More Sonic 4 Footage For Those With Eagles Eyes

Forget the early bird gets the worm, how about the eagle eyed gets the hedgehog? Was the 3 seconds of Sonic 4 footage not enough for you? Well SEGA actually put more footage in there for you, you just have to look closer. The guys at Sonic Retro looked past the picture and spotted footage of the Sonic 4 Sonic riding a pulley akin back to Sonic 3’s pulley’s you’ll remember from Angel Island Zone. The pulley has the retro star on from the star posts in the Mega Drive/Genesis games too, how cool is all that?

Thanks to the guys at Sonic Retro and Frozen Nitrogen at the SSMB for the heads up.

ASR: 3rd JSRF Track? + 2nd Final Fortress Track?

SSMB Member Doctor Eggman has been researching all Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing media and his eagle eyes have may have uncovered another Jet Sed Radio Future track and another Final Fortress track too.

Doctor Eggman’s report from his SSMB post is below –

Could the sunset level be a third JSRF track? The unknown sunset level has the same red/white road blocks as the daytime Shibuya-Cho level. Take a look:

Could there be TWO Final Fortress tracks? Differing times of day has made it clear that there are more than 1 JSRF track, so how about differing weather conditions in the Final Fortress footage? Take a peek:

Dark and stormy weather in these clips:

And BLUE BLUE skies in this clip:

Credit again goes to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the heads up!