We launch our new series with a look into the love lives of our favourite characters.

Sonic Lurrrrrv…

Sonic and Amy, Knuckles and Rouge, Shadow and Maria, Tails and Sonic, Sonic and Shadow, Rouge and Amy. There are numerous paired up Sonic couples on the internet. Why people feel the need to write or draw about our beloved Sonical friends in such scenarios is beyond me, but we can’t blame it all on the community for these things happening. Sega have repeatedly hinted at or attempted to create storylines of love and that is all it takes to get people writing indepth fan faction. The lovely Evil Doc take a look into this side of the Sonic world and give us a little insight into the truth behind some of the most talked about pairings.

Who are Evil Doc?

EVILDOC is the result of a collaboration between  flash animator Roger Weide and cartoonist AA. The movies are mostly parodies of their favorites games. The Red Hedgehog Project is an exclusive collaboration between EvilDoc and The Sonic Show (Sonic Stadium). Each episode is about 2 min and are mixed with previous movies animation like “The Doomed Shadow Show”, “The Evildoc Show” and a new experimental one called the “Sonic X plagiarism” style which is able to recreate Sonic X’s animation for specific scenes.
Each episodes starts with Alex and Roger (the EvilDoc Show) and a new theme for each episode about something wrong in the Sonic world. Each theme has several examples, some excerpt based on Sonic materials (TV Show, games, comics). However all the shows are fully animated (no rip off) so it’s still possible to play a little bit with what really happened on those examples hehe.

SEASON 2: EPISODE 3: Summer Of Sonic Special!

Hey, Sonic Show fans! Are you ready for another episode of TSS’ chart-topping podcast?! Well, here it is! Season 2, episode 3 is a “Summer of Sonic” special episode, so this go-’round is not your traditional offering of Sonic Show goodness, as it mostly acts as an archive of all the media Jay (aka Disco Ponies) and other expo-goers managed to film at the event.

However, there are a few non-SoS skits in there, so there are a few surprises to be had in this episode! Featuring:

  • Exclusive Summer of Sonic coverage and footage! Featuring all the concert numbers by Richard Jacques, TJ Davies, and Lee Brotherton, T-Bird’s Quiz Show, and more!
  • An exclusive promo video for the re-opening of the Sonic Cage Dome!
  • The SAGE 2008 Promotional Video!
  • What’s going on as SoS U.S.A.? Our cameras dropped in on the show!
  • RedHedgehog doesn’t have an episode this time, but they show up to announce a new contest! What is it and what is the prize?
  • Slingerland’s Corner at the Olympic Games

With the Olympics in full swing and my love for attention, I shoved a Corner segment out the door. Fun fun fun. RedHedgehog will return to its usual antics next week, as well. We really hope you enjoy all the SoS coverage in this episode, though. The audio quality of the concerts is really good!