E3: Watch a Demo of Unleashed in Action

Gamespot’s at E3. We aren’t. SAD FACE. But luckily Gamespot’s able to pick up the slack that we can’t otherwise manage, and have grabbed a SEGA Brand Manager guy to help showcase some real in-game demos of Sonic Unleashed. What’s interesting to note here is that the 3D segments, contrary to popular belief, are not on rails, and many are fully 3D analog-stick playable. We saw some areas in the China stage that looked more like a SatSR-style “shift left, shift right” style of 3D play, but generally we’re looking at some good old 3D movement here.

The guy demoing the game’s not too hot, and there was one section where Sonic glitched and failed an automatic spring-to-grind section, but the rest looks solid. We’re told that there will be equal nighttime versions of every stage, and Sonic segments will be much longer than the Werewolf ones to compensate for the speed at which you blitz through them. The nighttime alter ego is officially labelled as ‘Sonic the Werehog’, and the fighting aspect does look pretty cool.

Truth be told, this demo lays some concerns to rest, particularly with the Werehog. Sure, we could have done without any brawling segments at all and just had Sonic run from left to right and up a Z-axis, but the nighttime sections do look like they’re going to hold some enjoyable, classic platforming action. There are two attack buttons and a grab move in addition to your jump (which also has a double jump for additional height), and while Werehog isn’t as agile as traditional Sonic, he can use his massive arms to grab ledges and pull himself up. We still don’t like carrying pots around but grabbing enemies doesn’t seem compulsory at least. In fact, the whole thing reminds us that we want a new Streets of Rage game; this mechanic would be perfect for it.

SEGA pretty much confirmed that alternative characters may be playable (using the classic PR “We’re not ready to announce anything yet”) besides Sonic, which sounds like a bowl of fail. Let this be a game about Sonic for once and not his over-publicised friends. Sonic Unleashed will also have an online component, although quite what this is has yet to be revealed. Check the video if you have half an hour, it’s a good watch.

Sonic Unleashed E3 2008 Stage Show Demo – Gamespot (via SSMB)

E3 SEGA Embargo Lifts Later Today

Just a quick announcement; I’ve got a heads up from SEGA that their main E3 announcements are coming real soon. Later today as it happens. The embargo for journalists will be lifted at about 4/5pm today, so we’ll try and get all the latest Sonic news to you whilst trying to keep up with the Nintendo press conference. Multi-tasking, eh? Ain’t it great.

Sonic Rivals 2 gameplay clip released

It’s that time of the year again. E3 to be precise. And Sony have released a gameplay clip of a montage of their PSP titles in development, Sonic Rivals 2 being present amongst the other games on show. You can watch this video below (The Sonic Rivals 2 footage begins at approximately 54 seconds into the video.) Continue reading Sonic Rivals 2 gameplay clip released

Sega’s E3 line up revealed!

E3 is here, kiddies, and with it comes the long awaited goodies we’ve been… waiting for. The following Sonic Team games will be at E3:

  • NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams: Take to the skies of Nightopia as the purple flying jester NiGHTS! Sequel to the critically acclaimed Saturn game, NiGHTS into Dreams…, NiGHTS:JOD will satisfy fans of the original and newcomers alike. Coming to the Wii November 2007
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympics: Formerly bitter rivals, Mario and Sonic are now taking their 16 year long rivalry to the Olympics games! Any guesses on who’s going to win the 100 meter dash? Coming exclusively to the Wii and DS winter 2007.
  • Sonic Rush Adventure: Sequel to the critically acclaimed DS platformer Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure takes Sonic on a voyage across the high seas and on seven islands. Will Sonic be able to defeat his newest enemy, the robot pirate Captain Whiskers? I think we all know the answer to that. Coming exclusively to the DS September 2007.

Sonic Rivals 2 looks like it’s going to be a no show at E3, but nevertheless, this event should bring us some much needed info on these games. Expect plenty of screens and media on these three games in the next few days.

Sonic Rivals: E3 2006 Playtest

TSS was able to play Sonic Rivals for the PSP at SEGA’s E3 booth.

I was handed a PSP by the co-producer (I wish I remembered his name). He informed me that this is an early build of the game, and there were some rough edges in the stage and that’s very understandable. I noticed some bugs, but nothing that I am sure won’t be fixed before it’s released later this year.

In this build I could only play as Sonic or Shadow, Knuckles and Silver were not avaliable. I chose Sonic for the test.

Sonic Rivals is a 2D racing game with 3D graphics. There was only one stage avaliable, that reminded me alot fo Green Hill Zone, from Sonic 1. The controls were very basic and easy. If I got too close to Shadow and pressed the triangle, I could do a kick attack on him, as well as jump on him, punch him to get him out of the way, and that was definetly a lot of fun.

There were stars around the track you could collect that would fill up a gauge. Once full, Sonic can perform a dash movement and run real fast which also was a form of attack, if an opponent was on the way, he’d get hurt.

The track was quite long as well, for my surprise, with lots of different paths to take. Definetly a plus. I was told also, that depending on what character you choose, you’ll be able to take different routes, similar to Sonic Riders and Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Rivals looks definetly good, and looks beautiful on the slick PSP Screen. Check back with TSS for more information until it’s release later this year.

Sonic Wild Fire: E3 2006 Playtest

While at E3 TSS was able to go behind doors and play the exclusive media only Sonic Wild Fire for the Nintendo Wii.

I was taken to a room behind the Sega booth where only media could attend.

There I was handed the Wii remote, which feel very good in your hand, I was surprised.

The game asked to shake the Wii controler as the start button. Right after, I was taken to a tutorial page, where Sonic was running in a book, and it asked you to move the controller in a certain way. The movements were pretty basic, left, right, moving the controller up towards you, makes Sonic break, by moving the controller down hard, Sonic does this dash and runs really fast. And one of the buttons would make Sonic jump.

After the tutorial I was finally taken to a stage that looked alot like an arabian city, and actually was alot like Aladdin. Sonic ran on AI and all you really had to do was steer and jump.

On the bottom right side of the screen there was a gauge, that when filled up you could do a dash attack/movement and Sonic would go real fast. You had to collect orbs, that reminded me alot of Nights Into Dreams for the Sega Saturn to fill the gauge up.

Graphicly the game is gorgeous, full of detail and life. The colors are very saturated and it really reminded me of the old school Sonic games.

I asked the producer of the game what was the storyline of the game. He was quiet vague but he told me that Sonic somehow found himself stuck inside this book, and there are missing pages he must find in order for him to escape out of it.

I also asked if there were going to be any characters from the Sonic family appearing in the game, he replied “TBA” (to be announced)

Sonic Wild Fire is shaping up to be a quiet fun and an unique Sonic title. Being the first Sonic solo game in 15 years, makes this game a must have to us fans out there.

Come back for more information on Sonic Wild Fire, which is set to released sometime in 2007.

Sonic The Hedgehog: E3 2006 Demo Impressions

I was able to check out and play the new Sonic game, Sonic the Hedgehog, confirmed to be released later this year.

The Demo started with the E3 Sonic the Hedgehog trailer, with some extra scenes (screenshots and videos to be avaliable in the next couple days). After the intro, I was taken to a title screen that was temporary and only going to be used for this E3 event.

After pressing start, I was taken to a character select screen. I could choose between Sonic and Silver. For some reason, Shadow was not avaliable in this build. I first chose to play as Sonic, of course, and checked out the gameplay.

There was only one stage avaliable for Sonic, which was Kingdom Valley. If you have played the Sonic Adventure series, it plays alot like them. The homing attack is there, speed is there, but also a new form of attack is avaliable (some kind of break dance attack, that can hurt several nearby robots). The camera did not seem to have the issues that plagued the Sonic Adventure series, and it makes me feel a lot better about this coming game as far as mechanics go. The Havoc System is also a very neat addition to the game. It is very cool to see Sonic smash Dr. Robotnik’s foes against walls. The walls breaking looks amazing, with the pieces falling onto the floor and Sonic being able to kick them around. It feels much more realistic.

Sonic was also able to grab onto eagles that took him around the stage. The second part of Kingdom Valley is in this weird water temple, where Sonic runs with AI and you have to dodge and avoid obstacles. The graphics on this particular stage are amazing, and with SEGA stating that Sonic is not running at full speed, as he will when the game is released, makes me wonder how crazy it will be, because Sonic moves really fast as it is.

Sonic looks taller and thinner, but I did not notice anything else astheticly. He is still the blue dude with attitude I grew up with. His animation is very fluid, and the stages were beautiful – very crisp and colorful. Being that this is only a demo of the game, I am sure they will revamp the graphics even more before it is released later this year.

Now let’s talk about Silver. If you select him, you are taken to a different stage, called City Crisis. Silver looks cool, I must admit, but this mysterious hedgehog does not run fast like Sonic and Shadow. In fact, he does not run at all. He walks. I was in shock to see how slow Silver is. But, the coolest thing about him is his telekinesis powers. He is able to lift any object, and throw them against foes. I was able to lift rocks and boxes, and if you hurt Dr. Robotnik’s robots, they freeze in this kind of short circuit. Then, you can lift the robot with your mental abilities, and throw it against anything you desire. Definitely very cool. Also he can hover around with his powers, which is also a very cool thing, but like Tails can only fly until he gets tired, Silver can only hover temporarily. I was not able to get far in the stage with him because his gameplay is very different and people were nuts to play, so I gave the controller to someone else after dying a couple times.

I asked one of the people on the Sega floor if each character would have his own sets of stages. He replied with no, they will all go through the same stage, but Sonic, for example, will be able to reach different areas with his speed that Silver will not be able to, and vice-versa.

Also, I asked what was the role Shadow would have in this game. They were not very clear, but said that Shadow would use military vehicles to reach areas of the game. Being that Shadow was not even a playable character in this demo, I am sure all of that is still in the works and they chose to keep it under closed doors.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 definitely looks promising. Come back to TSS for more information on the game as E3 continues at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Sonic Advance Will Let Sonic Grind on Rails, Features Tails and Knuckles

It looks like Sonic’s Game Boy Advance debut will not simply be a blast from the past. The blue blur will also be able to grind down rails, in a gameplay mechanic clearly borrowed from upcoming Dreamcast swansong Sonic Adventure 2. Continue reading Sonic Advance Will Let Sonic Grind on Rails, Features Tails and Knuckles

Shadow Dominates E3’s LA Convention Centre

E3 is the gaming industry’s superbowl; so it’s little wonder that various companies are prepared to spend loads of money on marketing their biggest titles in outrageous ways. Sega is no exception – to promote Sonic Adventure 2, the publisher has placed an absolutely massive Shadow poster across the outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Continue reading Shadow Dominates E3’s LA Convention Centre

SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup

Sega has revealed their core line-up of titles that will be showcased at E3 2001. It looks like the company wants their foray into third party development to start with a bang, as a swathe of Gamecube and Game Boy Advance titles have been announced, alongside a rather large number of Dreamcast games. Continue reading SEGA Reveals E3 2001 Lineup

SEGA’s E3 Details Revealed

Sega is preparing to show off a lot of titles at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo. Among the confirmed games on the show floor will be the upcoming GBA titles Sonic Advance as well as ChuChu Rocket from Sonic Team, but Sega titles on Xbox will also be revealed. Continue reading SEGA’s E3 Details Revealed