Sound Test Saturday: Summer is Upon Us!

Rocketing temperatures, trips planned to a number of resorts, schools closing their doors, burdens of all sorts being lifted from people’s shoulders… It can only mean one thing!

What time is it? Summertime! It’s our vacation!

And, to celebrate the oncoming season, it’s only fair that this week’s Sound Test Saturday joins in on the party as well, wouldn’t you say? We’ve got a total of five tracks to mark this joyous occasion (barring insanely hot temperatures), so kick back, take a nice swig of whatever you have in your glass or bottle, and relax!

First up on the playlist is a cover of Emerald Coast’s “Azure Blue World” from Sonic Adventure, put together by jparecki95!

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New Sonic Generations Screenshots & Artwork

UPDATE: We also have the above piece of new artwork from CBBC Newsround. (Thanks to SSMB member Neon for the heads up!)

Original story:
As well as story intro spoilers for Sonic Generations, SEGA Japan has today also released some other new assets, including new artwork for Rival character Silver the Hedgehog and new enemy Time Eater, new Xbox 360/PS3 & PC screenshots for Sky Sanctuary Zone and new 3DS screenshots for Emerald Coast.

You can view them all in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations website

Thanks to SSMB members The Dead Skin and Torcano Sanctuary for the heads up!

Sonic Generations 3DS: New Preview Confirms Multiplayer Exclusive Levels, Emerald Coast & Shadow

A new Tokyo Game Show 2011 preview of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations from Capsule Computers has confirmed that the above screenshot released last month is from Emerald Coast. Shadow the Hedgehog is confirmed to be a rival in the 3DS version, too. Their preview also reveals that the game’s multiplayer mode will feature exclusive environments, though they didn’t give any examples.

After playing the demo, Sega let me have a second hands on play of a level Emerald Coast as it’ll be in the finished game. In each level you can play as either ‘new’ or ‘old’ bringing two very distinct feels to the same level. As some may know, Emerald Coast is a level from the Dreamcast version of Sonic, Sonic Adventure, which has now been redesigned into a 2D platform based level. After playing through the game twice, It’s apparent that there is an emphasis on the game as a platformer, rather than just a speed based game where you race through. A few other features included in the game will be the use of Shadow as a rival, and exclusive environments for two player verses mode. Sonic Generations will be released for the 3DS, PS3 and Xbox360

You can read the full preview at Capsule Computers.

Thanks to Neon at the SSMB for the heads up!

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Mildly Amusing Sonic Slot Car Racing


The dudes over at Emerald Coast have a review up of the latest Sonic merchandise from Impact Innovations, “The Super Sonic Racing System.”  Impact Innovations’ products have been featured on this site before, as they have been responsible for some sweet backpacks and plushes over the past year.  Is “FOUR FOOT OF ACTION” enough for your £10?  Emerald Coast says “not really.”

Once the nostalgia of the classic figures wears off, this slot car set is pretty unremarkable due to its short track length, slow speed, and technical issues (such as Sonic’s car always flying off the track).  Emerald Coast strictly recommends this set to be for the kids and the hardcore collectors.

[via Emerald Coast]