounter, I’m sure. Use gravity to make the spike tanks hit the giant egg ball, rinse repeat, get owned by the giant Egg Mech. It’s a wonderfully drawn scene from the game that someone could mistake for an HD remake of Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Hazard comments:

Sonic doesn’t seem too concerned about Eggman’s new devious machine as he checks his glove cuff. Well, he’s done this stuff enough, right?

The second piece follows a similar style, but of a bit more esoteric moment. Sure, most people can recall that boss fight from Death Egg, but how many of your friends owned Game Gears and experienced Sonic: Triple Trouble? I know that most of us at TSS and SSMB have. The photo at right is a scene from Sunset Park’s famous train boss. I can hear the song now…

Check out Hazard’s DeviantArt profile for awesome renditions of moments from Sonic games, including boss fights from the Adventure and Advance series!

Fanatics: The Best of Both Soundtracks

YouTube user, sphereballs, takes the January 5th spotlight today for his Sonic remixes. His remixes are not like the ones you would here on OCRemix, though. These two songs that he made take all 7 tracks from both the Japanese and American soundtracks of Sonic CD and mix them all into epic song. The zones that he has done thus far are Wacky Workbench and Tidal Tempest. Be warned, they are awesome. Tidal Tempest is above, hit the jump for Wacky Workbench. Continue reading Fanatics: The Best of Both Soundtracks

Fanatics: The Fastest Thing Alive

I noticed something on this here front page. There are some days were there are just no stories whatsoever, leaving you feeling empty inside. To rectify this void, the “Fan Spotlight” is now renamed “Fanatics” and will be a daily community feature now. There are so many fans and so many works of art, so I think showing off an artist/fangamer/ROM hacker/remixer a day is the right move to make.

January 4th’s spotlight shines on DeviantArt user ThePepster. His piece, simply called “My Best Flash Sonic Drawing,” showcases a classic Sonic figure dashing at the speed of sound past a group of rings.

The Pepster describes his process: “I was fooling around with Flash and I’ve had quite some experience now. But getting used to the Wacom tablet is a pain in the ass! So I decided to do what I do best, draw Sonic on paper. But I then decided to scan it and trace over it by using the line tool in Flash. And from there, I went crazy with gradients and all that fun stuff. Then, I used Fireworks for the motion blur.”

His choice to use the “American” Sonic, with the single set of spines, is something that I do not see often, so I like this piece because of it.

(Click the image for a bigger view.)

Ah, that’s more like it. After a few weeks of Unleashed drama, it’s nice to get back to why I still hang around this community. In fact, I should just go back to community reporting altogether. The crusading and potshots are getting old. You should feel that way by now, too.