E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

SONIC NEWS FIRST: The Sonic Stadium has obtained the full movie of the next generation Sonic the Hedgehog demo in action. It shows stunning footage of how we can expect the blue blur to look like on next generation consoles.

The movie is of slight quality, due to the filming taking place from afar (covertly, one would imagine), but you can download it here from The Sonic Stadium from its exclusive E3 Coverage Section. Look under the “TSS Commentary” subsection. Continue reading E3: Next-Gen Sonic Video [UPDATE]

E3 BREAKING: Next-Gen Sonic the Hedgehog!

IGN XBOX360’s website has given the world first details of a brand new 3D Sonic the Hedgehog title, which confirms that a new game is in the works, and that it is an XBOX360 project.

The event occurred during a special play of SEGA’s upcoming titles – brand new games for next generation include new game ‘Chrome Hounds’, a brand new Virtua Fighter (which is said to rival the graphical of Dead or Alive 4 even in early video form), a reprise of Afterburner and House of the Dead. And the best was saved for last, as a clip of Sonic “moving through a realistic version of the Green Hill Zone” started running. IGN’s commentary on the clip is below:

A SEGA montage wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite blue mascot. The final segment of the video displayed Sonic the Hedgehog running at full speed down a grassy path. The foliage surrounding Sonic was clearly next-gen material, but it was hard to tell at times because he was moving at an incredible rate. I’d like to imagine that Sonic was moving through a realistic version of Green Hill Zone.

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E3: Gems Collection Gamecube-only in US

For those concerned as to the rumours regarding Sonic Gems Collection being exclusive for Nintendo Gamecube, well we have some good/bad news. Sonic Gems Collection is exclusive to Nintendo Gamecube. Sort of.

It appears that Ninty caught exclusive rights to the title in the USA, while SEGA’s press release specifies that a PlayStation 2 version is in the works, but only for Europe. We don’t know yet whether the exclusive deal for Gamecube is temporary, like Sonic Mega Collection, but if SEGA doesn’t shift on the issue, gamers looking for that tasty Sonic the Fighters urge will be forced to consider a Gamecube purchase; or a Nintendo Revolution when it appears sometime next year.

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E3: Sonic Rush Speculated Release Date

Sega this morning filed an official press release for Sonic Rush, the upcoming DS title starring Sonic and the new character, Blaze the Cat. (Read about it here) Whilst next to no new details were unveiled, Sega have said that they are aiming for a late 2005 launch for this title.

Stay With SONIC NEWS for more Sonic Rush information as it appears.

E3: Sonic Mobile Game Announced

Now, for the news that everyone else didn’t seem to cover, the 1991 blockbuster Sonic the Hedgehog will be re-released again later this year in worldwide. In a press release that surfaced earlier today Sega announced their plans to include a port of the legendary MegaDrive/Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog sans the Special Stages with upcoming Panasonic phones.

The game will be embedded with the new Panasonic VS3, slated for release across Europe in this summer. It will later be bundled with Panasonic Mobile Communications’ latest GSM mobile phones. In Japan, the mobile version of Sonic The Hedgehog will be embedded with Panasonic Mobile Communications’ mobile phones for NTT DoCoMo.

Once again, SONIC NEWS brings you the news that slipped through the cracks, stay with us for any late breaking E3 updates.

E3: Sonic Rush Revealed

The latest Sonic game to be revealed will feature a new character known as Blaze The Cat, who will also be playable along side Sonic. So far the games graphics and gameplay look to be very simular to the Advance series. Below info comes straight from GameSpot:

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has gone all over the place since games went 3D. Sonic Adventure sort of took the game away from its high-speed roots, though Sonic Heroes certainly delivered its own take on Sonic’s fast-moving antics. But still, there’s something to be said for the classics. Sonic Rush appears to be on that classic track, delivering the high-speed side-scrolling 2D that the early games in the series is known for. But by taking advantage of the Nintendo DS’s dual screens, Sonic Rush is definitely a new spin on an old favorite.

Sonic Rush puts you in the roles of Sonic the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat as they run real fast and attempt to recover the sol emeralds. Blaze isn’t playable in the short demo being shown at E3, but she’ll have her own separate adventure that, of course, often crosses paths with Sonic’s.

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E3 Kicks Off!

Woo, this is the calm before the storm. The E3 event’s yet to start (Wednesday), but the major companies are spewing forth their latest consoles and it’s exciting to see! SEGA have been on form though for next gen, and SONICTEAM’s creativity certainly lives on! We’ve just seen a trailer for a new Yuji Project, called Fifth Phantom Saga. Check SONIC NEWS for the first info, and check out the new TSS Game Page for the title. AND, Sonic Gems Collection IS A REALITY. We’ve only seen a Gamecube stand for it though, which fires up the rumours that Gems will be a Nintendo exclusive. SONIC THE FIGHTERS and SONIC CD are the only titles known to be on the Gems Collection at this point. Yuji does love us.

It’s only been a day and all this has spewed forth – remember, only at The Sonic Stadium and SONIC NEWS can you catch the SONICTEAM E3 information and media first. We’re not the #1 Sonic Resource for nowt you know. 😉 Nintendo’s conference is later on, and more SEGA surprises are apparently in store, so we’ll let you know on any breaking details.

E3: Fifth Phantom Saga

As Sony and Microsoft unveiled their latest consoles during their Pre-E3 Press Conferences on Monday, it was a good time for SEGA to start shouting about their advancement, now they’ve firmly gotten their feet dug into the third party game.

During the PlayStation3 unveiling on Sony’s side, there was a clip of a new SONICTEAM project called Fifth Phantom Saga. It’s marks the house of Sonic’s first attempt at a First Person Shooter – but as you’d expect, it’s not your bog standard fare.

While you do have a gun and can blast the crap out of baddies, the main protagonist appears to be a hellish, other-worldly creature that floats about and lays the smack on enemies. This somewhat evil-looking beast is controlled by the player, using the free hand not holding the gun. The unnamed creature can pick up objects and lob them at enemies, and can also appear to be used to solve puzzles: with one section of the trailer featuring the monster matching an effigy on a wall.

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E3: Sonic Gems Collection on Display

Earlier today Nintendo Now posted an image from Nintendos E3 display for Sonic Gems Collection for the Nintendo GameCube, which sports the controller layouts for Sonic the Fighters and Sonic CD. Details at the moment are at a bare minimum, although this is definite solid evidence that these two games will indeed be appearing in Sonic Gems Collection and playable at E3.

The photo can be found under the media links. Stay with SONIC NEWS for more E3 2005 updates.

TSS: What to expect at E3 2005

As The Sonic Stadium is to be covering E3 2005 almost from the inside out, SONIC NEWS has made room for a TSS article to collate everything that’s already been said, what’s been confirmed, what’s been rumoured. E3 can be a very confusing and somewhat dangerous place for those who haven’t been catching up, so allow this article to hand you all the current information we have, so you get some background knowledge on what Sonic Team has and might be offering.

First of all, let’s base things on SEGA’s Official E3 Lineup. On the Sonic Team side, you have two titles; Phantasy Star Universe and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Phantasy Star Universe is, as the name suggests, the true sequel to Phantasy Star Online. It’s the “next generation” of PSO games. Sonic Team first revealed ‘PSU’ at E3 2004, but raised more questions than answers.

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Pre-E3: SEGA’s Lineup

In a press release sent to us by SEGA, the house of Sonic is fast preparing its offering for the E3 2005 event. Most interesting of note is that two BRAND NEW Sonic the Hedgehog games are set to be announced.

SEGA is also fully supporting PC, handheld, and current-generation users with AAA titles like Spartan: Total Warrior (PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube), Shadow The Hedgehog, Virtua Tennis: World Tour (PSP portable gaming system), and Phantasy Star Universe (PlayStation 2, PC). And on the first day of E3, SEGA will announce two new additions to the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.

Shadow the Hedgehog has already been mentioned on the SEGA Press Release list, so this opens up some doors. We already know that the Nintendo DS Sonic the Hedgehog game is to be revealed in a near final form, so this will no doubt be one of the two ‘new’ games announced.

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E3 Lineup Announced

E3, short for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, unveiled their speaker and exhibitor list, which includes appearances from SEGA of America.

E3 is undoubtedly the largest gaming event in the world, as it spans almost every company from around the world. As always, SEGA will be making their appearance, along with their newest releases – Shadow the Hedgehog will probably be playable, and many of Sonic Team’s secret projects (including Sonic DS and the new GCN Sonic title) may well be unveiled.

The Expo is set for May 17th and ands on the 20th, but please be aware that participation and entry to E3 is only permitted to industry professionals. However, members of the press will undoubtedly fill you and us in as they days go by, so keep checking back on Sonic News for the latest updates.

Several New Sonic Games This Year

In an announcement made earlier this week by their press FTP, SEGA America confirm Shadow the Hedgehog is only one of ‘several’ new Sonic games coming from the franchise in 2005.

Taken from the PDF released by Sega,

“In addition to presenting a retrospective Sonic video, SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery and Takashi Iizuka, game director, SEGA Studio USA surprised attendees of the ‘Walk of Game’ induction ceremony with a sneak-peek of a mysterious trailer labeled Shadow the Hedgehog; one of several new projects coming from the Sonic franchise in 2005. SEGA did not release any details about this new game, but assured fans that there will be more information about several new Sonic titles forthcoming.

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