Fanatics: Sonic Is In!

A few weeks ago, SSMB member, Inferno, created a thread to reminise on the joyous feeling we all had when we learned that Sonic was in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  The topic came at a time when people wanted to kill each other, because critics were slamming Unleashed. A perfect time for good vibes.

DeviantArt user, musetrigger, had posted this over 14 months ago, but I had just found it yesterday.  Notable features of this work that I fancy include Sonic’s overt sense of attitude, the detail on Mario’s beaten face, and the phrase “nothing fan-fiction about it.”  Rather appropriate, considering that I said that to my friends upon Sonic’s announcement.

“Now, nobody has to write Mario vs. Sonic fan fiction.  People can just play Brawl now, which is 1,000% more entertaining.”

“What about the Olympic Games?”

“That’s only 300% more fun.  Still a good margin, though.  Wait, who the fuck would make a fan fiction about that?”

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