CulTNET asking for donations to keep network online

Sazpaimon, host of CulTNET, is in debt and would like your assistance in keeping the network online.  CulTNET hosts many Sonic fan sites, such as Sonic Retro, X-Cult, Hacking Cult, and the Hidden Palace. $150 is due by next week, so if you are a fan or visitor of a site in CulTNET, do not hesitate to donate.  Sazpaimon says that you can donate in the following ways:

1. Paypal, easiest method: is the address.

2. Paypal, yes again. If you don’t have a paypal account, but have a credit/debit card, head over to and click the paypal button at the top of the left column. Select to continue without logging in, and enter your info.

3. Snail mail. If you don’t have EITHER, this is your only option. PM me for details on this.


Community Interview: Shayne Thames

If you’re ever in need to know anything about the latest cartoon, Sonic Underground, then Shayne Thames is your gal. Webmaster of fansite, Thames has a large database of information on characters, episodes and more. She’s also famous for having a rather amazing run-in with Sonic Team leader, Yuji Naka. Read on for the story on that… Continue reading Community Interview: Shayne Thames