SEGA Teases Sonic Colours Ultimate News for E3 2021

We expected SEGA to show little more detail of Sonic Colours Ultimate remaster at E3 2021, after the company formally announced the game late last month. Turns out we were right, as today reps from the Sonic Pillar suggested that further news was to come over the coming week.

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SEGA To Be At E3, Will Hopefully Announce Something

E3’s Twitter account finally confirmed a bunch of companies for their digital event, including SEGA. As things stand, we currently know nothing about SEGA’s E3 presence, but their presence does mean they should have something to show from one of their many franchises. Will it be Sonic? Who knows. But that’s at least a possibility now. It should be noted that SEGA’s presence is never a sure thing: they skipped E3 2015.

As usual, we should be on hand to cover it. We’ve qualified as press for every E3 since 2010, so assuming that streak holds, you can tune into us for whatever digital press-only coverage E3 will be providing this year.