Well, here’s our refuge for now…

This ezBoard’s changed a bit, innit? o_O;
Just a shame I can’t mess about with the templates, or make this a sticky topic. Ah well.

The reason, if you need another one, of why we’re here is the fact that obviously everyone must be getting REALLY pissed off with the hacker (not even worthy of a mentioning of the name) spamming you, changing your username and whatnot.

We’re fed up with it too. The ezBoard is pretty rock solid. It’s all on a free networked server, available to all to post and stuff. The ezBoard staff would knacker ‘Slimy G’ (wow, what a name, I wish I thought of it) before he got a chance. Continue reading Well, here’s our refuge for now…

Geez, it’s weird going back…

¬¬ It’s true, peeps. I made an announcement not too long ago about it.

The Sonic Stadium account – and unfortunately, the SSMB with it – went down under. No, not Australia, but actually 6 feet under.

Why? How? When? Tea Time? Even I don’t have the foggiest. The 404 Error just… appeared. o_O

I’m hoping it’s not a hacker – but there’s several things that point out to it being one.

  1. The Sonic forum gets ‘accidently’ deleted of forum posts – all of them.
  2. Mimi_Ausa’s account ‘suddenly’ gets deleted.
  3. TSS and the SSMB ‘get DNS problems’ – when in actual fact the whole thing’s gone completely.

The fact is, is that even though I know I have the account, a whosis lookup showed that my domain doesn’t even exist, or is owned by anyone (it should say it’s owned by HostOnce).

Let’s just hope it is a DNS problem… I don’t think there’s any chance of recovery of files, but at least I backed up almost all of the TSS files on me HD – exception is only the SSMB, which my last backup was a few months ago X_x So, if we return back to normality, it’ll be at a 2-3 month cost at the MB.

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ezBoard: The Last Ever Post…

Hey there, ezBoard SSMB. It’s me, Dreadknux. You know? The guy that looked after you for the past 2 years. Wow, 2 years, has it really been that long? Seemed to go really fast!

The whole place is deserted now, so it’s just me on my own. Everyone has gone to the new SSMB – the YaBB. Can’t say I won’t miss this place – there are certainly some things I will miss however.

I thought I’d just place one final ‘log’ here, so that if this board is _still_ active in a few years time, people can defrost you, and look at all the messages of yesteryear. Kinda like those ‘messages from the past’ thingies where you slap a message in a capsule and it shouldn’t be opened until 20 years time.

The YaBB SSMB is practically the same as it always has been, but aside from the annoyingness of it all, ezBoard has been quite cool for a starter MB. I remember all of the names this place was under, still – Sonic Stadium MB, Dreadknux’s Forum… even the ‘Dead Sonic Message Board’ when I got really depressed last year. Before the re-launch of the Sonic Stadium in 2001. Continue reading ezBoard: The Last Ever Post…

Hmmm… I want your opinion on this, guys…

It’s about the ‘Sega Sonic Message Board’ name.

Nonononono, erm, NO! First of all, don’t even think that ‘m changing the entire name to something that sounds completely arse (i.e. the recent ‘South Island Forum’ – blah. *_*).

See, this community is best known as the SSMB, correct? Yet, no-one knows the ties that this Message Board has with my premier website, The Sonic Stadium.

This is where I want your views. Should I…

  1. Change the name of the ‘board slightly to the Sonic Stadium Message Board – that way people will know the ties it has with my site, and people can still use the abbreviated name ‘SSMB’.
  2. Keep the long name as Sega Sonic Message Board.
  3. Bake a cake *not optional*

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Important Announcement Regarding Move

OK then, I’d like EVERYONE to take notice of this Announcement. I don’t want anybody left clueless or left behind on the whole ‘leaving ezBoard’ thing.

I notice a few of you (be they newbie or regulars) that haven’t a clue what is going on. This topic is to inform you exactly what is going on, and the information you need to know about. For people who already know about the move, this topic is simply to re-instate the fact that I am serious about leaving the ezBoard.

This post is mostly about the history of this place, but PLEASE read through it – that way you will understand WHY we need to move to a better and new Message Board program, and why I am so eager for you to move to a new board as of next week.
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OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!

I know we’ve all had this conversation before, but I am serious this time. We need a change from ezBread. Period.

Now, I don’t know whether I’ve told any of you this yet, but in the next month or so, The Sonic Stadium is getting new hosting facilities. I don’t mean simply moving to a better ‘free’ host, I’m talking the _real deal_ here – and we owe thanks to Zifei, founder of Sonic HQ, no less.

Now, when we get the go ahead to move the ‘Stadium there, the facilities there will give us the opportunity to host a Message Board of our own – no free ezBoard or anything like that, because it can handle the most trivial of PHP and MySQL (prolly means nothing to you – let’s just say these are what you need to have your ‘own’ MB).

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The Sonic Battle Stadium – Should It Continue or Not?

Public debate here – what do you want to do?

*EDIT* I tried posting a longer version of this topic not two minutes ago – but EzBread shat up (AGAIN) and lost my post >____< I can’t be biffed to go into any more detail than I have to now…

The SBS was quite popular when it was first unveiled, but now there seems to be less and less interest for it. I’m asking you lot, where do you think we should go with the RPG now?

  • Option 1: Call it a day. Say “It was fun while it lasted” and shut down the Sonic Battle Stadium. A piece of SSMB History would have ended, but never forgotten.
  • Option 2: Continue with the SBS in a vain attempt to pull back popularity. We can either make more or less rules to make the place more interesting, or if you like, even bring back the good old ‘Level Ups’ System.
  • Option 3: Close down The Sonic Battle Stadium, but come up with an all-new RPG game to play on the SSMB, using a different type of way to play rather than beating each other to pulp – I think less people are willing to land themselves into mortal combat nowadays, even if it is fictional.

So…. what are your thoughts? Reply to this topic, with your opinion and an explanation of why you think that option is the best choice.

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Freedom of Speech Rules

I like to think that the Sega Sonic Message Board is good to all members here, in the fact that this place is a sanctuary for anyone to speak their mind about anything, be it Sonic, cheese or…. erm, stuff.

But, due to an event happening on another board (that I stopped going to, yet lurked for quite a bit…. rest assured I ain’t going back there anymore), something made my head whirr, and click something.

See, that board I visited claimed to be liberal, and it was, mostly. It offered freedom of speech, and one of it’s morals was to allow anyone the right to say what they want to, without getting lashed upon by other members. BUT, this principle turned on it’s head – as the supposedly liberal forum turned into an MB of arguments, as everyone had disagreeing thoughts with one another, and strong feelings that collided with each other’s own opinions.

Now, being only sliiiiightly involved (in backing a friend up), I come to check up on this place, and I see topics that are a bit…. well, ‘fanboy’-ee.

Continue reading Freedom of Speech Rules

Dudes, Stop The Fighting!

Right, call this an apology to VCP if you will (not to the SHQ Invaders, since they happen to be…. ‘just visiting’).

VCP, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. Your way of describing Sonic’s world is new to me, so I cannot say for sure whether you were right and I was wrong etc, but because of my outburst, I was wrong. I had no right to snap at you like that, and if it’s OK with you, I’d like to delete the topic (if I just do it anyway, the SHQ fanboys’ll have something _more_ to dig at me about, that I’m trying to cover up what I started -_-).

Eastwood was right – look man, I didn’t mean to get off on a bad start at the MoFo, OK? I should have just left it and thought about it, but what can I say? I have a flaw – I act on impulse, doesn’t most people do that? Still, I’m sorry anyways… but come on – there was no port of call to just spam like that (so I’ve heard from another topic, I only just got on and have no real time to chat…). Also, if VCP never wanted a fight in the first place, how come about 5-10 Sonic HQ fans have suddenly appeared on my Message Board? A certain ironic possibility arises there…

In either case, bringing more people to back VCP up was just plain stupid. Like Joshu said, this only made the problem worse – all I want is a nice little community in which we can have a laugh and talk about Sonic in – or is that idea copyrighted by Sonic HQ too? o.O

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Polling Booth Eliminated

Another one of the changes being made here, now you can make Polls in any forum except for:

  • Moody Ruins
  • Sonic’s Adventure Forum
  • Sonic Battle Stadium (When Season II is in effect)

If you think Polls in the SA forum would be cool for Add-ons, then say so in the Sky Sanctuary Reception Desk.

Also, this forum has changed, obviously, and the Add-ons & Fan Fics forum has been changed to Sonic’s Adventure Forum. It looks cool. Who said this new look looks rubbish? ^__^

Last Ever Announcement…

In this forum.

Yes, as you may have noticed, I’m executing (God, I sound like Windows) to totally redesign this place. It’ll kick ass when I’m finally finished.. And, I already have one forum finished (it’ll look the same in places because of that sodding bug…) – it’s called The Sky Sanctuary Reception Desk. You can find it at the bottom of the forum listing.

The SSRD is replacing the Requests and Q&A Forum, putting the two into one. Also, future announcements will be made there regarding this MB, or SSNG itself (SSNG is due to hit your screens THIS SUNDAY!)

Because of the SSNG phenomena, this MB is being renamed too. No longer will it be called the SSMB (but you can still name it that if you really want).

When the whole board is complete, it’ll be known as The South Island Forum – or the SI Forum if you want.

to give it a more Sonic-y feel to it all. Andrew is helping me with the redesign, and the SSRD is the first look at things to come. (Click on NEW TOPIC to see the background in co-ordination with the colours…)

Things look boring at the moment, but soon Ezboard’ll get this thing sorted, and then we’ll see a brighter future, I promise.

Now, can you sing SCAAAAAHHHHTTTMAAAAAAN!!!!???

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The Sonic Stadium News Group/SBS Season II

OK, Announcement Time from everyone’s favourite echidna. Erm, yes. ^^

Right, first off, the Sonic Battle Stadium Season II. The rules are well underway in the form of being written (^_^) and should be finished very soon. I’m hoping to launch the new Season next week – probably Saturday. New things to expect in the battles will be Items, Weapons, more Element-based battling, many Battle Variations such as Team Battles and Sudden Death matches, Boss Matches, Item purchasing and Trading between fellow battlers, and even the opportunity to create a Battle Variation based on your own rules (as long as they are easy to comprehend, and don’t stray too far from the basic rules). I’m hoping to implement an Adventure feature too, apart from the Battling bit – it will give players Special Items when they complete the Adventures available, and is set more like an RPG adventure based on the SBS, rather than straight out battling (although the battling is key and the whole point of the SBS)

The best bit? I’ve successfully done away with the crappy Level Up System – this ties in very nicely with the Items system, which has been primarily implemented to replace it. More details when the new SBS is launched next week. Also, expect the actual watching audience to play a part in battles as well…

OK, the second announcement of the day/week/month/whatever. If you hadn’t plainly noticed, there’s a new Sonic site doing the rounds, and will be nearing completion soon. Continue reading The Sonic Stadium News Group/SBS Season II

Alrighty then! New MODS – and dates for the FINAL BATTLE!

After all that crap between SG and I (again – hopefully this’ll be the last time this happens! ^^), we return back to normality, and what matters most – KICKING EACH OTHERS ASSES! Oh, and new Moderators too, you’ve been waiting for that.

Now first the New Mods. They have been effective as of this morning, so the new mods may already know who they are ^_^. PLEASE REMEMBER! If you did not get picked this time, do not start having a tantrum and huffing etc, because new mods have been chosen due to experience on this board, and whether they are capable of handling the tougher things on this MB at the time. BECAUSE the new mods system is based on a revolving system, if you did not get picked this time (and you applied to become one), then you will have a greater chance of becoming a mod next time! Ain’t I just the kindest? Erm, OK then. ^^

The new mods are as follows:

  • Dark Metal Sonic
  • Rainbow Hedgehog
  • Ultimate VG
  • Egghog

Continue reading Alrighty then! New MODS – and dates for the FINAL BATTLE!

Mods and Admins Re-instated!

Right, I said I was going to do this often, and now I am. To give people a fair chance, I am getting rid of the current mods and admins and re-instating new ones.

The reason for this is not because the current ones are bad in any way – you were excellent. But I want this place to be of equal to all, and this is why I am doing it, so don’t whinge, OK?

Right, if you feel you want to be a mod (no admins at the moment), then reply back here saying why you feel you deserve that title. The previous mods and admins may reply, but their chances are less because they have already had the privelidge.

Now, impress me ^^

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SSMB’s New Look Complete. You like it?

It certainly looks more ‘clean’ than before, when it looked all over the place. ^_^

As you can see, I’ve shrunk the forum pictures, with an intro to the side (looks better that way), and kept the new SSMB title logo (I was going to use that specifically for the new MB, but now I thought it’d look cool at where it most deserves to be – the REAL SSMB). There’s also a small menu, telling you mods, admins, links to other sites of mine, and MB news told by myself in the centre.

It looks a bit Sonic HQ-ey I guess, but in all honesty, that was my inspiration – tell me what you think of the new neat look ^_^

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A New MB Has Been Chosen! Prepare Yourselves…

I know, I haven’t managed to get Ikonboard and Woltlab working in front of you and the YaBB seems to be the best one at working at the moment at showcase (THAT DOESN’T MEAN I’VE CHOSEN YABB!)

And, with only one choice for a new MB, that leaves a poll a bit pointless.

First of all, please read this before my decision…

The Sega Sonic Message Board has been one of my most successful creations online. I am really proud of it, and proud that there are dedicated people that tune into this MB just to communise with each other. That makes me feel happy. Very happy. However, the SSMB was not always like this. No. SSMB had many a message board under this URL.

First of all it was merely The Sonic Stadium Message Board. After no-one paid attention, because popularity of the Stadium was low (I had just launched it), I got annoyed, and changed it to Dreadknux’s MB – with a different layout and all. Stadium got more popular, but this place didn’t. After a fit of depression because of this place and renaming it ‘The Dead Sonic Message Board’, I decided to give it -ONE- last shot.

Continue reading A New MB Has Been Chosen! Prepare Yourselves…

Rargh! First Nomination for Replacement Board Here!

Right, last time I spoke on this matter I was torn between three main MBs to replace this one (over time). The three were:

  • YaBB
  • IkonBoard
  • Woltlab

The first of the three, the YaBB one, is now fully configured and functional. Try it out now, because this may be the board that could be the new home for you lot!


I found netfirms, that use Perl scripting, which is nice ^^ I would have had the Ikonboard ready, but I foolishly uploaded it all on Tripod because I thought it had Perl support.

Continue reading Rargh! First Nomination for Replacement Board Here!

Please guys, just… Trust Me.

Right, I want everyone in the entire Message Board to read this message, so if you know anyone who has not read this topic yet, then direct them right here. Also, keep this topic bumped for as long as possible please, because as Head of the SSMB, this message to all of you is important to everyone, newbies and oldies.

You may have noticed a string of events happening to the good old SSMB recently. First a cosmetic change, then an attempt to revolutionise the Battle Stadium (which, thank you very much, I’m not in the mood of trying out now…), then an attempt to even change Message Boards! You guys must be pretty confused as to the future of this popular cult that everyone else who is not “one of us” merely grunts as ‘SSMB’.

However, those people that merely grunt those letters are missing out on something big. That ‘Something Big’ is this. You lot. Even those that have just joined us are having a great time here, and I’m proud to say that standing tall. And erm, everything. You see, at the end of the day, when it comes to the future of the Sega Sonic Message Board, remember this.

Continue reading Please guys, just… Trust Me.

We’re All Moving Boards Soon…

Let’s face it, Ezboard has been fun hasn’t it? We’ve had some quality chatting, some excellent battling and even some hilarious fluffing. But times change. People change… *SLAP* Ow. Ezboard is getting slower and slower by the minute (and I don’t think it’s by accident – stupid assholes want our money so bad…). I know because it even bogs down on my connection… and I have BROADBAND >_<

I’ve been looking for an alternative to Ezboard. However, don’t be discouraged, the move wil not be immediate, it’s not as if I’m gonna suddenly shut off the greatest MB on the net, now am I?

But I think that Ezboard has had its time, there are greener pastures, if you will, that should deserve to continue the SSMB legacy forward.

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