New Sonic Content Dives Into Fall Guys Today: What’s There & How to Unlock/Purchase

Mediatonic’s ever popular (and now free-to-play) bumbling bean platforming-royale now has new Sonic cosmetics and level challenges. Previously, the game offered limited time events for the Knuckles and Sonic costumes. Both suits have returned to the game’s store, alongside costumes for Tails, Dr. Robotnik, and Super Sonic, and a “You’re Too Slow” toe tapping emote.

The surprisingly brief event will run until August 15th, so if you’re after these cosmetics and levels, you’ll need to sprint! It is not clear at this point if the costumes, emote, or levels will remain available and in rotation after the August 15 event deadline.

(Thanks to ZeBladeGunner for the video link)

The official trailer shows off the the new costumes as well as the emote and Green Hill styled level challenges, where players are collecting rings while passing through gates and bouncing on springs.

Promotional (free) missions will let the player collect gems to unlock smaller Sonic rewards, such as a name plate, a checkerboard and ring player skin, and Sonic’s iconic shoes.

In paid content, each new character costume is 800 Show-Bucks for each individually or 1,200 for two-character packs, including a Sonic/Knuckles pack and a Tails/Eggman pack. The “You’re Too Slow” emote is 400 Show-Bucks.

(Note: The prices for the “Dynamic Duo” pack appears lower than the expected price in the screenshot due to us having the Knuckles costume unlocked during a previous event.)

As a reminder, Show-Bucks can be purchased (the most cost-efficient all-Sonic-content purchase being $19.99 + 7.99 USD for 3800 Show-Bucks total at time of writing) or earned through the paid Season Pass (which costs 950 Show-Bucks, but offers up to 1,500 Show-Bucks across the entire season).

If you don’t already follow our YouTube or Twitch channels, be on the lookout for upcoming streams of the new content before it dashes off into the sunset!

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