Fans Seek to Continue Sonic Boom Themselves Through Project M2

A bunch of Sonic fans have gotten together to resurrect Sonic Boom as a YouTube series. Called “Project M2,” the fan show is already well underway, with locations, character riggings, and storyboards in the process of being made.

They’ve announced the project alongside a Patreon, which will allow them to cover costs already incurred. Anyone who pledges $20 or more will gain access to work-in-progress assets, such as the aforementioned locations, character riggings, and storyboards, of which more than 20 are already available. According to the people behind the project, the Patreon funds are only meant to cover the cost of production, and the completed episodes will be made available for free to everyone on YouTube.

While they largely seek to stay true to the show, they will be integrating their own ideas into a few things, mostly in the set design.

All of this was announced via a YouTube video. The guy explaining the info does a remarkably good Roger Craig Smith Sonic impression, so it’s probably safe to assume he’ll be doing the voice for the show! Check out their Patreon here, and their announcement video below:

Sonic Runners Fan-Led Revival Project Goes into Open Beta in July

Ah, Sonic Runners. We really did like you, you know. And then, almost as soon as you were released (well, about a year after the initial launch in 2015 actually), SEGA killed you off. So we’re pretty excited to hear that a bunch of mobile-loving fans have taken it upon themselves to bring you back to life again. That’s pretty awesome! Continue reading Sonic Runners Fan-Led Revival Project Goes into Open Beta in July

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in 3D


YouTube user Eyspire has uploaded a video of a project in the works involving Sonic the Hedgehog 2 zones in 3D, and judging by the video, it looks amazing, but would you believe this is being made for satire use?

This is the result of many hours of persistance during my spare time over the last fortnight. As I played through the original Sonic 2 on a genesis emulator, I snapped screenshots along the way, and recreated the levels in true 3D. using textures from the game. Imagine if the Sonic Team made something along these lines!

This is a fan-made animation. It’s part of a satire series i’m working on, this is just a segmented portion.

Great work Eyspire! We’ll keep an eye out for the final product.

What do you guys and gals think of Eyspire’s work?