The Sonic Stadium News Group – It’s Coming, Baby…

Hee hee! The time is almost upon us! SSNG is soon to be unveiled in a matter of a month! Here’s the lowdown for those that don’t know what SSNG is: There has been some rumours about a new Sonic site emerging. The first announcement of this came from TSSZ, when Sonic News and The Sonic Stadium, both very respected Sonic fan sites, closed down for no apparent reason, unexpectedly.

As far back as last month however, we (being Sonic_Hedgehogs and Dreadknux) happily announced that Sonic News and The Sonic Stadium were not dead – far from it – in fact, they were going to MERGE the two sites together, which is great news for everyone.

This project is still in production, and is due to be unleashed to the public later next month – in June. The name for the new website is called The Sonic Stadium News Group – or SSNG for short.

This will be a Fan Site, but not just any fan site – people who have had small peeks at it have been so confident in its success, they have said it to become one of the most popular Sonic Sites in no time! That’s some praise.

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OPINION: Dreamcast Dead?

Heard a rumour that the Dreamcast is dead? At first glance this may all seem like some sort of self-destructive pattern on Sega’s part , and that may make you lose your faith in the company as a fan. But, as this massive news special will soon explain, the odds are all in the favour of the Dreamcasters. First off, let’s address the rumours and stories and whatnot (that sounds SO English. Wait, I AM English).
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