You Can Buy Sonic’s Shoes Now! But It’ll Cost You Thousands of Dollars.

While Sonic’s iconic shoes have technically been available before, they’ve never been true athletic sneakers that the hedgehog himself would actually wear while trotting around South Island… or San Francisco. However, thanks to a collaboration between PUMA and The Shoe Surgeon, you could potentially own a pair of Sonic’s trademark slick kicks from the movie!

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Sega’s HARDlight Studio Are Auctioning A Sonic Themed BMW!

Recently, there was a charity racing event in which several game studios took part, including Sumo Digital and Sega’s HARDlight studio. Each studio brought a special customised car, and HARDlight’s car was themed on Sonic Dash.

Well the event is over, and most (if not all) of the cars are now up for sale!

Yes, you can now own an official Sonic car!

Currently, the vehicle is at £360, which is a lot cheaper than some other pieces of Sonic merch! The vehicles are local pickup only, but all the money raised will go to Special Effect, so check out those bus times if you happen to put in the winning bid.

Sumo Digital are also selling their vehicle too, a Sumo Digital branded Subaru Impreza Turbo.

Remember how I wrote a month ago about what exactly do we do with all these epic promotional items? Well, now is your chance to save something quite epic and a genuine one off! The links to both auctions can be found at the end of this article. We wish Special Effect all the best with their auctions.


Sonic Car Auction
Sumo Digital Auction

eBay Watch: Little-seen Stuff Going Under the Hammer

Our good friend Kevin “ArchangelUK” Eva got up to quite a bit in his time at Sega UK, so it stands to reason he’s got his fair share of rare Sonic merch. Now the former Community Manager is raising funds with a load of his stuff seeing the light of eBay.

Now I’m no merch hog, but most of this stuff I didn’t even know existed, so if you like your collectables, you know what to do.

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Merchandise Update: Sonic Colours Figure, Classic Controller, Big & Froggy


It appears that UK retailer Argos won’t be limiting the Jazwares made Sonic and Wisps action figure to pre-orders of either version of Sonic Colours. Argos is now listing the figure for pre-order on its website and its in-store catalogue for £14.99. The figure available is the one seen in the Wii version of the Sonic Colours special edition listed in certain countries, which comes with the White, Cyan and Orange Wisps, leaving us to assume that the Blue, Yellow and Red Wisps are ultimately exclusive to the DS special edition figure bundle. With the figure holding a £14.99 price tag, we highly recommend you pre-order a copy of Sonic Colours Wii/DS at Argos and grab the figure for free, if you’re interested in purchasing both items of course.

Elsewhere, Australia is getting another pre-order bonus on top of the one already offered there at EBGames, where you can get a free Sonic hat with pre-orders. Instead of a hat, JB Hi-Fi are giving away a blue Sonic Colours themed Classic Controller when you pre-order the game. Both retailers are stocking the special edition of the game with the Sonic and Wisps figure too.


Finally, a Jazwares made Big the Cat & Froggy action figure set has appeared for sale across online marketplace eBay and should be hitting retailers such as Toys R Us soon, if not already.
Here’s a description from eBay:

Being offered is the BIG THE CAT & FROGGY figures from the SONIC THE HEDGEHOG series by Jazwares. The detailed, massive BIG figure stands about 4 inches tall and FEATURES OVER 12 POINTS OF ARTICULATION… while FROGGY measures about 2.25 inches tall. Unopened in factory sealed packaging. Officially licensed product.

Will you be grabbing any of these? Let us know in the comments.

eBay Watch: Rare 3D Electronic SEGA Sonic Sign

Now isn’t that a bobby dazzler? (What? Nobody uses that term anymore?) A rare piece of Sonic merchandise that was most likely used to advertise Sonic’s early games has hit eBay and it’s in pretty good condition according to the seller who describes it as the following –

MORE INFO by tuesday PLEASE DO NOT BID till more photos and info added thanks-This is in as new condition in as much it has only been turned on once by me today in its retail lifetime, i bought this ten years ago from a clearance and it was old stock, this dates possibly 1980’s will advise later in auction, i believe its a shop sign, quite heavy, full working order with a 3 D type effect when light, really bright and eye catching when lit . This is a very rare item, thanks.

Tuesday has passed and there’s been no update to the description since the 18th Jan but judging by all of the photographs it’s in great condition and look’s like a gem that would sparkle in any fan’s collection. If you have the GBP 175.00 starting bid the seller is asking for and the GBP 28.00 shipping fee then you should get in there quick before the legendary hat wearing Sonic fan known as T-Bird get’s his mitts on it. The price could go up though as it’s being sold via auction, bidding ends in 7 days 9 hours from the time of this post.

Link found via GoNintendo

eBay Watch: Rich Koslowski Sonic The Hedgehog #26 p6 Orig.Comic Art


A rare piece of original artwork fom the Archie Sonic The Hedgehog comic’s has appeared on eBay.
The seller’s description is as follows –

You’re looking at an original page of art by alt comix wise guy and all around #1 guy and the most under rated comix guy on the planet. He’s a genius. He knows it, i know it, and…well that’s 2 so far…i present to you Meester RICH KOSLOWSKI. This is a page from ARCHIE comics’ SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #26, page 6. Pen & ink on paper (11 x 17 inches), excellent condition. Signed in the lower right.

The seller has 100% positive feedback, is located in New York City, U.S. and will ship for $18.00 but anywhere outside the U.S. will cost much more. Right now the starting bid is $9.00 and the time left as of this post is 6 days 3 hours (Dec 10, 200920:58:25 PST) so fans of thise comic series will want to get in quick to avoid missing this gem.

via GoNintendo

eBay Watch: Super Sonic In Your Wardrobe


A costume design company in Shangai, China who sell many of their costumes on eBay ranging from Beijing 2008 mascots to weird advertising things like OMO(whatever that is) are selling a New condition Super Sonic costume that actually looks very well made, especially compared to the other crap Sonic costumes on eBay. The costume has the light orangey colour we saw from Sonic 2006’s Super Sonic, the spikes curving up, the red eyes and the more serious mouth so they’ve done their research. At the moment there are no bids which start at $0.99(approximately £0.62) with the end date being 17 Jul. Postage is worldwide but make sure you have a spare $84.00 to cover it on you.

eBay Watch: 1997 Talking Sonic Plush Loves His SEGA

Talking Sonic Plush 1997

By 1997, young Sonic fans had gotten to hear Sonic speak in Sonic CD and on several cartoon shows. So imagine their delight when a talking Sonic the Hedgehog plush was released! Sonic talking in your home, right in front of you! Would have been exciting to hear Sonic say a cool phrase to you huh? So, squeeze his belly and what does he say?

“SEGA!” Oh Sonic, you silly guy. Let’s squeeze again.
“SEGA!” Ok… let’s try again.
*10 times later* “SEGA!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love SEGA. And advertising does bring more money, certainly. But surely a talking Sonic plush should say something a bit cooler and with attitude like his various lines from the TV shows? If the word ‘SEGA’ had to be there then OK, but the creators could have put a few more words/lines in there. That’s my rant over, what do you guys in the Sonic community think? Is this what the 1997 Sonic crowd wanted in their talking Sonic plush toys? Let us know in the comments.

If you guys are interested in this plush you can now get one on eBay. There is currently a boxed one on and a loose one on You guys in the U.S. have just over 2 days to bid and at the moment there are no bids and you guys in the UK had better be quick as the item is a Buy It Now listing for £19.99 or you can pitch an offer to the seller.

eBay: Bid On Rare “Sonic the Hedgehog #0 & #1” Comics

eBay user, the-comic-crypt has put a rare Sonic comics up for auction in “Sonic the Hedgehog #0” and “#1,” which are the first full comic appearances of the blue blur.  As of April 14th, the comics are going for around $30 combined and will be up until this Friday, April 17th.  The-comic-crypt has assured potential buyers that the comics are in fantastic condition.

If you’re a fan of the Sonic comics and do not own these two issues, I recommend placing a bid on ’em.  Be prepared to spend somewhere in the mid-hundreds (in  dollars) on each, as the-comic-crypt mentioned that his last auction of Sonic #1 finished at $141.

Bid on Sonic #0.

Bid on Sonic #1

Sonic’s Edusoft Selling on eBay?

edusoft-front edusoft-back

You might never have heard of this unreleased Master System title, but a supposedly ‘bona fide’ copy of Sonic’s Edusoft is on sale for $40 on auction website eBay.

An edutainment game that was originally meant to capitalise on Sonic the Hedgehog’s Mega Drive release in 1991, Sonic’s Edusoft ended up not being released officially at all, according to information collected by fellow Wiki Sonic Retro. The developer, Tiertex, appeared on the SMS Power forums in 2007 to discuss the existence of the title. A ROM of the game is readily available from Retro.

Which leads us to ponder whether this item from eBay is in fact genuine. It could be relatively easy to grab a ROM and dump it onto a Master System cartridge, given the know how. It could just as easily be a promotional copy, handed out internally before its release was cancelled.

Either way, whoever decides to bid on this should probably air on the side of caution. We doubt that SEGA will confirm whether this is the real deal or not. Because it was an unofficially licensed game – and an unreleased one at that – we can only assume that the publisher will want to deny all existence of it, evidenced in mentions of Edusoft being removed from Wikipedia.

Sega Master System Game EDUSOFT With SONIC THE HEDGEHOG – eBay (via TSSZ)

Sonic receives broken arm by a Mitsubishi

The diabolical Dr.Eggman has finally damaged our beloved hero Sonic The Hedgehog with his latest vehicle contraption designed with a Mitsubishi car theme.


This was the moment Eggman reversed into Sonic who was posing for the media for upcoming game Sonic and the Black Knight…


The incident has left our spikey blue hero with his arm in a sling but he refuses to let it get him down because he’s cool like that.

After hitting Sonic, Eggman jumped out of his vehicle and ran off (as best an egg shaped man can) laughing like the evil villain he is. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Sonic is recovering well after Princess Elise of Soleanna happened by and treated his arm with one of her thin white sheets she always carries around handy(see Sonic ‘06) which she made into a sling for the injured hedgehog.

When asked about the incident Sonic said “It’ll take more than a Mitsubishi to beat me Eggman! Next time you won’t be so lucky!”

Sonic has since given the Mitsubishi car to Tails who is now tinkering with the vehicle and plans to build a flying car called the Tornadobishi. More on that at a later date.

Joke’s aside, this is obviously a giant Sonic The Hedgehog statue like the one TSS’s own Brad Flick reported on last month. That particular statue started life on ebay at £500.00 and sold in the end with the winning bid at a whopping £620.00. Well, now we have another one on ebay at the cheaper starting bid price of £200.00 which is no doubt because, as the owner states –

Right arm original fixing broke, temporary repair made (bolted & mastic).

You can also ‘Buy It Now’ for £300.00.

The owner ronb8364 has taken plenty of photo’s of the gigantahog by his garage and Mitsubishi car which if I may say, Sonic is alot taller than as shown in this pic –


ronb8364 – Sonics head alone half filled back of Mitsubishi pickup.

The statue currently has no bids and ronb8364 although preferring collection is willing to deliver upon agreed costs, well everyone needs costly petrol to get places :p

You can bid for this bad boy here

eBayWatch – Malfunctioning Gateway Keyboard!


Yes, you heard right! Sonic Retro member (and man behind the name ‘Dr. Ivo Robotnik’), Dean Sitton, has been kind enough to auction his malfunctioning gateway keyboard on eBay for the bargain ‘Buy It Now’ price of $66.60 (quite the joker, Dean.)

Along with the keyboard however are some very rare pieces of Sonic Merchandise, something any collector would want to get their hands on. A Canadian printed  8 page promotional Sonic Comic with a 7 page copy of the original pencil drawings illustrated all the way back in the August of 1991.

Deans auction is currently sitting comfortably at the bidding price of $31, though is quite the bargain even at the ‘Buy It Now’ cost. You can check out the auction here and read up on some interesting discussions with the man himself over at Sonic Retro.

Signed SatAM DVD on eBay

It’s clear to see that the best release of the SatAM DVD box set is the American one. Brits have also been lucky enough to see a SatAM boxset, but we don’t have any of that awesome artwork on the cover, nor the fan art that adorns the inside packaging. So what better than to get a copy of the American DVD boxset that’s also signed by Series 2 writers Ben Hurst and Pat Allee? Just your luck then, as such a item has hit eBay recently.

Former Fans United for SatAM website owner, Quexinos, is putting up this copy of the DVD boxset, said to be one of only three in the world to exist. The eBay auction includes a certificate of authenticity too, so you know you’re getting the real deal. According to current owner of FUS, RockyRaccoon, the auction’s proceeds are going to “Chief-Aid”; a campaign to help FUS Forum ‘Chief’ out of a financial hotspot. He’s a single father who’s just been laid off, and at this time of the year that’s just cold and brutal.

If you want to help the “Chief-Aid” cause and grab yourself a limited edition SatAM boxset in the process, then head on over to the eBay auction here to place your bid. The current bid is $41 at time of writing, as is the case with these ‘charity’ style things, if you feel like affording a bit more for what you feel the boxset is worth then it could truly change someone’s Christmas for the better. Our wishes go to ‘Chief’!

Autographed SatAM Boxed Set on eBay – SSMB (thanks for the tip, Rocky)

The Bank Of Sonic Official!… Sort Of.

The Bank of Sonic - Halifax are going to have to do better than 'Howard Brown' singing 'Who let the dogs out?'

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a little fed up with seeing The Queen’s mug plastered all over our glorious British currency? It’s just me? Oh. Well still, that hasn’t stopped the great seller tycoons of eBay has it? While doing my regular (money draining) browse for Sonic related merchandise I couldn’t help noticing something out of the ordinary, a familiar styled note with the smirking face of Sonics beaming on the front!

What sort of insane magic produced this!? I can’t think of any better way to pop down to GAME and lay a pre-order on Sonic Chronicles than using your very own money from the Bank of Sonic! I wonder if this is what ‘mobiums’ would look like if they existed in our society? Unfortunately though, it doesn’t look like you’ll be spending this exact note any time soon because the Bank of Sonic surprisingly enough does not exist. Well, not until the world comes to its senses and creates it anyway.

While we’re on the same note (pun intended), perhaps you’d want to buy a vintage Sonic money bank to keep your Bank of Sonic novelty note and any spare Rings in? Or maybe we’re just, getting a little ahead of ourselves now…

Finally, Sonic the Hedgehog 4…

How do you know when you’re getting a good deal? When someone offers an ultra-rare game on eBay! But wait! This isn’t any old rare game – this is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In looking for eBay items involving weird Game Boy pirate games of old (Sonic 6, anyone?), I came across this gem, sitting on a veritable sucker collector’s desk in Cheshire.

In an attempt to either fleece a gullible Sonic fan or recoup some hard-earned cash he must have lost in buying this game himself (in being said gullible Sonic fan), the seller of this eBay item is asking for £170. Hm. Let’s weigh it all up. Good thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game. Bad thing: You’ll own a real pirate Sonic game, minus 170 quid. But hey, the guy’s open to alternative offers, so go nuts.

I tried to offer 25p to the guy (three times) and he refused (three times). I guess some people just don’t know the real worth of what they have in their home.


Sonic rarities hit Ebay

Some original early artwork from Sonic the Comic, Sonic the Hedgehog(Dic, AKA Satam) and Sonic X has hit eBay. They look VERY nice and pretty legit too. If you are a fan of these shows and comics and have the money then head over there and place your bid now.

Sonic the Hedgehog early cell

Sonic the Comic issue 1 framed original artwork

Sonic X original layout drawings

Auctions originally found by GoNintendo

Ken Penders Launches Huge Sonic Comic Cover Auction

Every now and then, Archie comics writer and artist Ken Penders seems to find the odd bit of Sonic the Hedgehog book memorabilia to auction off. This time, he and a few fellow Archie authors are kicking off something of a super-auction in a bid to share a vast array of behind-the-scenes comic works. Just in time for Christmas!

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Ken Penders is Selling Original Art of Knuckles’ First Ever Comic Appearance

If you’ve been inching to get yourself a piece of American Sonic Comic history, then you’re in luck – because Ken Penders is auctioning off an original art piece from Sonic issue #13 – specifically, the first ever appearance of Knuckles the Echidna.
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Original Archie Sonic #100 Cover Now For Sale on eBay

The original artwork for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic, Issue #100, has now gone on sale on eBay. This follows the comments made by Ken Penders, who said it would be going up for auction. The starting bid is $500, but you can buy it outright for $1,500. Click here to see the auction and bid.