Fanatics: The Fastest Thing Alive

I noticed something on this here front page. There are some days were there are just no stories whatsoever, leaving you feeling empty inside. To rectify this void, the “Fan Spotlight” is now renamed “Fanatics” and will be a daily community feature now. There are so many fans and so many works of art, so I think showing off an artist/fangamer/ROM hacker/remixer a day is the right move to make.

January 4th’s spotlight shines on DeviantArt user ThePepster. His piece, simply called “My Best Flash Sonic Drawing,” showcases a classic Sonic figure dashing at the speed of sound past a group of rings.

The Pepster describes his process: “I was fooling around with Flash and I’ve had quite some experience now. But getting used to the Wacom tablet is a pain in the ass! So I decided to do what I do best, draw Sonic on paper. But I then decided to scan it and trace over it by using the line tool in Flash. And from there, I went crazy with gradients and all that fun stuff. Then, I used Fireworks for the motion blur.”

His choice to use the “American” Sonic, with the single set of spines, is something that I do not see often, so I like this piece because of it.

(Click the image for a bigger view.)

Ah, that’s more like it. After a few weeks of Unleashed drama, it’s nice to get back to why I still hang around this community. In fact, I should just go back to community reporting altogether. The crusading and potshots are getting old. You should feel that way by now, too.

Fan Spotlight: The Metal Cap

This piece is by DeviantArt user, NinaUsagi.  She got the idea for this piece while playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Classic Mode.  There is always a “metal” opponent in your way to Final Destination and when she was presented with the task of taking down “Metal Sonic,” something clicked in her head.  She thought, “what if the green “!” box from Mario 64 made Sonic the actual Metal Sonic and not a silver skinned one?”  Well, check out the resulting artwork…

I laughed.  Check out NinaUsagi’s DeviantArt page for more fun stuff.

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Fan Spotlight: Double Edition

Usually Slingerland’s the main man for these community spotlights, but I came across a few cool pieces of fan art myself and thought I’d share them with you, gentle TSS reader. The two pictures we have also represent the best of both worlds – pen and colour pencil work, and computer enhanced colouring. Firstly, HAT-S-I-RO‘s ‘Bubble Shield’ picture, which is rather cute and shows the main trio making alternative uses of the item. Ah, semantics. Knuckles is enjoying his newfound Bubble Gum power-up, while Sonic looks less impressed in a roll of Bubble Wrap. Not sure what Tails is doing with the Bubble Bath. Great work there HAT-S-I-RO!

The second art piece we have today is from SpindashStudios, and is called ‘Race to the Eclipse Cannon’. It’s a great, dynamic shot of Sonic and Shadow rushing towards the superweapon based on the ARK, just before they face off for the final time in Sonic Adventure 2. It captures that sense of speed and atmosphere really well, and I love the attention to detail in the Final Rush/Chase surroundings.

Two awesome pieces of work there from the community! If you have a friend who’s artwork is rather outstanding, give me or Slingerland a buzz and we’ll take a peek at it. Your friend’s work may very well feature on our front page!

Fan Spotlight: GregTheCat’s Malicious Fingers

Word.  Fan Spotlight is showcasing some marker and color pencil work today with some artwork from GregTheCatofGordawn.  In this work of art, Greg depicts one of the final boss battles of Sonic (3) & Knuckles.  What I like about this work the most is Sonic’s facial expression, because it’s absolutely ridiculous.  “WHOAMG LAZOR:”

Click the image for a larger view.

Check out Greg’s DeviantArt profile for more cool stuff.

As always, you can send me you or a friend’s art via SSMB private message.  Who knows?  You might be featured on this here front page!

Fan Spotlight: Sonic the Asshole

I was attracted by the title alone, but I was even more pleased after I clicked it.  This flash short by DeviantArt user, coycoy, features Sonic…being an asshole…to Shadow.  SIGN ME UP.  Click the image below to go the movie, broskis.

The visuals are great and the animation is pretty rad, especially considering that this video is coycoy’s first Sonic related flash video.  I thought the premise was simple and entertaining, something that I am rather fond of.  I don’t like a movie when something, either the premise or the joke, drags out too long.  After chuckling at Shadow getting owned, I looked in the description to find this:

sonic and shadow belong to Sega yo.

Best copyright listing ever yo.

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Fan Spotlight: Sega vs. Capcom

A Sonic community member, Sonicsuperstar1, has taken the rumor of a DS fighting game, featuring SEGA and Capcom characters duking it out, and turned it into some cool fan art.  Check it, son:

Well, that is just nifty.  Hopefully, the rumor is true and this picture becomes an official reality.  Check out more of Sonicsuperstar1’s artwork at his DA page.

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Fan Spotlight: If Sonic Actually SAW Your Fan Art…

DeviantArt user ILoveKnucklesShadow has made a pretty funny comic of Sonic and Co. all on computers, looking at horrible (aka “most”) Sonic art.  Some funny panels include things such as characters having sex and/or looking sexy or questioning how they are drawn.

If you actually draw sex scenes with Sonic characters, you should go die in a fire right now. Continue reading Fan Spotlight: If Sonic Actually SAW Your Fan Art…

Fan Spotlight: Neodaft’s Art

What’s up?  Your community writer, Mister Sling, has something totally awesome to show you.  I like to peruse DeviantArt and look for some talented Sonic artists and I have found one today in a member named “Neodaft.  The work of art that caught my attention is straight out of Sonic and the Secret Rings:

Not gonna lie…that is pretty rad right there.  Neodaft said that he used Prismacolors, white paper, eraser, a “pilot H-165 clickable pencil” and Photoshop.  As a fan of Secret Rings, I dig it.  As a fan of Sonic art, I really dig it.  The style of the art really draws on the storybook theme of the game and the blur added in Photoshop makes Sonic’s speed convincing.

Visit neodaft’s DeviantArt page for more awesome art.  I’ll catch you guys later for another Fan Spotlight.  I really enjoy seeing how talented everybody in this community is.

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