7 More Facts About Sonic Colours & New Quote

Todays Sonic Colours news keeps stacking up, with ArchangelUK revealing seven more interesting facts about the game over at the Sonic City Blognik.

• Cubot’s voice processor is broken – and stuck on “cowboy mode”.
• If you run out of Wisp power when underground in Drill mode you WILL die.
• FOXY FACT: Tails isn’t as keen on high speeds as you might think…
• Pits of death DO exist, however when you approach a section where this isn’t immediately obvious a hazard warning triangle will appear at the bottom of your screen so you do get some warning.
• FOXY FACT II: Tails’ toolbox is painted like the blue Tornado paint scheme, and even has his two-tail logo on it.
• Destroying all enemies in a built up area using a Wisp power or dash will get you a “SLAM” bonus.
• Starlight, star bright – is that a Motobug? Alright!

A quote from the game has also been revealed on the official SonicGames Twitter account:

“Experience has taught me to investigate anything that glows.” – Sonic, Sonic Colours

Another bit of info has been posted at Sonic Retro too:

It was spotted earlier that there was also what appeared at least to be a Crabmeat.

Speaking of Motobug, you remember that Sonic Short with the Motobug kid with stabilisers? Colours has what could be termed a Daddy Motobug…………. Retro exclusive factoid~!

Source: Sonic City Blognik and SonicGames Twitter