Pix’n Love: English History of Sonic WILL be Published

French book publisher Pix’n Love has contacted us to announce that the English version of The History of Sonic will be published, and made available “at the end of June.” Just in time for the blue blur’s birthday!

The company has also responded to reports that customers were not yet getting their orders on the original French book dispatched. “The book is indeed available on the French Pix’n Love website,” company spokesperson Olivier Braillon told TSS. “Orders have started being dispatched on Monday and the Pix’n Love team is working day and night to send all the orders placed (and there were many!). So if some readers haven’t received their order yet, it is entirely normal.

“Moreover, Tuesday was a bank holiday in France so most orders should arrive on Thursday in France and by the beginning of next week for all worldwide shipments.” Continue reading Pix’n Love: English History of Sonic WILL be Published

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