EB Games Australia Offers Shadow DLC Skin With Sonic Forces Pre-Order

Looks like we’re not done with pre-order news yet! EB Games Australia has just put up a pre-order offer on top of Sega’s. If you pre-order from their stores, you will get a Shadow the Hedgehog costume for your avatar. It looks just like him! Albeit a bit skinny. Before everyone gets outraged at possible exclusive content, it should be noted that no where does it say that it’s exclusive. This means that there’s a good chance the costume is available in-game, so I wouldn’t worry just yet Shadow fans.

There’s some other things of note. It says it also includes “13 more in-game outfits and items and accessories” and “four Sonic Forces Art Cards”. These extra bonuses may be replacing the controller skins in Australia as there is no mention of them on the page.

Now since EB Games is an offshoot of Gamestop, chances are we may be seeing a similar offer in the US or UK. Time will tell.

M&S London’s Limited Edition Contains More Than Just a Tin, Coming to Australia

UPDATE: UK fans can now get the tin as a bonus with the game at Amazon. Thanks to Thomas for the heads up!

It appears the Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Collector’s Edition revealed for Spain last month actually contains a lot more than just the steel tin shown on the box image SEGA Spain released. EB Games Australia is now listing it, except under the name ‘Limited Edition’ instead of ‘Collector’s Edition’.

The retailer has shared the above image of all of the item’s you get with this edition of the game, which include a steel tin, a poster, a t-shirt, a notebook and a carry bag. All of this is available to pre-order and purchase for $88 AU, which is just $10 AU more than the standard game on its own. It’s also worth noting that this set of goodies is exclusive to EB Games in Australia. It will also be made available in Spain, but we’ve not seen it up for pre-order yet.

Source: EB Games Australia (via Esperino)

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Werehog Figurine for Australian Pre-Orders

Live in Australia? Picking up the awesome looking game that is Sonic Unleashed? Need more Werehog for your cash? Well EB Games has got something for you, a Werehog figurine. He stares, he snares, he scares, tears into your soul while you sleep at night… ok he doesn’t do that, or does he? Personally, with the evil Tails Doll out there somewhere in the shadows I won’t be trusting the Werehog Figurine. *Oh dear, what have I started?*

The deal is available for all versions of the game, online and in-store and is exclusive to EB Games. As of now, EB Games is listing Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 versions to be released on the 27th November and the PS3 version as Dec 2008, but no release date has been officially announced by SEGA yet.


Thanks to Game Boy over at the SSMB for informing us of this!