Make-A-Wish & SEGA Make A Young Ill Sonic Fan’s Dreams Come True

Well, here’s a story that will warm your heart up and maybe even bring a tear to your eye. ArchangelUK over at the Sonic City Blognik has posted up a touching story about a young boy with a life threatening illness who recently turned 4 called J-Jay. J-Jay is a huge Sonic fan and his biggest wish was to have his hero Sonic share his Birthday with him. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and SEGA Benelux the lad’s wish came true. A special Sonic themed Birthday party with Sonic himself in attendance was thrown to celebrate brave little J-Jay’s big day.

Check out the full story with loads more photos over at the Sonic City Blognik.

For more details about the Make-A-Wish Foundation, head over to their official website.

#62 Sonic 2 HD Teaser Trailer

For those of you who may not have noticed, this weekend saw the release of the first teaser trailer from Sonic 2 HD!  It has been in the works in one form or another as far back as 2007, and like a lot of fan projects we do wonder whether it will ever truly be finished, but you can’t deny how good this trailer looks! Interested (you should be), then check out their developer blog, their official site, or join their facebook page!

#17 A Sonic MMO? WTH?

It’s a reality! Look at the gameplay footage!!! All around the community people have been talking about the concept of a Sonic multiplayer online role playing game. Well did you know one has been online on since november 2008?!?

With 400 registered players, and a fairly active server during the evening (in the uk time zone) it would appear they are doing something right.

With a world that goes from day to night, quests, pvp, fishing, and capture the flag (wtf?!?!) it would appear it’s something worth looking into. Especially since it’s free to play (what fan game isnt though lol).

This video contains a trailer from SAGE 2008 last summer before the game came out and some poorly recorded game footage of me wondering around trying to play while my pc lags at using hypercam XD.